7.90 Tribes of Israel: Formal apology request

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(What is sacrifice? Is a two page discussion document link for Orthodox members of the Jewish Faith who live in disputed Israeli settlements. (March 2004))

It took a lot of moral strength and courage in 1999 for the German President to ask on behalf of his people the following words in the Israel Knesset:

“With the people of Israel watching, I bow in humility before those murdered, before those who don’t have graves where I could ask them for forgiveness.”

Now it’s the 12 tribes of Israel’s turn to say sorry.

There is an important outstanding issue that has not been dealt with – a great travesty of justice. If it had occurred today, the United Nations, World religious leaders, the International Red Cross, Red Crescent and international community would all be castigating your country. Trade embargoes may have been instigated. Had the nation of Israel been a signatory of the European Convention of Human rights when this event happened, the State of Israel would have been sued for millions of dollars.

It is requested the nation of Israel publicly apologises in writing and by way of a statement via the international media for an event that occurred to a man when in his 30s. He had a belief which he shared with many people in your country. His punishment for exercising his peaceful freedom of speech and peaceful assembly was to be illegally detained, illegally tried by a kangaroo court, whipped, tortured and physically nailed to a tree. His name was Jesus of Nazareth, the legal son of Mary and a carpenter called Joseph. He had many brothers and sisters. This man Jesus, son of Mary, died a horrible death which was witnessed by his own family.

Whether he was ‘The’ Messiah as written in the Quoran and the Christian New Testament and as I believe is irrelevant. That he existed is an historic fact and documented by neutral third parties such as Josephus. To deny it will be as absurd as in 2000 years time denying the extent of the Holocaust.

I direct the majority of the Israeli parliament issue a statement of agreement as part of the formal apology. You owe it to his legal mother, his legal father, his brothers, sisters and their descendants, whether Israeli, Jewish, Muslim or Christian.

Apart from the barbarism and nastiness of the episode, it appears to me that the ancient Rabbinical guidelines based on the laws of Moses1 were not met. The kangaroo court broke their own laws to a proper trial in that: (1) an emergency sitting of the Sanhedrin overnight was illegal and (2) knowingly and deliberately handing over their prisoner to the Roman authorities for execution by way of impalement instead of stoning was illegal. If Moses had been advised of the episode, after the event, he would have been very angry2 with the "Judges" for the misinterpretation of Deuteronomy 21:22-23.

I do not wish this to become a mandatory legal precedent with every tribe saying sorry for everything they've ever done. Nevertheless, the right for the Sovereign Tribes of Israel to exist today in the geographic region we all know, uses ancient religious and political precedents going back 4000 years. It is for this unique reason that I request the apology.

Honour the request, make this apology happen and it will go a long way toward permanent peace and security for the Sovereign Tribes of Israel and the rest of the World.

Watch a miracle happen.

(What is sacrifice? Is a two page discussion document link for Orthodox members of the Jewish Faith who live in disputed Israeli settlements. (March 2004))

1 The three and a half thousand year old "Law of Moses" which even now forms the basis of Jewish religious observance, customs and day to day family life is approximately 600 laws, 10 of which are the well known Ten Commandments.

2 Although described as "Meek" in the bible, Moses had a nasty temper. 3 cases were documented: the first resulted in at least manslaughter, the second in a rage destroying the first ever documented case of God's handwriting, the third resulted in Moses' own banishment from entering the promised land.

Would His Greatness be satisfied with a small advertisement in a Golders Green supermarket or must it be placed on the front page of the Wall Street Journal with the words "Jesus: An Apology".

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