Become a member of the 12-12-12 organisation and take part in the 12-12-12 initiative is a virtual organisation that exists in cyberspace and in the hearts of those who would like war and extreme poverty eradicated from the face of the earth by December 12th 2012, and believe it is possible.

The 12-12-12 initiative is a simple concept: To get people talking about problems or issues in their community and World in general, with a view to finding appropriate solutions as soon as possible. It is about helping others. It is about knowing what these issues are in the first place, their inter relationships and identifying how they should be prioritised and dealt with.

If you would like to become a member of and take part in the 12-12-12 initiative, even though you may not share every opinion or directive as presented on this website, all you have to do is to agree to the following 7 statements: -

Do you agree with the following 7 statements?

  • I agree that all human beings regardless of tribal origin are equal.
  • I fundamentally agree with the UN Declaration on Human Rights.
  • I believe it is possible that war and extreme poverty can be eliminated within a few years and would like the 200,000 men and women who collectively rule the World to find the time, money and solutions to make this happen as soon as possible.
  • In the next 12 months I will do my best to inform 12 other people that I know, about 12-12-12. ( Ideally one of whom is a journalist or has contact with the media).
  • If my health permits, I will acquire an organ donor card (or equivalent, as used in my tribal state) within 36 days and carry it whenever practically possible. I will inform my closest relatives that I am doing so, so that they know of my wishes in case of my death.
  • Every Thursday evening, circumstances permitting, if I eat a meal with others, I will place an empty chipped bowl upside down on the table during the duration of the meal. This non-religious simple act will serve as a symbolism to remind others that there are millions of children around the World who regularly go to bed hungry. (Please refer to section 1.100.20 as a reminder).
  • I will keep an historic record for my future descendants wherever they may be living in the cosmos, of my family’s personal contribution in helping the Human race become “Many tribes, One people, One planet” (All you need to do is to print off and use the Community Support Card form (PDF). It’s for your personal use, 12-12-12 does not want a report once a month!)

If you agree to the above 7 statements and would like to become a member of 12-12-12 please print off the form below and fill it in manually. (If you are a minor, please get permission from your parent(s) or guardian(s)).

Print off, in colour, the Membership Certificate as shown below (PDF), here

It will be greatly appreciated if you could send an email so that the 12-12-12 organisation knows how many individuals or families have joined. Should you do so, you will not be put on any mailing list or have your email address publicly displayed. The email address to do this is: Please include your surname OR initials of the family members, general location (eg, San Francisco CA, USA) and number of members in the family who also agreed to join the 12-12-12 initiative by answering the 7 questions above. This information will in future be publicly displayed. For greater anonymity, just use your initials and a location of 'Earth'.

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