Revision Questions from the 12-12-12 book for students and course tutors

Within weeks of this site being launched in 2003, many high schools and colleges have found the material very useful for research and discussion. As far as we are aware, it is the only free resource on the internet that lists and proposes solutions to every major problem in the world. Your school is hereby given permission to link to the material and print off the 12-12-12 book in whole or in part, for non-commercial use. Feedback will be welcomed.

The best way to learn about and debate World Peace is to get a group of students to play the World Leaders Game. It is a splendid method to get them talking about how to resolve problems within their school and local community in general.

The 'revision' questions below may help to do this. In fact they will help you understand the reasoning behind some of the ideas put forward in 12-12-12. There is a wealth of material to discuss. Enjoy................

Most of the questions you will now read were prepared professionally by Emma Seery an Oxford University graduate. They form the basis of some initial discussion topics to use in schools and universities or even by parents.

(Many useful sorted external links relating to the 12-12-12 book, which provide an abundance of research material for parents, students and teachers can be found here.)

1 – Eradication of Extreme Poverty by December 12th 2012


  1. Describe the ‘Marshal Plan’ which was devised after WWII, and compare it to Andronicos "The Great's" concept of establishing ‘Poverty and War Eradication Bonds’.
  2. How does the current ‘5 trillion dollars in lines of credit’ represent a great opportunity according to the 12-12-12 book? (also see 1.10.130 on the US).


  1. Evaluate the feasibility, and possible positive and negative consequences of Andronicos "The Great's" directive regarding continuous changing of management in War Bond corporations.
  2. What is meant by nepotism in the context of this section?


  1. Consider the criteria given to define which tribes may be eligible for War Bond investment. Andronicos "The Great" implies this is a provisional list. Describe what you would change and/or add, giving reasons to explain your choices.
  2. Choose a charity or NGO which has a strict publicly available charter on what causes they will or will not donate money to. Compare and contrast their policy with Andronicos "The Great's" criteria given to define which tribes may be eligible for War Bond investment.
  3. What is the IMF and how did it come into being?
  4. How does the IMF control trade in developing countries, and what impact does this have on such countries?


  1. Relate the allegorical example of the baby falling into the swimming pool, to the global situation referred to in this section.


  1. How are grant-giving trusts, and consequently charities, reliant on the stock market?
  2. How does Andronicos "The Great" want shareholders (and members of the public who have the potential to become shareholders) to exercise their power?


  1. What do these facts and figures tell you about the rich/poor divide?


  1. Which countries wrote off the debts of the poorest tribes in the World as a result of Jubilee 2000? Produce a table showing how much each country wrote off, and compare it with the table in this section showing how much certain countries gave to overseas development in the year 2000.


  1. Explain how the ‘Banana Experiment’ could make an impact on impoverished farmers.
  2. Discuss how the Fair Trade Foundation seeks to overcome the unfair distribution of wealth which results from one or more of the following export trades; bananas, coffee, tea, chocolate.


  1. Describe the various directives given in the section on ‘Fasting’ in the 12-12-12 book.


  1. How does the 12-12-12 book seek to reconcile the two concepts of buying from supermarkets, and supporting local farmers/food producers?

2 – Health and Social Issues


  1. What are Andronicos "The Great's" main guidelines for tackling drugs related problems?


  1. What attitude does the 12-12-12 book take towards Marijuana?


  1. How does the 12-12-12 book recommend that drug barons should be disabled?


  1. Consider Andronicos "The Great's" mandate to get ‘tough on drugs’ by targeting ‘dealers and their wholesale suppliers and factories, not the mentally ill drug users’. Assess the feasibility of this approach to ‘getting tough on drugs’.
  2. To what extent do you think that social problems associated with drug use can be attributed to drug dealers as opposed to drug users.

2.20.10 – 2.20.20

  1. What solutions does the 12-12-12 book offer to the problem of unplanned pregnancy?
  2. What problematic issues could the idea of freezing and storing an embryo to delay birth raise? Consider this issue from at least 3 different cultural or religious perspectives.
  3. Explain Andronicos "The Great's" attitude to the rights of parents, both in relation to the law and in relation to one another, when dealing with unplanned pregnancy?


What problems could an increasing population cause? As well as including any ideas of your own, you may wish to consider how it would affect the following groups:
  1. The elderly.
  2. People needing hospital treatment.
  3. Small business owners.


  1. Explain the concept of female circumcision.
  2. In which tribal groups is female circumcision common practice, and what reasons do each of these tribal groups give to defend this practice?


  1. Explain the Japanese Social Services Experiment.


  1. Discuss the positive and negative connotations of genetic modification and cloning.
  2. How could total legalisation of genetic modification and cloning procedures consolidate rich/poor divide?


  1. What does the 12-12-12 book say about making drugs easily available in certain situations?
  2. ‘Every year, 14 million people die from infectious diseases. Most of them are poor people living in developing countries. Many cannot afford to buy the medicines which would save their lives.’ Make a case for drugs being more freely and widely available in developing countries.

What are the current problems with drug patents and availability?

How could the current problem with drug patents and availability affect the following people?

  1. A person in a developing country.
  2. Yourself and your family.
  3. Someone living below the poverty line in the USA.
Why do we have passports?

Evaluate the 12-12-12 book's arguments against restrictions on travelling between borders. What do you think about freedom of passage between tribal states?


  1. What arguments does Andronicos "The Great" offer in favour of more tolerant attitudes towards immigration and asylum matters?
  2. Explain Andronicos "The Great's" directives regarding how immigrants and asylum seekers ought to be treated by Sovereign tribes, and also how immigrants and asylum seekers ought to behave to ensure a mutually comfortable arrangement.


Andronicos "The Great" wrote this section:

You are the Chairperson of the 12 eminent people making global decisions on DNA modification approval. A proposal is put forward by an excited scientist to allow the GM modification of a new type of chicken that has 8 huge legs, to eliminate hunger and lower the cost of buying fast food (that tastes "arm lickin' good"). He brings a cooked sample for distribution. Would it make a difference how you vote if this new breed of GM chicken:

  • Had a longer life span.
  • Was a happy chicken.
  • Only ate mud, lived for one day but grew to full size.
  • Tasted delicious, but lived an unhappy life.



  1. What are the 2 main directives explained in this section to limit danger to people through passive smoking?
  2. Consider the directive that ‘all forms of tobacco advertising be banned’ and present a full discussion on issues surrounding ethical sponsorship.

3- Environmental Issues


What is cold fusion? Evaluate the pros and cons of cold fusion as an energy source.


  1. Can you see a connection between Andronicos "The Great's" attitude to providing relief in the case of natural disasters, and his attitude towards drug patents and availability (in 2.130), and how do you think that this connection fits with the ethos of the 12-12-12 book, ‘Many Tribes, One People, One Planet’


  1. Research the statement that the key to preventing earthquakes ‘is in the behaviour of Earth’s other inhabitants- its animal and plant life’. What evidence can you find to uphold this assertion?


  1. What does this section of the 12-12-12 book say about nuclear weaponry?


  1. Why do you think that Andronicos "The Great" uses such emotive language and arguments in this section on Pollution?
  2. ‘A large crowd of people can all sing as one choir, even if the individual singers within have a poor voice or belong to another tribe’. No individual can change the World alone, but it takes a group of individuals such as yourself to make positive changes. Develop an environmental project to be carried out in your school/college. You could concentrate on green electricity, general awareness raising, creating your own green space or numerous other small but vital issues.


  1. According to the 12-12-12 book, what would be the advantages for volunteers working on the project to reclaim deserts such as the Sahara.
  2. Evaluate the feasibility of Andronicos "The Great's" grand scheme to convert deserts such as the Sahara into habitable areas.
  3. How does Andronicos "The Great's" project to reclaim deserts such as the Sahara seek to unite people of all tribes in both the short and long-term?
  4. Describe phases 1 to 12 of the desert reclamation project.
  5. ‘This ends one of the most important sections within this book. It is the key to success for everything else’. Discuss how section 3.70 provides the basis for the success of the rest of the directives in the 12-12-12 book.


This section of the 12-12-12 book mentions that people ought to know 144 phrases in sign language. Consider the following.
  1. What do you think the most important 10 phrases to know would be? Explain why and place them in order of importance.
  2. What 20 phrases might you need in an emergency situation?
  3. Now decide on 40 phrases that you think would allow you to communicate for ONE DAY with another member of the group. Work in groups and try to communicate within your group for half an hour using only the phrases each of you have chosen. What problems did you experience?


Imagine that you have just completed your term of work on the Sahara project. Plan what you would say in your 12 minute video.


  1. Consider the following directives given by Andronicos "The Great" in the 12-12-12 book: to create a catalogue of all living things, and to create an online library of mankind’s knowledge. Identify the individual goals of these two directives, and then consider what aims they share.


  1. How seriously do you take Andronicos "The Great's" point that there is ‘something fishy’ about the seeming gulf between how far ‘supercomputers and telecommunication technology’ have advanced, in comparison to development of more economical and environmentally friendly forms of energy.
  2. Discuss reasons why our society cultivates certain technological advances above others. What does the seeming gulf between how far ‘supercomputers and telecommunication technology’ have advanced, compared to the development of more economical and environmentally friendly forms of energy, say about social priorities in the developed World?


  1. Compare Andronicos "The Great's" attitudes towards genetic modification in humans, to his attitudes towards GM crops.


  1. Research Germany’s policy on car sharing and car pools in the light of what the 12-12-12 book says on this subject.


  1. Consider the current environmental issues listed for your own Sovereign state.
    a. Choose another state which has similar problems, and discuss how your two tribal groups could co-operate to find solutions.
    b. Choose another state which does not have the same problems as your own, and consider how they have avoided these difficulties. (N.B. Obviously avoid instances where no comparison is possible as environmental problems are purely circumstantial.)
  2. Choose one tribe from this list which you are unfamiliar with, and research at least 2 of the environmental issues outlined.

4 – Education Issues

  1. ‘The most important part of education is to establish tolerance and understanding of others’. Discuss with reference to Chapter 4 of the 12-12-12 book.
  2. What practical ideas does the 12-12-12 book offer to help cross-cultural understanding through education?
  3. Outline how section 4’s directives would change your daily routine and timetable at your school/college.


  1. Choose one of the 12 circumstances listed in 4.20, which are branded immoral and/or illegal in certain tribes. Discuss the moral and legal implications of this circumstance for a devout member of each of the following groups; Muslim, Christian, Atheist, Buddhist.
  2. Complete Andronicos "The Great's" self test by arranging the 12 circumstances listed in 4.20 in order, from the most to least immoral, and then repeating the task from the perspective of a devout Muslim, Christian, Atheist or Buddhist.
  3. What solution does the 12-12-12 book offer to the problem of different cultures having different moral priorities?


Does your school have guidelines on how students ought to 'respect the religions of others'?
  1. If so, what are the most important points it makes and is there anything missing?
  2. If not, what are the most important things that you would include?


Imagine that you have been taking care of an Electronic Baby Timeshare for the last 24 hours. How would this have changed your day?


  1. Describe the shock tactics Andronicos "The Great" wishes to employ via the ’24 hour drug channel’ and ‘permanent inhumanity exhibitions’, and what problems they hope to overcome.


If you had access to the final database of Mankind's Knowledge, what would be the first thing that you would want to look at/find out and why?


Imagine that your school is in the process of deciding whether or not to provide internet access for all students. Write an essay/piece to convince them that they should invest in this by explaining how it would be useful to you.


  1. Describe the ‘the new bonfire celebration’ and what it hopes to achieve.

5- Eradication of War, Tribal Misunderstandings, and Terrorism by December 12th 2012


  1. To what is Andronicos "The Great" referring when he mentions ‘current instability in the region [the Indian Subcontinent]’.


  1. ‘Andronicos "The Great" states that War Bonds are for the benefit of the poorest tribes, yet his subsequent directive that any tribal state harbouring terrorists will not qualify for War Bond investment creates a paradox, actually disallowing investment in the poorest tribes.’ Discuss.


  1. Discuss the feasibility of Andronicos "The Great's" bold statement referring to his list of tribal disputes and misunderstandings; ‘By December 12th 2004 I want half of these conflicts, disputes or misunderstandings permanently put to rest.’
  2. Consider the current disputes and misunderstandings listed for your own Sovereign state.
    a. Apply the 12 questions also given in this section to one of the problems listed, and use your answers to analyse the issues surrounding the problem.
    b. Choose one problem listed and discuss possible solutions to the dispute/misunderstanding.
    c. Also consider the problems listed for the other party engaged in a dispute with your own Sovereign state. Discuss how your two tribes could work together to begin solving your mutual dispute, and how you may benefit each other in ways relating to other conflicts you are involved in.
  3. Choose one tribe who has no current misunderstandings or conflicts listed, and research how the history and the present state of their international relations facilitates this situation.


  1. What arguments can be identified in Andronicos "The Great's" directives to resolve misunderstandings in Northern Ireland?
  2. Describe the directives Andronicos "The Great" gives to solve misunderstandings in one of the following tribal states:
    a. Cyprus
    b. Cuba


  1. In this section Andronicos "The Great" describes the process of putting himself in the shoes first of an Israeli, then of a Palestinian. Imitate this approach to understanding two sides of one conflict, by putting yourself in the shoes of two tribes who are engaged in conflict (according to the list given in section 5.500), and explaining how it feels to be each party.
  2. How does Andronicos "The Great" propose to eradicate tensions between the inhabitants of Egypt, Israel, Palestine and Jordan?

6- Business, Commerce and Economic Issues


  1. What do you think Andronicos "The Great" means when he describes money as ‘a confidence trick’?
  2. Make a case for or against Andronicos "The Great's" definition of our monetary system as merely being a ‘global paper based confidence trick’.
  3. Describe the four alternatives to money which are suggested in the 12-12-12 book.


  1. Consider Andronicos "The Great's" directive that people should be able to make relatives living in poverty additional card-holders on their bank accounts, in connection with his mandate of 1.110 that Hypermarkets ought to allow cheap international wire transfers. What is the main objective of these two directives, and how does this link to the ethos of the 12-12-12 book as a whole?


  1. How does the 12-12-12 book direct that small companies and corporations should be protected when in dispute with larger multinational companies?
  2. How can the 12-12-12 book’s directive that small companies should be protected when in dispute with larger multinational companies, be used to illustrate the current position of developing countries in relation to the developed World.
  3. How can Andronicos "The Great's" protective attitude towards small companies in this section be used to illustrate flaws in the IMF’s attitude towards developing countries.


What are the main problems you could envisage if people's life-spans increased into hundreds of years?


What is the World Bank and what does it do?


  1. Describe the function of the World Trade Organisation.
  2. ‘With immediate effect the WTO will be allowed to have a voice, but I will conduct the choir’. What deficiencies are there in the WTO’s performance of its role which could justify Andronicos "The Great's" statement?


  1. What is the International Monetary Fund?
  2. Discuss reasons why Andronicos "The Great" may denounce the IMF as ‘a bunch of twits…the equivalent of the whiplashing overseers of Ancient Egypt and the cotton field plantation masters of 18th century America’.


  1. What does the 12-12-12 book say about pay-rises?
  2. Evaluate both the fairness and feasibility of the 12-12-12 directive regarding pay-rises.

7 – Religious and Spiritual Issues

Due to the controversial nature of this section, the author recommends it is discussed at home with parents rather than in schools or colleges.


  1. What is meant by the acronym (PBUH) placed after the name Mohammed in this section?
  2. Describe what Andronicos "The Great" means by ‘Monotheon’.
  3. a. How does Andronicos "The Great" justify his inclusion of ‘Religious and Spiritual issues’ in the 12-12-12 book?
    b. Evaluate the positive and negative aspects of including this issue from your own perspective.


    Having read ‘Die Verwandlung’ (Metamorphosis) by Franz Kafka
  1. How does Kafka use animal metamorphosis to comment on the human condition?
  2. ‘The conclusion of Die Verwandlung provides a dubious closure, as the novella portrays the corruption of the human condition through Gregor’s transformation, but never seeks to offer solutions.’ How does the 12-12-12 book deal with the same issue in a different way?


  1. Explain what this second use of Andronicos "The Great's" allegory of the drowning baby means in real terms. What is he instructing World leaders to do?
  2. Discuss how the opposition of fate and free-will is portrayed in this section.
  3. ‘And don't use gleefully collected facts such as my fondness of “The Red Devils” (Manchester United) soccer team and the embarrassing revelation that I once wore a “mischievous, impish dentist’s” outfit to a Halloween party as reasons why I am a little devil.’ What is Andronicos "The Great" saying about problems associated with interpretation?


  1. How would you differentiate between ‘religion’ and ‘spirituality’?
  2. What point do you think that Andronicos "The Great" is seeking to make with regard to religion and spirituality, through the numerous examples of mathematical and numerical co-incidences listed in this section?
  3. ‘The future is happening now’ Discuss.
  4. Describe the ‘Andronicos "The Great's" Theory of everything’.
  5. ‘…the above “Andronicos "The Great's" Theory of everything” either sounds pretty simple and utopian without contradicting mainstream religions, or scientifically daft.’ Evaluate the ‘Andronicos "The Great" Theory of everything’ with reference to these possible interpretations.


  1. What problems could arise from an attempt to decide exactly who would attend the proposed meeting of religious leaders? How would judgment be made as to who is a true ‘religious leader’?


  1. Discuss the practicalities of having a non-denominational chapel, taking into account how conflicting social conventions of various religions and cultures could cause problems.


  1. Why do you think that Andronicos "The Great" places such importance on The Secret Gospel of Thomas?


  1. ‘Please strip religions’ assets soon and give them to the poor.’ Discuss the above lyrics which can be found in Andronicos "The Great's" satirical song "Religions should be crucified".


  1. To what extent do you agree with Andronicos "The Great's" directive regarding ‘The Veil and thick glasses’ FIRST in practice and ALSO in principle?


  1. ‘Contraception is the personal business of those who do not wish to have children.’
    a. Attack or defend this statement according to your own beliefs.
    b. Now criticise your own argument by considering the same issues from the perspective of somebody with differing religious and cultural beliefs to yourself.


  1. ‘On a religious technical point: a young innocent child is of no religion until it is old enough to understand the differences’. Discuss this statement paying attention to the distinction between age and experience.


  1. How could you defend Andronicos "The Great's" statement that Martin Luther King’s ‘I Have a Dream’ speech is relevant to ‘anyone who considers themselves even slightly religious, humanist or spiritual’. Use examples from the extract provided.

8 – Justice, Law and Order Issues

  1. Article 7 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights states that ‘all are equal before the law and are entitled without any discrimination to equal protection of the law.’ How does Section 8 (Justice Law and Order Issues) seek to ensure that this declaration is upheld?


  1. ‘Capital punishment neither deters crime nor reduces crime.’ Discuss.
  2. Evaluate Andronicos "The Great's" statement that painful forms of punishment such as the electric chair are barbaric, and on a par with ‘medieval hanging, drawing and quartering.’


  1. Consider the list of instances of possible corrupt or unethical behaviour. Divide the list into acceptable and unacceptable behaviour from your own personal perspective, and defend your choice as to which instances are acceptable.
  2. If you were to draw up the ‘the strict guidelines’ which the War Bonds will have on these and similar ethical issues, what would the 12 most important stipulations be and why?
  3. Which of the examples of possible corrupt or unethical behaviour would you consider to have social as opposed to merely personal consequences and responsibility?


  1. Evaluate the extreme measures Andronicos "The Great" proposes for dealing with multi-offending youths.
  2. Research at least 5 recent studies into the development of young offenders in later life. Does the evidence support Andronicos "The Great's" hard-line on multi-offending youths?


  1. According to the projects on Universal Jurisdiction by Stephen Macedo and M Cherif Bassiouni, what exactly should be done in the case of tribes competing for the right to prosecute?
  2. What guidelines would you implement:
    a. To establish which crimes Universal Jurisdiction could be ruled upon.
    b. To solve the problem of tribes competing for the right to prosecute.


  1. Make a case for the importance of rules and official procedures being written in ‘simple language so that an average person can understand it.’ Use your own experiences of laws and rules to illustrate your argument.
  2. ‘It makes me very angry that laws are written by lawyers in such a way that it creates work (and vast wealth creation potential) for their lawyer buddies.’ How does the way in which lawyers write laws create ‘vast wealth creation potential’?
  3. What does this section say about power relations in today’s society?
  4. How do Andronicos "The Great's" directives adhere to their own precept that rules and statutes should be ‘compiled in simple language so that an average person can understand’ ? You may concentrate on one section, or illustrate with examples throughout the text.
Choose 5 laws that you know exist in your society and you think are important. Explain simply why you think that the laws you have chosen should be adhered to?


  1. ‘Prisons create more criminals’ Discuss.
  2. Would you agree with Andronicos "The Great's" proposed division of the ‘wages’ that would be generated by criminal labour.


  1. Explain the concept of ‘plea bargaining’.


  1. Andronicos "The Great" raises various questions which expose the difficulties in stipulating exactly what a sex offender is.
    a. How would you define this term?
    b. Choose a tribal, cultural or religious group different to your own and consider how a member of that group would evaluate your definition of the term sex offender.
Evaluate the numerous issues Andronicos "The Great" raises in this section as to why it is difficult to universally define the parameters of a sex-crime and a sex-offender. What do you think the criteria should depend upon?


  1. Evaluate Andronicos "The Great's" directive that driving under the influence of drink or drugs should carry ‘a minimum mandatory 1 year driving ban. No excuses. No mitigating circumstances.’
  2. Consider what penalties should apply to other activities which may be dangerous when under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs. Evaluate these activities by assessing their implications for both the offender and others.
  3. How would you award punishment for the three following ‘criminal activities’?
    a. Cycling under the influence of alcohol.
    b. Driving a car under the influence of alcohol.
    c. Driving a car under the influence of cannabis.

9- Human Rights Issues

  1. a. What concrete steps does Andronicos "The Great" propose to protect the basic human rights of children?
    b. Why do you think that ‘children’ are such an important and also problematic group to protect when considering the issue of Human Rights, and why do you think children are considered in such great detail in this section of the 12-12-12 book?
  2. How does the 12-12-12 book support article 15 (1) of Universal Declaration of Human Rights, that ‘Everyone has the right to a nationality’.
  3. Can the issues of ‘women’s rights and equality’ ever be separated from their cultural, and specifically religious context?


  1. Discuss the pros and the cons of allowing free-speech.
  2. To what extent should free speech be a basic human right, and to what extent is it necessary to actually regulate people’s right to free speech to ensure that other basic human rights are not violated?


  1. Research which civil rights homosexuals and bisexuals are denied in your tribe/society.
  2. ‘Andronicos "The Great" advocates compromise to bring about harmony’. Discuss with reference to this section and/or section 2.190 on asylum seekers/refugees.


  1. Choose one of the 5 areas of Children’s Rights covered in this section, and analyse to what extent your tribe does or does not demonstrate the given features.


"Men and women are equal. I direct every Sovereign tribe should have a minister/secretary responsible for women's rights".
  1. Discuss what your first 3 actions as 'minister for women's rights' would be. Explain why you have chosen these actions, and the main issues you would be addressing.
  2. If men and women should be equal, why do you think that Andronicos "The Great" stipulates that Sovereign tribes need a 'minister for women's rights.' Why do you think he does not advocate a similar 'minister for men's rights'?


    Having read the UN Women’s Human Rights Treaty and the Amnesty International commentary:
  1. a. What reservations do the Sovereign American Tribes have about the treaty?
    b. How valid do you think these reservations are?
  2. Do you have any reservations about the treaty?


  1. Is there a tension between this call for compensation, and the mission of the 12-12-12 book to promote a new beginning for the World based on harmony and equality?
  2. Is compensation for past wrongdoings ever possible?
  3. Evaluate Andronicos "The Great's" system of compensating colonised indigenous populations.

10 – Planetary Management Issues

  1. ‘In the Chapter on Planetary Management issues Andronicos "The Great" seeks to establish a new system of accountability’. Discuss.


  1. Evaluate the validity of each of Hans Küng’s policies.
  2. Summarise the principles of Global Ethics.
  3. Imagine you are either a political or religious leader of your own tribe, and write a response to Andronicos "The Great's" directive that you should ‘heed his [Küng’s] advice’. Demonstrate how you think your tribe could contribute to each of the principles listed.


  1. ‘I do not tolerate wasteful bureaucracy’. Give examples from throughout the 12-12-12 book of how Andronicos "The Great" seeks to enforce the attitude expressed in this statement.


  1. Explain what an organogram is.
  2. What do you think that Andronicos "The Great" seeks to achieve through the development of his proposed ‘organogram’ of ‘every Civil Service position in every tribe across the World’ ?


  1. Consider Andronicos "The Great's" mandate that senior executives in the Civil Service should swap jobs every six months, and his directives regarding how the War Bond corporations should be managed. What do these two sections have in common, and what do you think that these shared elements say about Andronicos "The Great's" attitudes towards authority?


  1. If you assumed Andronicos "The Great's" position as Manager Planet Earth, discuss what you might use the 28th Amendment for.


  1. Consider the 12-12-12 caution that electronic voting systems ‘can be rigged using modern technology’ and its following mandate regarding voting that ‘close family members should be able to assign a proxy within their family who they can trust to deliver a multi-vote.’ What does a comparison of these two statements say about 12-12-12’s attitude towards ‘trust.’


  1. What is the UN?
  2. In this section Andronicos "The Great" explains various functions which he believes that the UN ought to perform. Analyse why the UN is not currently able to operate in the ways he proposes.


  1. Discuss what you would include in the ‘World Constitution’. Bear in mind that this should be representative of the whole planet, and only include issues which are important to all tribes.


  1. Write your own alternative Freemason’s initiation oath, which would be more acceptable according to the attitudes of the 12-12-12 book on this issue.


Discuss the dangers of allowing 'massive political donations'.

Andronicos "The Great" states that disallowing massive political donations will "get rid of the conflicts of interest that are continuously alleged against governments in power". To what extent do you believe this is true? What are the 'conflicts of interest' to which he refers?


  1. Consider Andronicos "The Great's" basic guidelines for living on other planets. What would you add to and/or remove?
  2. ‘Become custodians over primitive civilisations you meet or create so that they too will eventually discover their own destiny and learn the difference between right and wrong.’ Discuss the post-colonial implications of this comment.

Andronicos "The Great" wrote this section:

Imagine you are alive in the year 1,000,000 ACH and you have been given the responsibility to take the lead in colonising an uninhabited Galaxy full of Earth like planets, some barren. How would you begin? Create a plan of action, using yet to be discovered technology.


Andronicos "The Great" wrote this section:

Imagine you have been given permission to create a new life form similar to humans alive today on Earth.

  • Would you create them with free will or without? Why?
  • Would you interfere with their social evolution? If so, how and why, if not, why not?
  • Would you allow wars, genocide or hunger?
  • Would you keep your existence secret to all, some, or none of them? Why?
  • Would you EVER help in guiding them as a whole or individually?
  • What parameters would govern their average life spans?
  • As part of your master plan to allow the creation of these beings, would you have a way to judge the best, the worst and those in between? How? When? Define the types of behaviour that would classify someone as best, worst or in between.
  • Would you ever want to be "worshipped"? Why? How?
  • Would you let the inhabitants find their own destiny? Why?
  • How would you handle the problem of another advanced life form interfering with "your" planet? What if the interfering advanced life form was from a Galaxy you had permission to create half a million years previously? What if their leader was your friend but questioned your right to be in charge? How would this disagreement be resolved?
  • What else would you do as part of your action plan for "your" planet and its inhabitants?
  • Now answer all the questions above as an Atheist or (if you are an Atheist) as a devout follower of a mainstream religion.


11 – Miscellaneous Matters

  1. Throughout this section Andronicos "The Great" commands that various standardisations ought to occur (from road signs to the metric system). Discuss the pros and cons of standardising such features across the World.


  1. List the first 12 charities that occur to you. Now visit the website of each of these charities (or consult other publicly available sources of information), and discover where possible what percentage of their available money they spend on administration. How many of them adhere to Andronicos "The Great's" directives on which charities people ought to support.


What are the potential dangers of 'space junk'?


  1. Evaluate the 7 directives given in this section of the 12-12-12 book, referring to animal experimentation.


  1. Discuss the moral implications of cock fighting, dog fighting, fox hunting, bear bating.
  2. Research the policy of the RSPCA and Humane Society of America on the issues of cock-fighting, dog fighting, fox hunting and bear bating.
  3. This section refers to four examples of activities where animals are hurt and/or killed as a form of recreation or entertainment. What other activities would you add to this list, and why.


  1. What do you see as the motivation behind this directive, commanding museums to swap ‘at least twelve items with two other Sovereign tribal states in the next two years’, and how do you think that this simple stipulation fits the ethos of the 12-12-12 book as a whole?


What are the current problems with recycling old PCs? What exactly does Andronicos "The Great" mean when he refers to 'software licensing copyright laws'?


Discuss the pros and cons of 'prenuptial agreements'.

What issues do you think it is important that a prenuptial agreement deal with? Explain your choices.

Andronicos "The Great" makes three stipulations about how couples should conduct themselves. Evaluate these three specifications.


  1. a. Has anything written in the 12-12-12 book caused offence to you? If so explain which sections you have found to be offensive, why specifically they caused offence, and offer any constructive criticism on how these sections could be improved/amended.
    b. Is there anything written in the 12-12-12 book which you believe may cause offence to others? Please explain your answer in the same way as requested in part a.


  1. What punishment is actually meant by the command ‘Get off my Planet’?


  1. Explain Andronicos "The Great's" concept of forming a ‘New Civil Calendar’.


  1. Make the following calculations according to the new decimal system of ‘Daily Earthtime’.
    a. How many current seconds will make a new minute?
    b. How many current minutes will make a new hour?
    c. How many current minutes will make a new minute?
    d. How many current hours will make a new hour?
  2. In this section Andronicos "The Great" says ‘start designing new watches soon’ highlighting just one of the practical implications of the new decimal system of ‘Daily Earth time’. What else would be directly affected by this proposed change?

12 – For a Happier Planet

  1. Considering the whole of this chapter, which directives would you like to see realised exactly according to Andronicos "The Great's" stipulations, and which do you think ought to be altered?
  2. To what extent do you think that this chapter seeks to encourage people to obey the spirit of the law, as opposed to the letter of the law?


  1. Name one person who you think deserves to be nominated for the ‘Global civilian bravery awards’ and explain the reasons for your choice.
  2. Consider the following list of people and imagine they have all been nominated for the ‘Global civilian bravery awards’. As a member of the global commission, you must place the following cases in order from most to least deserving, and explain your final answer to the rest of the commission.
    a. A woman who saved the lives of 100 children by extinguishing a fire in a hospital.
    b. A child who risked their own life to save a dog drowning in a canal.
    c. A man who has worked for a major charity for 20 years, and during his working life established 20 new and successful overseas aid projects.
    d. A young person who has been letter writing for Amnesty International for 10 years, but has only achieved results as part of a larger group.
    e. A millionaire who donates £100 per month to a major charity for 30 years.
    f. An average earning individual who donates £5 per month to a major charity for 30 years.
    g. A scientist who has worked on a cure for HIV for 40 years, and has made a major breakthrough BUT in the process has repeatedly experimented on animals.
    h. Someone who went on hunger strike to protest against a potential war.
    i. A student who went on hunger strike to protest against University fees.


  1. Discuss what you think constitutes ‘cheating’ in the context of sport.
  2. Consider the following list of acts, which could be considered cheating in the context of sport. Place these situations in order from most to least severe in your opinion:
    a. Taking performance boosting steroids.
    b. Giving/selling performance boosting steroids to an opponent.
    c. Using equipment disallowed by regulations.
    d. Using equipment disallowed by regulations because you are certain that the majority of other participants are using the same equipment.
    e. Injuring another participant during the event.


  1. Andronicos "The Great" plans to place girls and boys in separate hotel complexes at the ‘Summer Camps for Peace’. In your opinion, to what extent does this gender segregation contravene Andronicos "The Great's" ethos ‘many tribes, one people, one planet’.


What do you think would be the most important historical event to record in the 'arc' Andronicos "The Great" suggests? Justify your choice.


"Pay a small fine if an acronym is accidentally uttered (similar to a swear box)." Why do you think that Andronicos "The Great" states that using an acronym ought to be tantamount to swearing? (You may wish to think about his instructions to simplify laws in your answer.)


  1. ‘A large crowd of people can all sing as one choir, even if the individual singers within have a poor voice or belong to another tribe’.
    How does this statement support the 12-12-12 initiative of reclaiming deserts such as the Sahara?


  1. Consider both the mandate of 12.110 that biker gangs should wear ridiculous clothing every Thursday, and that of 8.250 that judges should not wear ‘ridiculous wigs’ and 'brightly coloured robes’. What do these two examples say about the relationship between costume and power?


  1. Why do you think that Andronicos "The Great" has been so prescriptive in his directives referring to prisoners singing ‘musicals and operas’?
  2. Evaluate the validity of Andronicos "The Great's" prescriptive directives in this section, discussing the pros and the cons of his instructions.


  1. How and why does Andronicos "The Great" state that the word ‘Homo Sapien Sapien’ should be altered in all dictionaries and encyclopaedias?


  1. How does Andronicos "The Great's" attitude in this section compare to the general attitude in your country towards the Millennium celebrations, and how does this comparison lead you to evaluate the idea of the ‘Global Celebrations’.
  2. The Global Celebrations are proposed to mark the completion of Andronicos "The Great's" task to eradicate World poverty and suffering by December 12th, 2012. Discuss the issue of closure, considering what would happen after this date, with regard to the whole of Andronicos "The Great's" scheme laid out in the 12-12-12 book.

General Questions

  1. Discuss the reasons for the use of the term ‘tribal group(s)’.
  2. ‘I am going to turn the World upside down…’ (p. 252) In the light of this comment on what Andronicos "The Great" hopes to achieve, discuss the significance of literally turning ‘the World upside down’ in the World Flag.
  3. How does the literal presentation of ‘the World upside down’ in the 12-12-12 World Flag challenge our perceptions of order, and critique these perceptions as social constructs rather than empirical truth.
  4. Does the World Flag turn the World upside down?
  5. Consider how the 12-12-12 World Flag literally turns the World map ‘upside down’. Do you think that the reason for this apparent inversion has anything in common with the motivation behind the production of the Peters World Map.
  6. Considering the increasing promotion of the Peter’s World Map as a resource for schools, make a case for the use of the ‘upside down’ World map (as shown in the 12-12-12 World Flag) for teaching.
  7. Assess the feasibility of the idea of forming boards of ‘12 people, cautious, incorruptible, experts in their field’ to govern the major initiatives described in the 12-12-12 book.
  8. Draw up a list of criteria for choosing the ‘12 people, cautious, incorruptible, experts in their field’ who will make up boards to preside over Andronicos "The Great's" initiatives. Now choose a religious or cultural group which you do not belong to, and assess your own criteria according to their values as opposed to your own.
  9. Compare the idea of forming boards of ‘12 people, cautious, incorruptible, experts in their field’ to preside over the major initiatives described in the 12-12-12 book, to current methods of forming juries in courts of law both in your own country, and another country of your choice.
  10. What stipulations does 12-12-12 make regarding marriage and divorce?
  11. Consider sections 9.100, 9.110, 11.100, 11.110. How far do Andronicos "The Great's" stipulations regarding marriage and divorce adhere to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 16?
  12. Consider sections 2.30 (Population Control), 4.50 (Electronic Baby Timeshare), 7.130 (Sex and Contraception). How and to what extent does 12-12-12 offer practical guidelines to help prevent unwanted pregnancies and over-population, without associating these measures with religious, legal or state authority.
  13. Are there any issues which you think Andronicos "The Great" ought to have considered which have not been included in the 12-12-12 book?


The best way to learn about and debate World Peace is to get a group of students to play the World Leaders Game. It is a splendid method to get them talking about how to resolve problems within their school and local community in general. After playing this game, there maybe someone you know who will be able to answer the 2 Trillion dollar question: If you were in charge of the World, how would you eliminate war and extreme poverty by December 12th 2012, using peaceful means?

Many useful sorted external links relating to the 12-12-12 book, which provide an abundance of research material for parents, students and teachers can be found here.

If you have any constructive suggestions to add to the questions above please email the author.

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