Grade A Rulers of the World

Grade "A" rulers include the following: ("A1-12") Presidents, Prime Ministers, Heads of State, Governors, Monarchs, Mayors of large cities, Senators, Congress Persons, MPs, perceived Heads of State, Ministers of State, Media Barons, The UN Secretary General.

Grade B Rulers of the World

"B1-12": Corporate officers and directors of the largest 1000 global public companies.
"B2-12": The Federal Reserve Board, The European Central Bank Board, all other national banks, The IMF Board, The WTO Board.
"B4-12": Corporate officers and directors of any smaller public company anywhere in the World that makes more than $12M per year profit.

Grade C Rulers of the World

Religious leaders of every religion of more than 1 million adherents, newspaper and TV news editors, respected journalists, National Ambassadors, UN Ambassadors, Police Chiefs of the largest cities or States, army chiefs, senior judges, Head of Department senior civil servants, cutting edge scientists, leading inventors, advertising gurus, film Producers, film Directors, script writers. The top 1000 wealthiest people on the globe, large pension fund chiefs, organised crime chiefs, drug barons, terrorist chiefs, leaders of secret societies (eg. The Mafia, the Masons).

Grade S (Special Category due to their Influence)

Special individuals from the World of sport, music, TV, film, the Arts and other influential celebrities who influence public opinion.


Explanation of the above.

Presidents are listed as class "A" and so are Congress Persons. In practice the presidents of America, China and Russia will be the only "A1's". A Congress Person or MP in a small State may be an "A9", but a Congress Person in a large state may be an "A3". The CEO of a Top 30 American corporation will probably be a "B3" which will be more powerful than the 950th richest person on Earth who is a "C7", but less powerful than a Media Baron who is an "A2" or the Pope who is a "C1".

Whatever the power score, they all form the 200,000 men and women who collectively rule the World. Of these, most solutions to poverty could come from those listed in category "B". They could lessen World conflict and provide solutions to those listed in category "A", with a bit of help from those listed in category "C" and the Influential Celebrities listed in category S.


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Statistics of Shame

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