7.10 Tolerance

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What if you were put in charge of the World tomorrow? How would you run the planet?

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Andronicos "The Great" as Director of the Human Race and Manager Planet Earth commands and Andronicos "The Cynic" responds as follows.........


Arguing on religious issues is fine, but using it as an excuse to allow the baby to drown, is as absurd as an American starting a squabble in a British pub that Roosevelt was greater than Churchill, while his Scottish cousin is in a Boston Bar rowdily arguing that Monty was a greater military leader compared to Ike. Such discussions if they turn violent, are clearly ridiculous and get more complicated if Alexander the Great or Rommel are brought into the equation.

What would be a pretty unanimous point of view is that all the above military leaders would fight on the same side if the Planet was attacked by some global catastrophe.

Extreme poverty is such a global catastrophe but few can see it.

Good swimmers should argue about religion or who was the greatest prophet while they're saving the drowning baby or while they're blow drying their hair... time will be more plentiful then. In the meantime agree to disagree.

I show tolerance by having to share His Greatness' body and having to read His "words of wisdom".

A fundamentalist Jew, Christian or Muslim who is assertive in his beliefs and sincerely believes his path is the only right path to God is not unusual. Everyone has the right to feel they are special. What is absolutely unacceptable is for this uniqueness being used as an excuse to incite racism, racial or religious bigotry and worse still - violence, terrorism or murder in the name of "God".

So here's what I want done: even if you feel that your particular sect are religiously superior to others and earmarked by God for special rewards, which I guess could be the case, think for a second: what is this reward defined as "paradise"?

Is paradise to live forever with 70,000 beautiful women, soon to be ex-virgins who you will be given in marriage? If you are a woman, is paradise to live for the rest of your life with a man who doesn't treat you as property or forces you to wear religious or bland clothes you don't want to wear sometimes? Perhaps it's to live in heaven playing a harp or to be reborn as a higher being. Many believe it is being whisked away in the clouds as part of a rapture to be with Jesus.

On the other end of the spectrum, others such as the Ancient Egyptians, Romans and Maya saw earthly utopia as being part of the ruling elite of an empire where dog eats dog, the strong rule the weak for the benefit of the strong and fear is king to ensure the strong stay in power. The Nazi dogma of survival of the fittest and racial superiority triggered World War Two and the holocaust.

Others, I being one, see heaven and paradise as living in a galaxy made up of billions of planets inhabited by infinitely technically and socially advanced descendants of the human race who live with their resurrected "dead" ancestors in peaceful, fair, just, loving humanist social systems with a common spiritual belief in God. Where worshipping God is to appreciate the creation of God and not to spend hours performing monotonous, ritualistic practices locked up in a funny shaped building either out of subconscious fear of the unknown or in the hope it pleases the Divine One.

Whatever your belief in paradise, let's say you are right and you end up there, wouldn't it be nice to think you helped in making the 12-12-12 initiative a success? Especially if you didn't have to! Surely God won't be angry with you for helping it happen, but more likely to be angry with you if you incite others not to help out in the initiative "for religious reasons". Maybe God wants you to jump into the swimming pool to save the drowning baby (referred to in section 1.10.130) in the meantime, rather than stop others from doing so - in his name.

If you believe that only God can find a complete cure for the problems of the human race, then I wholeheartedly agree with you. There is a Sikh saying which states - "What is about to happen will happen, neither you or I can stop it."

Anyway, I direct all fundamentalists, even fanatics, to show tolerance by at least helping to eradicate absolute poverty by December 12, 2012 December 12th, 2012. In fact if you fit the bill why don't you start being tolerant of others opinions starting today. Learn to agree to disagree. If not, then at least exercise your God given right to freedom of speech without twisting any of my words. If some of your followers are either illiterate or easily led, don't lie about me or the message I'm trying to convey. Don't ever use religion as an excuse to direct your followers to go to the Temple more,Red Devil pray more or read their holy books more as a reason why they should not take part in the 12-12-12 initiative. And don't use gleefully collected facts such as my fondness of "The Red Devils" (Manchester United) soccer team and the embarrassing revelation that I once wore a "mischievous, impish dentist's" outfit at a Halloween party as reasons why I am a little devil. It's clerics like you who will say Satan is behind any successes and God behind any failures during the life of the whole 12-12-12 initiative.


Lastly, here is a polite warning and not just a request to certain fanatical factions and sects within the Jewish, Christian and Muslim faiths: If you don't want to save the drowning baby because it is your belief that only God should do so, then I will tolerate your opinion. But don't use religious psychological pressure to stop others from doing so, don't be vipers, don't be hypocrites, don't be white washed graves, don't lie and don't get in my way. But do Get Off My Planet Planet.

That was a rather emotional outburst at the end.
I believe Andronicos “The Great” was quoting certain scriptural texts to religious clerics who may try and stop others from taking part in the 12-12-12 initiative.

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