Andronicos "The Great's" speech to the World

Please study the pretty drawing below while listening to the speech which you can access at the bottom of this page. (Line the screen up exactly where the mysterious dot on the top left of the picture appears, but only after you have downloaded the speech below and it starts to play. Move the dot up the page until it almost disappears.)

Coded drawing

Billions and billions of your future descendents on other planets, are watching you NOW while you study this picture and know you by name




Is your carrier pigeon and donkey genetically modified or are they specific breeds found in England or Cyprus? Alternatively, perhaps they had an unfortunate accident prior to their being used in your "work of art" above. Where do you get your satellite phones from? Was the telescope manufactured by an inter-planetary sausage factory of the future, oh great one?

I believe Andronicos "The Great" was trying to portray what he will be talking about during his speech.

Fair enough, but for the record, if his greatness was a professional artist, he'd starve.

Why don't you both just listen to the recording and argue about my drawing later?

This extremely important and very powerful thought provoking speech, can be downloaded in one of the following 7 ways in order of file size:

  • If you already have Azam installed, listen to and optionally store (and forward by email) the fully indexed and compressed speech in your Data Store by pressing here. (Save the CBZ file you will download, open Azam, select Tools, select Import, Select Dictation/Meeting/Phone, then click on the Record ID to listen.) (3 Meg total)
  • By pressing here, which will download the Azam message player free of charge, at the same time as the fully indexed and compressed speech.
    Andronicos the author invented this product as a means to help people avoid misunderstandings and communicate more effectively by using the power of voice rather than typed text. (4.1 Meg total)
  • As an OGG file by pressing here (4.27 Meg instream). (For download programs see below)
  • As a WMA file by pressing here (6.91 Meg instream). Please ensure that you have the latest version of the Windows Media player. (Download Windows Media player here)
  • As an MP3 file by pressing here (10.4 Meg instream). (For download programs see below)
  • As an RM file by pressing here (12.9 Meg instream). Please ensure that you have the latest version of the RealOne Player. (Download the RealOne Player here)
  • As a WAV file by pressing here (33.6 Meg instream). Please ensure that you have the latest version of the Windows Media player. (Download the Windows Media player here)


Other free message players:

  • QuickTime   (WAV, MP3 and OGG plugin)
  • Winamp    (WAV, MP3, WMA, OGG, RM plugins)


Andronicos "The Great" invites you to email this Speech link to all your friends today. Within 12 days from doing so, why don't you ask them for their opinions?


For the record, the real Andronicos the author, certainly does not profess to "Greatness"

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