3.160 Genetically modified crops

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What if you were put in charge of the World tomorrow? How would you run the planet?

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Andronicos "The Great" as Director of the Human Race and Manager Planet Earth commands and Andronicos "The Cynic" responds as follows.........


I have worked with some of the largest computer systems in the World specialising in "Problem and Change Management". Whether it be your PC at home or the biggest computer network for the biggest bank in the World, the following computer law is undeniable: "Problems cause the need to change things and "things" that change sometimes become problems." Speaking from experience it is often the smallest change that causes the biggest problems to fix which impacts many, many people.

Genetically modified crops, by which I mean changing the DNA of a plant or tree is to be handled with the utmost care. A rogue GM seed with a nasty and dangerous trait such as not ever being able to reproduce would be a disaster. As such I direct a distance of 12km between GM crops and others be the basis for experimentation, if appropriate. Small quarantined islands can be used for the purpose.

I direct that 12 eminent people, cautious, incorruptible, experts in their field, highly respectable and paragons of ethical virtue be appointed trustees of making decisions on these matters. Deliberation must take place in public. Only votes of 9 out of 12 or more will pass and will be final.

Developers of computer systems often have to be herded together and managed by experienced sheep dog marketing managers, otherwise they end up building complicated systems no one really needs other than to satisfy their own egos.

What will never be tolerated by me or my team are scientists who genetically modify crops purely so that they can show how clever they are. Can you imagine creating a vegetable that cries or makes whimpering noises in the kitchen when approaching the expiration of its sell by date? No, such a move will be a flagrant violation of nature, totally unethical and insulting to many senior civil servants and politicians who fit the description.

At the end of the day, it may be GM crops that help to transform deserts such as the Sahara into huge food growing oases.

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