3.70.20 Labour to undertake the mammoth task

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What if you were put in charge of the World tomorrow? How would you run the planet?

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Andronicos "The Great" as Director of the Human Race and Manager Planet Earth commands and Andronicos "The Cynic" responds as follows.........


"Clear your mind of Can't"
Dr Samuel Johnson 1783

I will deal with the politics, finance and labour issues. My advisors, such as you the reader, will deal with the technical issues. Assume at least 12 million volunteers in "90 day" shifts will give their time free of charge to accomplish this project. A total of 50 million people maybe more per year over a ten year time frame. A production line of man, woman and machinery working as one. Due to the historic nature of this one off event, Europe, North America, Russia, Australasia and Japan alone could supply the volunteers purely from their senior high schools and universities. Of course, they won't be asked to - it's a global project. Volunteers will come from all over the World. Even kind hearted employers will allow some of their staff to take 90 days paid, unpaid, or subsidised sabbaticals.

I want swarms and swarms of human beings working together in this one off unprecedented exercise. I want baby desert locusts crying to mummy and daddy locusts because they have no where to play. I want desert worker ants going on strike because of human overcrowding. I want this to be the biggest building project planet Earth has ever seen in its history. A fitting event to mark the end of pre-civilisation and human savagery.

I will ensure the manpower is provided for phases 1 to 12 to make the bricks, reclaim the desert, provide the water and build the homes. Between one million and twelve million volunteers per shift backed by a coalition of hundreds of thousands of troops who will provide infrastructure for the workers. I work on the principle that if someone is old enough to fight and die for their country, they are old enough to take part in this historic engineering project for the benefit of the human race.

What makes the real team leaders, supervisors and managers of the future? Senior high school or college students that work in such a high pressure team effort for 3 months or having to learn algebra for 3 months? Who would you rather employ after school? I would rather employ a team leader who has successfully lead a "platoon" of 10 or 100 fellow students. Who would you employ as a school headmaster, factory supervisor or office manager? I would rather employ a professional who has communication skills to manage 1000 multi ethnic volunteers who can't speak each others languages, many of whom are youngsters in the middle of the desert for a few months. There is a war going on against war and poverty. Make the sacrifices. Let the examiners give automatic "passes" where due to their kind-hearted sun-tanned students.

One thing I guarantee: when these volunteers take their well deserved week off at the end of their 90 day "tour of duty" regardless of their nationality throughout northern Africa and the Middle East (phases 1-3), they will be treated as war heroes who have just come back from battle. It is very unlikely they will have to pay for anything anywhere between Tunisia and Israel.

"With 20% of the cost, I want 80% of the result in 20% of the time with 120% of the effort."
Andronicos "The Great"

Would 12 million youngsters please form a queue now for their Club Sahara vacation a la His Greatness.

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