3.50 Pollution

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What if you were put in charge of the World tomorrow? How would you run the planet?

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Andronicos "The Great" as Director of the Human Race and Manager Planet Earth commands and Andronicos "The Cynic" responds as follows.........


"Let's get back to Kindergarten basics:
Share, don't argue, don't hit, clear your own mess and ALWAYS flush."

Chimneys    River Pollution

The environment is in a mess. The planet is running out of time, pure air and pure water which is purely absurd. Many tribal leaders see but do not observe.

All tribal Sovereign states should appoint a tribal leader (minister, secretary) responsible for environmental and pollution issues, that affect their own region and that of their neighbours.

Car Pollution

I direct all Sovereign tribal states to cut carbon emissions and sign up to the new "Son of" Kyoto treaty. The Sovereign tribes of the USA are requested to take the lead. I do believe on a few legal technical issues, individual Sovereign American tribes can actually sign up to "virtual" treaties on a state by state basis. Such a move will clearly be a symbolic gesture to show that the World's biggest per capita polluter does care, even though their Federal government is not quite ready, perhaps for valid reasons it knows best, to keep their dogs on a lead.

I commend organisations such as Greenpeace for their global efforts. I very much relate to their mischievous way of getting their message across and the job done, even with the odd mistake made along the way. Join them.

I am not in favour of what many environmental groups ask for, such as the total banning of processes that cause pollution or poison emissions. At this moment in time, the human race needs energy sources and its derivatives to survive. I am also aware even with many precautions accidents do happen. I am also aware that areas of natural beauty or virgin wilderness have to be explored and sometimes eventually used. But what I direct is that environmentally dirty organisations cease and desist from using their power, their wealth and their political donations in influencing how governments deal with pollution and global warming.

Cuddly Puppy Be warned, some multinational petrochemical organisations give the impression that they are cute cuddly puppy dogs that smother delighted little children with wet slurppy kisses while at the same time accidentally dragging extra soft toilet tissue across the manicured lawn of the utopian nuclear family.

They are nothing of the sort! Some of these industrial corporations are radioactive rabid Rottweilers who will greedily gorge themselves on every other pet in the neighbourhood, and then proudly defecate the glowing stinking remains underneath the "no doggy" signs of government offices - just to show who really is in charge. I hold the directors of the Boards, their legal advisors and lobbyists personally liable to the whole World for what happens to the environment over the next 12 years. You will eventually be sued in other tribal jurisdictions if you do not cease and desist from attempting to get wealthy tribes to boycott global anti-pollution treaties. The courtroom fate that befell the tobacco industry will be small change compared to what will happen to your organisations. See this as a final warning to ensure a new Kyoto treaty is signed.

Finally, I direct that the Technology which is exported to limit pollution should count towards the exporting tribes "son of" Kyoto treaty pollution brownie points tally. I agree with the Sovereign tribes of America on this issue.

Is His Greatness implying that the big oil companies have secretly filed away inventions for cheap energy sources?

"What a Horrible World"

(To be sung to the music of "What a Wonderful World" in the style of Louis Armstrong or any World famous female popstar who has spent a few hours walking the polluted streets of a major city )

I see trees have gone, rain forests too
I see pollution... 'round me and round you
And I think to myself what a horrible World.

I see skies of blue, the ozone's not there
Some species extinct, and who's gonna care
And I think to myself we're all killing the World.

I need an operation to get back my voice1.
Which was caused by exhaust fumes - there's
no other choice.

I see shaking heads saying "What can we do?"
With the lead poisoned air, we're now forced to chew.

I hear babies cry, will they ever know?
There's so much radiation,... that soon we'll all

And I say to myself we must save the World
Yes I think to myself, we will save the World.


1 This satirical statement is not meant to insult or offend the beautiful World famous rustic voice of Louis Armstrong or his memory.

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