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You may not be aware of the fact that Andronicos “The Great” is now in charge of the World, as its first ever 'Cyberspace Global Ruler'. He has issued approximately 600 directives, broken down into the 12 groups of World issues found below. His aim – The total eradication of extreme poverty and war, using peaceful means, by the year 2012. His nemesis, Andronicos “The Cynic” enjoys making fun of the grand plan. Read what they have to say and perhaps consider using certain parts as a teaching aid, because maybe you could do a better job!

The 12-12-12 book (Individual links for slow internet users)

A novel approach to Eradicating War and Extreme Poverty by December 12, 2012 December 12th, 2012

The issues below are presented as simple individual links. If your internet connection is quite fast, it is recommended you , click here to read them within the context of each of the twelve sections within the book.

12-12-12 Book Overview

Other sections from the 12-12-12 book:

Appendix A:   Summary of the 12 major issues
Appendix B:   Volunteers wanted for the online 12-12-12 Internet System
Appendix C:   How to print off copies or multilingual translation of the book
Appendix D:   Books to read. Movies to watch
Appendix E:   Temporary Organ Transplant Cards
Appendix F:   Family Community Support Card
Appendix G:   The Global Flag: Many Tribes: One People, One Planet
Appendix H:   United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights
Appendix I:   Glossary of Terms and Copyright & Credit Information
Appendix J:   The Secret Gospel of Thomas

Revision Questions (For parents, students and teachers)

For the record, the real Andronicos the author, certainly does not profess to "Greatness"

Quick Links for The Blueprint for the Eradication of Extreme Poverty and War by December 12th 2012

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All the 600 issues (or topics) to bring about World Peace and the eradication of extreme poverty by December 12th 2012 are divided up into 12 main headings as found on the home page. Alternatively, you may find useful navigation hints below:

Please note: this website is written in British English

12-12-12 Membership

Statistics of Shame
Statistics of Shame

It will take an average person 12 hours to read and understand the contents of this website and listen to 'The Speech'. Is one hour a day for 12 days too long? Why don't you email the link to 12 of your friends and discuss their opinions in 12 days time? Maybe the 7th person in your email chain can break the secret code and the 12th person, may hold the key to World Peace. Are you or someone in your family the 7th or 12th person?

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The 12-12-12 website is an educational website that facilitates individual or group discussion. The coded 12-12-12 book is a snapshot, written over an 87 day period, of the major problems in the World as at March 17th 2002 and possibly how to resolve them. The author Andronicos has written it in an ironic style to act as a catalyst for constructive discussion.
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