Definition of "Tribe"

The World is made up of people who see themselves belonging to various tribal groups. Some are more obvious than others. Not all are related. Everyone is in fact multi-tribal. Here are some examples:

United States of America, Bay Area, California, Yorkshire, Scotland, Europe, Christian, Sunni Muslim, Church of England, Anglo Saxon, Manchester United, Mason, Postal Workers Union, Apache Native American, African American, Palestinian, Jewish Italian, Catholic Israeli, Hispanic, Basque, The European Union, The human race.

Many conflicts often arise between tribes. Conflict leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to violence, violence leads to murder which historically lays the seeds to the ultimate conflict: War.

Throughout this book I will normally use the expression "Sovereign Tribe(s)" or "Tribal State" to describe the grouping of people, whether they like their rulers or not, who reside in a physical geographic region which today is known as a country.

My Family Tribal Roots

I am neither white nor black as I am genetically an olive skinned Greek Cypriot.

Cyprus, Asia is a tiny independent Sovereign State in the Mediterranean. Both my parents and I were born in Egypt, Africa. All but one of my grandparents were born in Cyprus. My mother's mother and her ancestors as far back as the early 1800s were all Greek Cypriots but were born and lived in Turkey, Asia/Europe.

During the 1920s (Muslim) Turkish friends of my Grandmothers' (Christian) Greek Cypriot family saved their lives during a time of ethnic cleansing and massacres undertaken both by Greeks and Turks. Members of my family owe their lives to their Turkish friends by being smuggled out as stowaways on a ship in the dead of night from what is now the Turkish city of Istanbul.

My family and I left Egypt in 1962. It was not a good time to have British Commonwealth (Cypriot) connections in the country due to the knock on effect of the Suez crisis, so we moved to Britain, Europe.

I became a British Citizen in 1962 and spent most of my life living near London, but also lived in Mexico, USA and Denmark.

My first two children are British Citizens and have Irish, English and Russian blood. My two youngest are Danish Citizens and have Danish, Dutch and Swedish blood.

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Statistics of Shame
Statistics of Shame

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