Using the 12-12-12 book as a teaching aid

Not everyone agrees with the author's comments as found in the 12-12-12 book. If they did, perhaps many problems in the World would go away. But why not play a team game whereby the team are in charge of the World? If they form part of a school or college class it must be approved by a responsible teacher who should sponsor the proceedings, to make sure the game runs on track.

The overall aim of the game is to create a class team of 'trainee' World Leaders who will be responsible for bringing about World Peace and Poverty Eradication by the year 2012. Although the course sponsor will ensure very sensitive or inappropriate matters (depending on the student's age and maturity) are not discussed, it is recommended that some flexibility and tolerance is shown as to what the class wish to home in on. Nevertheless, due to the highly controversial content of section 7, it is advisable such matters be left for parents to discuss with their older teenagers.

There are some suggested basic rules to avoid chaos:

The 'trainee' World Leaders still have to report to their teacher who will have the job of being custodian and interpreter of Andronicos "The Great's" Directives.

The teacher will have the right to change these directives.

The 'trainee' World Leaders must obey the UN Declaration on Human Rights. (It is therefore not allowed to form an army, create a School Empire and conquer the World Darth Vadar style).

The end game is to help minimise conflict in the school, create tolerance, create self awareness, and improve life in the community.

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All the 600 issues (or topics) to bring about World Peace and the eradication of extreme poverty by December 12th 2012 are divided up into 12 main headings as found on the home page. Alternatively, you may find useful navigation hints below:

  • Download and optionally print the 12-12-12 book in whole or in part
  • Read a whole section online via the home page or via the exploded list index of all issues
  • Read each issue one by one. This is ideal if your internet speed is slow, or you wish to quickly translate a page
  • Search for a particular topic that is of interest to you
  • Listen to Andronicos "The Great's" unusual speech
  • Talk about the material in Senior High School or College lessons using the discussion topics (view some examples here)
  • Recite a touching poem about World Peace: The Ancient Song of The Human Race

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Statistics of Shame
Statistics of Shame

It will take an average person 12 hours to read and understand the contents of this website and listen to 'The Speech'. Is one hour a day for 12 days too long? Why don't you email the link to 12 of your friends and discuss their opinions in 12 days time? Maybe the 7th person in your email chain can break the secret code and the 12th person, may hold the key to World Peace. Are you or someone in your family the 7th or 12th person?

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