7.160 Extra terrestrials/UFOs

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What if you were put in charge of the World tomorrow? How would you run the planet?

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Andronicos "The Great" as Director of the Human Race and Manager Planet Earth commands and Andronicos "The Cynic" responds as follows.........



Why is it that to believe in God(s), Angels and the Devil(s) is socially acceptable, even many respected scientists are not ashamed to state it, yet to admit to believe in UFOs or extra terrestrial beings constitutes an act of madness!

Anyway, call me Mr Strange but here are what I believe to be the facts -

Uninvited, unauthorised non-human life forms have been visiting this dimension in Earth's solar system since the dawn of creation. They broke the cardinal rule and (mis)using extremely advanced technology1 such as interstellar travel, invisibility and telepathy made themselves into "Gods" or "Angels of Light" over mankind's many primitive civilisations. Worse, is that most of these beings thrive on being entertained by death, hatred and fear. In the same way the ancient Romans were entertained by killing living things and how animals are tortured and killed for entertainment today. Further entertainment has been to use astrology, fortune telling and divination to influence the daily lives of the gullible. If you were invisible, several hundred years old and ensured success of many of your "predictions" by influencing them behind the scenes, prize twits such as Nostradamus would be able to pen some very ambiguous fuzzy "prophecies" on your behalf which could even come true.

Their alien lizard like appearance can be found in many children's toys. Their symbols throughout history have been the "snake" and "wisdom". Certain drugs can invoke a connection. The original fruit which literally dilated ("opened") the eyes of Adam and Eve and made them paranoid about being naked - was an early strand of Cocaine. Cocaine users beware: the paranoia you feel is your body fighting its temporary takeover and personality merger with non human life forms you can feel but not see. Certain occult rituals also invoke a connection in the same way computerised voice recognition systems can make all sorts of physical events happen such as opening a door or driving a car, so can these rituals.

The reason God hasn't turned these trespassers into snake skin shoes as yet, is that these wise animals are part of his overall plan for the human race to chose between right and wrong.

Throughout the Bible and Quoran they are referred to as Devils, Satan, Jinn (genies), Lucifer and demons. Due to the controversial religious nature of the subject, I will defer further discussion within this book. You will have to wait for round 3.

Little Green Men

Bottom line: Are there little green men? Are there little grey ones with snake like eyes that have telepathically influenced mankind over the millennia and caused hatred and war for their own entertainment or infighting? Yes.

If a formal close encounter ever takes place2, I direct no tribe ever attempts to gain military or technological advantage by making deals with these wise animals without first checking the facts. Ensure human spokespersons act on behalf of the whole human race and not the local military.

1 Some ancient texts refer to them as "watchers", many ancient civilisations mysteriously explain visits from Star Gods, and the Quoran repeatedly refers to heavenly evesdroppers.

2 Although I disagree with some of the opinions, I recommend you read 'Aliens Among Us' by Jim Marrs for some very interesting observations and thoughts on the subject.

Were you on hallucinogens (Magic Mushrooms) when writing this section? What planet does His Greatness come from?

But is there a POSSIBILITY of non-terrestrial life?

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