7.20 Atheists: Earth’s moon, Bananas and Time Travel

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What if you were put in charge of the World tomorrow? How would you run the planet?

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Andronicos "The Great" as Director of the Human Race and Manager Planet Earth commands and Andronicos "The Cynic" responds as follows.........


The Amazing Carpa Dorada Fish

I am not a member of any religious organisation whether it be formal, informal, part time or partial, and haven't been for nearly 20 years. Members of my family include Lutheran, Greek Orthodox, Atheist/Agnostic and Jehovah's Witnesses.

On June 23 1999 I was with my two young children at a small aquarium in Mazatlan, Mexico looking at tropical fish. What happened that afternoon was one of the most amazing spiritual experiences I have ever witnessed. To this day it fills with me with emotion. At that moment as I stared at one particular funny looking fish with an orange "hair do", I realised that God is The Creator. A living being who actually exists and not some other strange concept such as a trinity with 3 heads, a new age "I am" presence which is somehow part of me in another dimension, or even "an omnipotent "thing" that is everywhere".

In my search for truth I started comparing the Bible with the Quoran and other ancient texts, which led me to some incredible discoveries, most of which are not in the scope of this book and have nothing to do with religion.

I once had a similar experience when gorging myself on the contents of a whole tin of anchovies.

A few words on creation now follow.

There is no logical reason for the Universe to be as it is, nor the relative strengths of the forces such as gravity to be what they are. If gravity had been stronger - the universe would collapse and even worse would never have exploded into existence. If gravity had been weaker, the stars and planets would never have been formed or stuck together in the lumpy heavenly bodies that spin around the Cosmos. Why? Does random chance possess a sense of reason?

If the "strong" quantum force that holds tiny atoms together was weaker - the universe would be filled with only one element - Hydrogen. If it were stronger, the universe would probably be one big black humungous lump of matter. Why?

The magic number π (3.1426...) appears in weird and wonderful places throughout physics and mathematics. Why? Does random chance possess a Maths degree?

The number one followed by 40 zeros (1039) is roughly equal to the ratio of the electrostatic force between an electron and a proton to the gravitational force between them. It is also roughly the ratio of the radius of the known universe to the radius of the electron. 1039 x 1039 = 1078 which is approximately the number of particles estimated to be in the Universe! Why?

The moon, which is used extensively in religious calendars, fits exactly in front of the sun during an eclipse. Why? Does it not show the mischievous sense of humour of its designer? Who is saying "hello my little children, has the penny dropped down there yet?"

There are some pretty strange animals and plants which live on this planet. Pretty weird in fact. "Nature" appears very generous with its sense of humour to have "allowed" the gorilla, orangutang and chimp to come into existence. And what about the banana? 99.9% of the human race that has ever lived, however religiously pious, will have made at least one risqué joke involving the banana. Why do all these exist? Does random chance possess a sense of humour?

Scientists are often too busy looking at details with their microscopes or telescopes so they miss the overall picture. It's a bit like standing inside a giant footprint which can only be seen in its entirety from a distance.

Ponder the following thoughts if you do not believe in God, as a real being that created the human race, planet Earth and everything on it:

There are people alive today who were born before the invention of the first aeroplane, the first computer, the first TV, the first radio, the first telephone, the first space ship or the first antibiotic. Look where the last 100 years have led in the development of the above inventions. If the human race is allowed to continue, what will it achieve in the next 100, 1000, 1 million or 1 billion years? Enormous life spans? The ability to travel instantly between galaxies? Creation of life? Time travel?

If the human race can ever achieve these things, then they already have, as according to Einstein's laws of relativity, time is a fourth dimension1. "The future is happening now", is not a gimmicky sales expression used on TV repeatedly so that you are tempted to buy the latest automobile. No, in the universe of space/time it's a scientific fact. I believe that the human race today is being watched by many of its future descendants, and because there is going to be a resurrection of the dead, the human race today is also being watched by many of your ancestors who are dead today. One day many years in the future, you will remember the moment you read this little book and are probably watching yourself right now doing so for the first time.

Almost timed to perfection, a few weeks ago one of the most amazing scientific discoveries was made public. It is historic, yet the reason it has not hit the headlines across the World is that no one has seriously considered the eventual impact of the discovery to the human race. It is in the area of quantum physics which relates to the study of atomic and subatomic particles. A sudden apparent contradiction has occurred to Einstein's theories. According to the great scientist, and as stated previously, time is a fourth dimension where the future past and present are all happening at the same time, depending where someone is in space time relative to the event or object in question.

Nevertheless, a recent discovery has shown that in certain laboratory conditions very small particles appear to have twin particles which instantaneously change characteristics with each other using an invisible thread. It is believed that this shows the existence of doorways to other dimensions yet to be identified where the speed limit of nature 300,000 kilometres per second can be relatively exceeded without being caught on inter galactic police cameras. Because the only way to theoretically time travel, is to travel faster than light.

So, if selected ones from the future of the human race who possess infinite technology can time travel one day, why can't there be a Supreme Being that can do so today? Why couldn't this Supreme Being who possesses the "technology" to actually time travel2 and therefore the power3 to foretell the future, as well as having infinite technology, infinite wisdom and infinite energy, also have created the human race, this planet and this universe? Furthermore, why couldn't this Creator have an ultimate master plan - that His creation would by their own historic mistakes learn what is right and wrong, whether it be politics, religion, war or law (moral, civil and criminal) until they learnt how to treat one another properly. And the outcome? That when they reached a certain maturity not to pose a threat to themselves, they would be given incredible gifts by way of technology. Firstly, to go where no one has gone before and populate the entire Cosmos, and secondly a resurrection of the dead from "back up" storage. On the latter point it was Einstein who comforted one of his closest friends following the death of a loved one with the definition of where the dead are - "in space/time".

Anyway, the above "Andronicos "The Great's" Theory of everything" either sounds pretty simple and utopian without contradicting mainstream religions, or scientifically daft. Don't forget though, 400 years ago if I was alive and predicted a man could fly in a machine between London and Jerusalem in 5 hours, the scientists of the era would brand me as crazy and if I used a modern plane to do so, mainstream religious clerics would put me to death for making a pact with the devil.

But two problems now come to mind:

Firstly it's too simple. What are possible answers to questions such as why was evil and death allowed in the first place, what's all this "devil" stuff, why doesn't God say hello, where does Moses, Jesus or Mohammed (PBUH) come into all this and why on Earth can't religions agree on most things?

Secondly, what on earth has this all got to do with the 12-12-12 initiative? Why have I suddenly turned into a religious windbag hiding behind the apron strings of science? And why has this book jumped subjects through a "bookwormhole" type of interdimensional doorway?

My answers are as follows -

Religion and God are such controversial subjects that it is likely the whole 12-12-12 initiative will get bogged down in the mire if I continue with discussing it now. So I won't. If you want to read my extensive thoughts you'll have to wait for the even more controversial Round 3 book on the subject. Only what I consider to be a few critically important spiritual issues will be discussed in the next few pages.

Nevertheless, the reason I had to mention something about religion and God was partly to get as many religious people on board the 12-12-12 initiative as possible, and mostly because I believe without God, the 12-12-12 initiative can't succeed. After all, I could have a good friend from the future who informed me what's going to happen!

Anyway, if you don't believe in a Creator God I accept you have the right to your opinion. But even if it is the only spiritual thing you will ever do, I invite you to read the Secret Gospel of Thomas which is in the appendix, keep an open mind and allow God back into the Garden of Eden for the next few days without having to share paradise with that annoying, argumentative family next door called Religion and their bickering kids. Better still, visit an aquarium with weird looking fish - it may change your life as well.

Cheap Restaurants, Big Bang and the Multiverse

Recently I was eating in a restaurant near the seashore when I noticed an ant trapped in a glass cup opposite me. The cup was upside down which made it almost impossible for the ant to escape. It was then the penny dropped about multidimensional universes. I was watching the ant in its enclosed 3 dimensional World - but it couldn't see me looking at it from elsewhere in its little universe. There were only two ways out: if it was a brainy ant, it could eventually eat its way underneath the rim of the glass by burrowing through the very thick tablecloth or a mysterious act of nature could free it to go where no ant has gone before. I became the mysterious act of nature by moving the glass on its side.

The next day I was in another restaurant also near the seashore when I noticed a little child staring into a gold fish bowl. The fish with its low intelligence and very short memory span appeared to be staring at the child. Clearly a fish has more sense than an ant and can actually see rather than just feel - but could it actually know what a life was like outside the bowl? Could it actually tell what this mysterious being, the child, actually was? Perhaps another mysterious act of nature such as the introduction of a stick in the water could have helped but fortunately I didn't have to intervene from the unknown non fish universe on that occasion.

Cosmologists are scientists who are very interested in Astronomy and Physics. They are the ones who talk about big bang and the theory of what happened during the birth of the Universe. They are the ones who theorise about huge galaxy gobblers called black holes and other weird stuff. A very gifted bunch of individuals with brains like quasars.

Anyway, they have all got very, very excited recently in their search for the ultimate law of nature - "The grand unifying theory of everything". Up until a couple of years ago, there were two competing camps4 of cosmologists. One believed there was a 10 dimensional multiverse of universes, the other believed there were 11 dimensions in this one multiverse of which our universe is but one of many. It is now agreed that there are 11 dimensions, three of which we can see and feel. But what about the other unseen dimensions? The consensus of thought is that these form invisible realms which can co exist in our universe. A strange twilight zone of alternative universes and weird laws of science.

But how did the big bang begin? How was the trigger pulled? As part of the Grand Unifying theory of everything, it is now believed that outside of our universe, two membranes rubbed together like Teutonic plates to create the cosmic earthquake known as big bang.

Enough of this amateur science lesson. I now direct cosmologists to bear the following in mind:

  1. There is a 12th dimension. Look for it.
  2. All matter is connected through other dimensions - via cosmic doorways.
  3. All living things are connected via a universal force.
  4. There are beings who can jump through cosmic doorways, between dimensions to Earth, but normally reside in the other dimensions.
  5. The Creator (God) pulled the Big Bang trigger to create this universe and designed all the laws of physics.
  6. Interstellar travel is possible very soon.
  7. Time travel is possible, which means prophecy is possible.
  8. Dark matter is stuff that can be felt but not seen in this universe yet actually exists in other dimensions.

I want a report on my desk scientifically proving the above facts written in a way that a non expert will understand it. Do this now. Share the results with others and get a consensus of opinion quickly as I don't want another cosmologists' custard pie fight. Think 12 dimensional. Think "The Andronicos "The Great" Grand Unifying Theory of Everything", the formula of which is
π ‌ π' = OM

1 An excellent book on such matters by the eminent scientist Prof Steven Hawking is: The Universe in a Nutshell.

2 Biblical expressions such as "one thousand years to the Lord is but one day" is a simplistic description of being a Time lord.

3 My scientific definition of "God's holy spirit" is "God's ultimate automation tool to manage day to day stuff in the Universe." Put simply, God's force. People who say "God is everywhere" are getting confused with God's force. The Buddhist and Hindu belief in Karma better explains the phenomenon than Jewish, Christian and Muslim beliefs. Watch the Star Wars movies and "may God's force be with you".

4 Superstrings camp (10 dimensions) vs Super gravity camp (11 dimensions)

What on earth was that all about? His Greatness obviously thinks he is now an expert scientist.

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