A new Thursday evening custom: the upside down empty bowl

Below you will find an extract from section 1.100.20 of the 12-12-12 book

Every Thursday: The empty bowl symbol


From December 12 2003, everyone in the World is directed to place an empty bowl upside down next to them when having their Thursday evening meal. Any bowl will do, preferably slightly cracked, chipped or old. One per family. Until starvation is eradicated from the planet this symbolism will serve as a reminder to all Earth's children that there are hungry people in the World. (Members of the 12-12-12 organisation will take part in this non-religious custom). Reputable restaurants are commanded to take part in this non-religious yet simple humanist ritual.

When hunger is finally eradicated from the planet, everyone should continue this custom forever more wherever mankind eventually travels to in the universe. It will serve as a reminder of the dark days before the human race became civilised. From the year 1 ACH empty cracked bowls will be replaced by pretty hand painted ones created by children in their first years at school. (Billions upon billions of your future descendants across the cosmos, will do this every Thursday evening in future. Be one of the first to start the custom now!)

This is not a directive to fast every Thursday unless you are one of the 200,000 people who collectively rule the World, as listed in 12-12-12. If you are one of these persons, as an incentive to ensure the curse and disgrace of starvation which effects millions of your fellow Human Beings is eliminated off the face of the Earth as soon as possible, as a sign of support, follow the directive on fasting as described here. If you are one of these 200,000 people who collectively rule the World, why don't you start fasting every Thursday and earn the respect of those around you?

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