4.20 Teaching morality and ethics

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What if you were put in charge of the World tomorrow? How would you run the planet?

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Andronicos "The Great" as Director of the Human Race and Manager Planet Earth commands and Andronicos "The Cynic" responds as follows.........


Here is a list of 12 circumstances which certain tribes brand as immoral and even illegal.

Put in order of priority which is the most immoral "sin".

  1. A man who has sex with 20 different women with the aim of finding the perfect long term relationship.
  2. A man who goes to Las Vegas, gets married, divorced, married, divorced 60 times to 60 different women, but is always faithful to his "current" wife.
  3. A man who has been faithfully married to one woman for 30 years, but screams verbal abuse at her every day for 25 years.
  4. Two lesbians or two homosexuals in a faithful, caring, loving relationship who regularly help other less fortunate people.
  5. A married heterosexual couple, the wife of whom has had 7 affairs spanning 30 years.
  6. A married heterosexual couple, the husband of which is a closet bisexual and has had 7 gay affairs spanning 30 years.
  7. A male bigamist with 4 wives, or a female bigamist with 4 husbands.
  8. Littering
  9. Speeding on a motorbike in front of a busy school road while drunk.
  10. Genocide.
  11. Ethnic cleansing and murder because the local religious cleric said it had to be done in God's name.
  12. Not doing enough to eradicate poverty or war - if empowered to do so.
Thank you for doing this small self test. Now do it again, but this time pretend you are a devout Muslim, Christian, atheist or Buddhist. I direct that all tribal Sovereign states create a small list of common denominators, one where there is an unconditional agreement as to what is right and wrong.

The key to "many tribes one people one planet" unity, is not to attempt to educate individual people on what is right and wrong. The key is to be able to agree to disagree whilst at the same time allowing those that share common value judgements to live together peacefully next to those that donít, yet allowing those who can't accept these value judgements to at best live in peace or at worst move.

If a man wants to marry 4 women - let him move to the Sovereign state of Saudi Arabia but he must follow their other laws. If a Muslim woman does not want to wear a veil, let her move to the Sovereign state of Turkey as long as she follows their other laws.

By eradicating poverty and educating people, such freedom of migration will make the World safer and its people happier. Without compromising the beliefs or customs of regional minorities: Agree to disagree.

I disagree to agree to disagree if I am right.

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