2.10.30 Bulk Acquisition of Hard Drugs

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What if you were put in charge of the World tomorrow? How would you run the planet?

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Andronicos "The Great" as Director of the Human Race and Manager Planet Earth commands and Andronicos "The Cynic" responds as follows.........


I direct all Sovereign tribes where illegal hard drugs are a problem that decide to adopt my aforementioned liberalisation directive to buy hard drugs in bulk.

I want the following guidelines adopted, and the DEA, which today is probably one of the most efficient, least corrupt and largest drug enforcement agency in the World to become the focal point for "buying" hard drugs for all Sovereign tribes that are attempting to cure their drug addicts. The expression "collective" referred to below relates to selected groups of local farmers in South America (coca/Cocaine) and the Far East (Opium/Heroin).

  • I want local farmers to be paid up to 7 times more than the local drug barons pay them today for their raw materials. Don't forget that the cost of the local raw materials such as coca leaves and Opium poppies are very, very cheap.
  • For payment to be made as follows -

    25% cash to the collective made up of several farming families.

    50% alternative investment to the collective by way of loans/credits to buy farm equipment, alternative crops, building materials and LAND, over a 20 year loan period.

    25% regional investment within the local community as per their wishes and that of collective groups in the area.

  • For maximum quotas to be set per collective, who may only sell to their one customer. Ignore the WTO, EU or USA consequences in operating a cartel for now. I'm discussing hard drugs - not steel or bananas.
  • For a guaranteed 20 year commitment that their crops will be purchased in bulk by named Sovereign tribes, to be used or destroyed as their customer(s) (the Sovereign tribe(s)) deem fit.
  • For the farmers to secretly identify who the existing drug barons are, their locations, the locations of their factories and where the drug barons live in return for massive rewards.
  • For the production and distribution of the finished bulk article to be undertaken under strict control (quality and security) to relevant Sovereign states that are taking part in the plan.
  • For the final product to be distributed via licensed clinics under the supervision of law enforcement agencies.

Crimes such as murder and kidnapping will plummet in drug growing regions. Exploited and frightened village peasants will eventually be weaned into other ways to feed their families. They will eventually own their own farms, grow alternative crops and not hide in fear of left wing guerrillas, right wing troops, drug barons or the DEA.

Summary: Controlling the production and supply of hard drugs from source to user will create a virtual monopoly, in some cases taxable. The gangsters, dealers and barons will become history, just like the bootleggers during American prohibition. So will many gangland murders.

How should DEA officers fill in their travel expense forms? How about:
Hotel accomodation 12 nights Bogota         1200 dollars
Inhouse movies x 3                                  50 dollars
Quick phone call to the wife from hotel       200 dollars
Food incidentals (restaurants)                   400 dollars
6 Tons of pure grade "A" Cocaine               6,666,666 dollars

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