9.130 Indigenous population rights

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What if you were put in charge of the World tomorrow? How would you run the planet?

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Andronicos "The Great" as Director of the Human Race and Manager Planet Earth commands and Andronicos "The Cynic" responds as follows.........


It is a travesty to let minority indigenous cultures- many ancient - disappear forever.

Many are the original inhabitants of tribal regions who have had their land taken away or bought at below market value. Because of this I want the following directions followed:-

Habitats should be maintained and increased. If it is too late, alternatives should be supplied now.


I want compensation to be made in two parts, one starting immediately, which I want completed by 1 ACH, the second to begin when the human race starts to colonise other non-terrestrial habitats.

Part One: Now

Anyone who has at least one half native indigenous ancestry in their blood is to have the following privileges as soon as practically possible:

  • A small 1.2% deduction off their final income tax bill every month.
  • The right at ANY AGE, to free education up to and including a university degree.
  • The right to receive a regular education grant (while meeting certain academic qualifications, attendance and behaviour criteria at senior high school and university).
  • The right to receive basic state subsidised accommodation. Ahead of other recipients in certain cases.

Part Two: When non-terrestrial colonisation begins

Anyone who is alive at the time of colonisation and has at least 1/8th native indigenous ancestry is to have the first right to move to, live on and colonise future non-terrestrial habitats.

This may appear worthless now, even laughable, but what if there was a historic and irrevocable enforceable treaty with the native Americans who sold Manhattan Island for a few trinkets that stated ". and in 400 years your descendants will have a permanent leasehold of half (the regions now known as) California and Texas"?

Think about this while you may be amused by my apparent worthless directive on this matter.

The above directives also apply to those who in the previous 300 years descended from slaves.

It is indeed ironic that some minority indigenous tribal people carry living genes which will revolutionise medicine.

"Calling all Amazonian Indians, Andronicos "The Great's" shuttle to the moon will be leaving in one hour. Please ensure you have just one item of hand luggage and a shovel."

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