7.100.19 A message to fanatic Muslims

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What if you were put in charge of the World tomorrow? How would you run the planet?

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Andronicos "The Great" as Director of the Human Race and Manager Planet Earth commands and Andronicos "The Cynic" responds as follows.........


The purpose of the 12-12-12 book you are now reading is not to enter into protracted discussions on what people believe or what is right and wrong with various religious teachings, but to ensure that by December 12, 2012 December 12th, 2012 (Islamic year 1433) war and terrorism are eliminated from the face of the planet and absolute poverty is also eliminated by this date. Many millions of Muslims will benefit from the initiative. This section has been written because of ongoing recent events that affect World Peace and people's perception of the peaceful religion known as Islam.

Now unless my English version of the Quoran is different from the Arabic ones, we have a problem. There are some within the peaceful faith known as Islam who are very weak minded, easily led sheep. Just like scientists can alter the DNA of sheep sometimes to the good or the bad, fanatical religious clerics can alter the personalities of kind-hearted, God-fearing, loving Muslims and brainwash them into machines of hate. They are the ones who will twist my words and say that I am insulting Islam, the Quoran, or the Muslim faith. I am not. I'm insulting their wicked hypocrisy and actually protecting Islam. I direct these creatures to Get Off My Planet Planet.

It is to these bigoted satanic insects who condone murder in the name of Allah or his prophet (PBUH) that I issue the following Fatwa:

"Let there be no compulsion in Religion"
Quoran Sura 2 v 256

Start of the official Fatwa from Andronicos "The Great"

I know my fate, so you do not scare me. Whatever religion or faction you profess to be you are nothing but cowards and slimy insects. You have until December 12th, 2003 to publicly state in front of your followers that the killing of civilians in the name of Allah or his prophet (PBUH) is wrong. And to state the above whenever asked.

You do not have to recognise the Sovereign tribes of Israel, just recognise killing innocent civilians in the name of Allah or His Prophet (PBUH) is the worst kind of murder. You do not have to accept or follow American tribal policy, just follow the policy that murdering innocent civilians is a crime against Islam.

Everyone has the right to their opinion. Everyone has the right to use reasonable force to protect their property, themselves, their family, their tribe or their planet. Sometimes reasonable force includes the taking of life, but not innocent civilians and absolutely not because in your opinion Allah or His Prophet (PBUH) condones it. You are wrong for the following basic Quoranic principles:

  1. By killing civilians in an act of terrorism who are not Muslims means they can never become Muslims. This means the criminal not only has broken a key law of Islam by committing murder but has done the equivalent of "interfering in the conversion of a non Muslim who may have become a believer."
  2. By killing thousands of civilians in the recent disgraceful, vile outrages against Allah in New York and Washington, millions of people who may have eventually converted to Islam now view Islam as the religion of murdering fanatics and the Holy Quoran as a terrorist manual which in their opinion is only fit for burning.
  3. By unpeacefully murdering innocent civilians one moment, then gleefully using the expression "Peace be upon Him"1 when referring to the Prophet (PBUH) is a vile contradiction that not only offends all true Muslims but is the worst type of verbal blasphemy possible against Allah and His Prophet. (PBUH)

I demand you stop murdering in the name of Allah as of today.

If you do not do what I demand, instead of going to paradise, as a martyr you could be reincarnated as a giant insect on another planet yet still keep all your human memories. Do not assume Hell is hot. Read the complete "Metamorphosis", not just the first page which has been included in section 7.7 of this book. It is a fitting punishment and within the scope of the reincarnation warning found in the Quoran 5:59 which reads "Those whom God has cursed and with whom He has been angry transforms them into Apes and Swine…" This nightmare could also happen to those who protect you and those who encourage others to follow in your path of murder.

One day there will be billions of planetary paradises with millions, maybe billions of your direct descendants. There will eventually be more planets inhabited by humans than there are humans alive today.

Because time is a 4th dimension, your ancestors and infinitely technologically advanced descendants are possibly watching you now, today, reading this book, even though normally you can't tell it's actually happening. Don't embarrass yourself any longer. Don't shame your future sons and daughters who may be forced to watch the evil things you did to harm others. To have to watch this in the presence of those you hurt is one aspect of Judgement day.

In millions of years in the future (which if you die maybe tomorrow) there will be museums across the cosmos dedicated to the history of the human race before civilisation arrived in 1 ACH. These horror museums will serve as a warning so that the same shameful mistakes such as war, terrorism and extreme poverty will never be repeated.

What would you prefer, to have your picture prominently displayed on one of these walls and a caption stating "Ancient murderer in the name of Allah" or would you rather be a highly respected wise patriarchal teacher who is now helping to manage several paradise-like planets of Earth's (and your) future children? An experienced great grandparent of immense age and ancient wisdom who actually lived during those horrible years when the human race was an embarrassment confined to a test tube called Earth.

Instead: Preach peace. Preach love. Support the 12-12-12 initiative. Prove you are fit and proper human beings to your followers. Encourage reconciliation. And STOP KILLING INNOCENT CIVILIANS. It's never to late to change. I did.

Do this, issue a formal statement in the Mosque TODAY and watch some miracles happen.

End of official Fatwa.

To the very senior clerics who have the authority to do so, I say this: Remove from office and defrock those clerics who I've described above. Bring to justice those within Islam that murder and shame Islam, and then perhaps other Christians will also accept Islam, not because they have a gun pointing at the heads of their innocent loved ones, but because their heart believes it is the will of Allah.

To all God fearing Muslims who attend Mosques, I say this: Refuse to listen to wicked teachers. Move to Mosques that preach peace and reconciliation. Tape record wicked clerics who preach hate and give copies of the tape to the relevant religious and civil authorities.

That's just about blown it for me. Until now I found "His Greatness" a bit crazy, yet entertaining. As someone who believes in Islam, I find the above Fatwa offensive.

I thought you were Christian in the last section, but never mind. This Fatwa was written a few weeks after Andronicos "The Great" saw two planes crash into the Twin Towers on 911, does this alter your opinion?


How would you make such a non violent Fatwa acceptable to Muslims while at the same time making the points raised?

If SENIOR Clerics within Islam around the World issued it.

I concede. I now request SENIOR Muslim Clerics to issue the above Fatwa to stop violence in the name of God.

1 It is a custom with the Muslim faith to always say or write this when referring to Mohammed (PBUH), the Prophet.

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