Who Rules the World?

There are 6.3 billion + people alive on earth today. Of these there are only approximately 200,000 powerful individuals who collectively rule the World. Within the 12-12-12 book, they have been graded into four "power" categories: Grade A, B, C and S, with twelve "Influence" sub categories of 1-12.

If they all worked together with our help, these individuals possess the power, influence and/or wealth to bring about true Global Peace and the total eradication of absolute poverty by December 12th 2012.

Three questions spring to mind: Why don't they? What can we all do to help? And if you are one of these 200,000 collective World rulers, what is being asked of you?

The letter below will be sent for comment to all public companies in the World, using various means at the appropriate time. It is the first of several. This first letter is both positive and polite.

An open letter from Andronicos "The Great" to all category "B" Rulers of the World

Letter 1 (August 20th 2003)

Global Flag

Dear CEO or key board Member of every Public Company in the World that fits my criteria for selection

Congratulations are in order. You are one of just a few thousand people that will make history. Your names will be honoured forever, wherever and whenever the human race eventually colonises other planets. You hold the key to Global Peace and the total and absolute end to extreme poverty worldwide. Such an historic achievement with your help will never ever be forgotten.

I have three requests for you and your Board of Directors to undertake. Firstly listen to my speech which was given with you in mind. Secondly as a sign of support to the billions who go to bed hungry every night, please follow my directives on fasting on the 12th of every month as described in section 1.100.10. Thirdly, when asked by various messengers I will use to send this letter to you and your board, or if I turn up with a film crew, I want you to answer one simple question within 12 working days, by emailing via a temporary corporate email ID, here. Your response will be made public on the www.12-12-12.org website and other websites.

The question is as follows:
Would you recommend an investment in acquiring an asset for your organisation, using 10% of your global profits for 10 years to buy (or guarantee to fund by way of security) the type of Bond as described in section 1 of the 12-12-12 book and website, if most other public companies in the World agreed to do so and millions of volunteers each offered free labour for at least 90 days to achieve the key goals as described in a business plan by a top 12 audit or consulting firm?

Your answer should be (1) 'Yes', (2) 'No, because....' or (3) 'Yes, as long as there are conditions (which you should itemise in your open communication to me)'. No response at all, will be counted as a 'No' unless I am informed otherwise.

Not only will several billion people thank you for helping, but so will your shareholders who will benefit from the new markets the 12-12-12 initiative will create for your goods and services. More importantly, it will act as a catalyst for World Peace and Security. But most importantly, your future descendants, who in millions of years across the Cosmos could be more abundant than there are grains of sand on all the beaches in the World, will look back at this time, perhaps literally, and be proud at last to be called Human Beings and be privileged to be related to you personally.

I commend many of you for the considerable amount of time and money that has been spent helping good causes by way of charitable donations. I am not asking for charity, I am asking for a one off investment from people such as yourself, who manages certain corporations or has the power and influence to effect policy decisions within G20 Governments.

Billions of people await your response. Think from within before replying to me and bear in mind the reputation of your highly prized brand name can be enhanced substantially, not only in the short term, but for as long as the human race exists.

Yours truly


Andronicos "The Great"
Director of The Human Race and Manager Planet Earth

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