5.700.40 Directives to resolve the misunderstandings between Israelis and Palestinians.

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What if you were put in charge of the World tomorrow? How would you run the planet?

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Andronicos "The Great" as Director of the Human Race and Manager Planet Earth commands and Andronicos "The Cynic" responds as follows.........


The key to global peace and most of the directives within this book becoming a success lies here. The future of the World is in the hands of a few people who govern or want to govern areas within the Middle East. History has repeated itself many times with World powers since antiquity fighting wars over the small tract of land which today lies within the borders of the Sovereign Tribes of Israel, Egypt, Jordan and Palestinian authority.

Let real history be made now, history that will create the catalyst for World peace and security. The 200,000 World rulers will then support my other initiatives, specifically the poverty and war eradication bond. There will be no excuses. The cost savings alone to governmental global military expenditure in the long term will be huge. This will either save taxes or increase public expenditure for worth while causes.

There is only one way to find a solution to the problems: to think like an Israeli and then think like a Palestinian. Become one. Become both, then be you again. This I did in a recent controlled experiment. Unfortunately it made me feel very, very hateful.

Being Israeli, I felt hatred towards Palestinians for their suicide attacks, for their killing of innocent civilians, for their indefada, for their car stealing rackets and for maiming my people. How can these other children of Abraham create a make shift museum full of manikins with missing limbs, paint them red to denote Israeli blood and then encourage youths to touch them for luck while they laugh at pictures of dead Israelis scattered across Jerusalem pavements? How could they kill members of my family who survived the Holocaust, persecution in communist Russia, who saw the land of Israel as their last hope for a happy peaceful future and emigrated here? I now volunteer to join the army so that I can break the limbs of teenagers who throw stones at me and will gladly level to the ground any home that belongs to a militant Palestinian.

Then I became Palestinian. I felt hatred towards Israelis for taking my land and my country. Breeding like rats. Allowing anyone who is remotely connected to the Jewish religion being encouraged to live on my land with 10 of their children on state handouts. To make more room for these uninvited foreigners more of my land is taken so that they can now build towns to facilitate even more breeding. When I object they bring in the tanks and destroy my brother's house. He becomes another statistic. He and his family now live in a refugee camp. I now volunteer to get revenge to kill the enemy, while my brother's son throws stones and laughs at pictures of the carnage I will create.

I felt extreme distress writing the above words. It sometimes hurts to feel hate.

My solution is rather unorthodox and quite unusual. So much so it will need to be read more than once to fully grasp the plan which involves 4 tribal groups: Egyptian, Israeli, Jordanian and Palestinian.

Firstly, remind yourself of my instructions as Director of the Human Race and Manager Planet Earth relating to reclaiming deserts, which can be found in section 3.70 of this book. Read my instruction again before proceeding to the next section.

Let North Sinai and a wide track of land stretching from Southern Cairo to the Sudan and the east bank of the Jordan river be Phase 1 of the project. The first of these international projects to reclaim desert and the building of millions of homes in its place.

Due to the fact that the Egyptian and Jordanian people's generosity will start the historic unprecedented event for World peace, the first recipients of the War Bond to eliminate extreme poverty will be the Sovereign tribes of Egypt and Jordan. I have budgeted 70 billion dollars in foreign aid from across Sovereign states to create infrastructure (30 billion) and retire the entire national debt of Egypt (32 billion) and Jordan (8 billion), none of which will be used in building homes for phase 1 and 2. Foreign aid will not be War Bond money. Phase 1 and 2 of the project will be.




I request some land in the north eastern desert region in the Sinai Peninsula from the Sovereign tribe of Egypt. The Sovereign state of Egypt will still be custodians of any antiquities discovered in "Palestinian Sinai". Egypt will still own and have access to any mineral and oil rights below 100 metres of sea level. Egypt will still own and manage the air space above "Palestinian Sinai". No work permits or travel restrictions will apply to Egyptians in "Palestinian Sinai", but the land will belong to their fellow Arab brothers and form part of the new independent Sovereign tribal state of Palestine.


I request some land on the east bank of the Jordan River (north of the Dead Sea). Due to the importance the Jordan River holds in the region, the land transferred (and eventually reclaimed from the desert) is to run easterly rather than north/south in parallel to the Jordan River. The Sovereign state of Jordan will still be custodians of any antiquities discovered in "Palestinian Jordan". Jordan will still own and have access to any mineral and oil rights below 100 metres. Jordan will still own and manage the airspace above "Palestinian Jordan". No work permits or travel restrictions will apply to Jordanians in "Palestinian Jordan", but the land will belong to their fellow Arab brothers and form part of the new independent Sovereign tribal state of Palestine.


I request some of the land in the south west of the geographic desert region known as the Negeb and the Gaza Strip. The territory which was acquired by Israel in 1949.

I further request Israel renounces all lands and settlements currently under dispute within the Gaza Strip and approximately 60% of the land currently under dispute on the West Bank, from the Dead Sea's northernmost point. (Refer to map)

These territories will revert back to their Arab cousins and form part of the new independent Sovereign tribal state of Palestine. Israelis will still have the right to freely work, travel, own property and live in these areas. Israel will still own and manage the air space above these regions.

Israeli settlements may still remain as long as compensation is given at market value to the original Palestinian owners of the land.

Palestinian Authority

I request it renounces all claims to certain lands currently within Israel. Palestinians will still have the right to freely work, travel, own property and live in these regions.


Jerusalem: The City

Jerusalem has a great spiritual and religious significance to three of the great monotheistic faiths: Jewish, Christian and Muslim. Wherever mankind is destined to live throughout the universe, Earth will always be "home" and Jerusalem will always be a Holy City - if not The Holy City. Treat her with the respect and dignity she was built for in the first place. I direct the following takes place to eliminate many of the problems relating to the city of Jerusalem.

  • Jerusalem the spiritual capital city to belong to the Creator God of Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac and Jacob. Either formally fly the "many tribes one people one planet" flag and no other within an agreed area in the city, or NO FLAG whatsoever. Because of her political neutrality and religious significance, no international agency should ever be within its boundaries.
  • Jerusalem the Sovereign capital of the Jewish religion and Israeli people to have an agreed area in the city, and the Palestinian people to have an agreed area in the city as their Sovereign capital.
  • Jerusalem the physical ancient Middle Eastern city to have an elected counsel and mayor that looks after practical day to day matters such as water, power, cleaning, garbage removal, preservation of antiquities, etc. To minimise bureaucracy (and taxes) the counsel will be cross border (Israeli State and Palestinian State officials).

The Temple Mount Jerusalem

Various fundamentalist religions within all three great monotheistic faiths hold immense significance in what happens on this rather small hill of antiquity. King Solomon built the first Temple in 1000 BCE which was destroyed by the Babylonians in 539 BCE. The second temple was rebuilt by Herod in the first century BCE and destroyed by the Romans in 70 CE. Certain Christians and Jews believe the building of the third temple is the key to much bible prophecy relating to mankind's future.

If you are either Israeli or Jewish, do you believe that if God wanted to he could arrange for the most violent fundamentalist anti Jewish, anti Israeli bigots to sign a treaty to allow a third Temple to be built on the Temple Mount? Do you also believe that if God wanted to, he could also arrange for the above factions to build it on behalf of the 12 tribes of Israel wearing T-shirts with the words "We love our Israeli brothers"? If the answer is "yes" - show some patience. If the answer is "no" then I direct such a rebuilding plan is purely nationalistic and therefore be put on hold until you can answer "yes".

I therefore direct the following takes place:

The Temple Mount to remain under the control of the new Palestinian state. The Western Wall to remain under the control of the Israeli State with all formal political claims or threats to build a third Temple formally renounced.

The Golan Heights

This belongs to the Sovereign tribes of Syria and must eventually be handed back. In the meantime Israel will have to pay an annual lease payment to be agreed, to the Sovereign tribes of Syria to be used for providing schools for its children.

Practical Considerations relating to Phase 1 desert reclamation project

Phase 1 of the project will be simultaneous desert reclamation and building of 1 million homes on a 7 to 1 ratio. For every 'Sinai Palestinian' and 'Jordanian Palestinian' home built by the international coalition of volunteers, Egypt and Jordan will have seven built. Houses will be awarded by lots under the control of each tribal state.

Furthermore, no rental will be due to War Bond corporations for homes built in Jordanian and Egyptian land built in Phase 1.


Phase 2 will be Project Sahara as described in 3.70. Due to the Egyptian people's generosity in giving part of their Sovereign territory to their Palestinian brothers, I have decided Egypt will be one of the initial main hubs for reclaiming the Sahara and building 3 million homes in the Egyptian section alone. This number is in addition to those built during Phase 1 in what will remain Egyptian Sinai. Donít get confused with the first lot of homes built for Egypt in Phase 1, as stated above these are additional.

Modern history and experience has shown that forced migration for ethnic or religious reasons does not work. Many massacres have occurred in the past. For example in the Indian subcontinent in the 1940s. This migration will not be forced, because the region is so small each will be interdependent on the other for basic commodities and commerce.

So here it is. Unorthodox? Unusual? Crazy? Maybe as crazy as the President Mandella, Lech Walesa, USSR, German unification prediction which no one would have made in 1984 without being mocked.

What is the alternative? Searching the shoes of everyone who boards a plane? Shooting down aeroplanes that travel too close to western skyscrapers or Mecca? Screening everyone that sets foot in a western church, eastern Mosque or Temple? And what about the global cost over the next 5, 10 or 20 years of terrorism prevention? This initiative will go far in eliminating the breeding ground for the vile insects that carry out such atrocities in the name of God.

But let's be realistic. There will be a minority of the minority who have so much hatred in their hearts that they are beyond permitting any form of solution or compromise to take place. They would prefer to die themselves with members of their own family as a matter of principle, rather than allow the other tribe to gain any advantage. They would even attempt to assassinate their own leader if he dares to give concessions to the other side.

If they cannot see reason, let their families and friends attempt to make them see. If that fails - the peace process must be protected by allowing a neutral third party to incarcerate them until their hatefulness can be controlled.

On a positive note, let's not forget that old enemies such as the Sovereign tribes of France and Germany who fought two major wars with each other in the last 90 years - eventually became trading partners and allies. They are now taking the very commendable initiative by proposing the creation of a pan European Constitution, what a turnaround!

Who knows, in a few years time maybe the tribes that live in the geographic regions today known as Israel, Jordan and Egypt will provide many new friendly joint initiatives to make the World a better place. Future children who are not brought up hating the other will help their parents and grandparents live in peace.

The decision is in the hands of but a few thousand rulers with an impact on all six billion people in the World. I direct unofficial means are used to discuss this directive now between all tribal groups. Before tribal leaders make formal statements, watch the World reaction to my directive and read section 10.160 twelve times first.

Undertake all the above and watch a miracle happen.

I see His Greatness has taken the saying literally of drawing a line in the sand.

Drawing a line in the sand?

I think a few Palestinians may object to a border being enforced across 100 of their villages.


Well, maybe not enforced but it goes against the pre 1967 map of a region most experts agree should belong to Palestinians in a land for peace deal.

It's my opening line for negotiations. Anything is possible in a final agreement.

Did you write this part under the influence of alcohol?

But could it work?

It is not traditional to play musical chairs with a nation's Sovereign land.

But could it work if all parties agreed?

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