2.10.10 Illegal drug users: Freedom to use and eventually recover

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What if you were put in charge of the World tomorrow? How would you run the planet?

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Sniffer Dogs                     Drugs

Up to 80% of crimes such as theft, robbery and muggings are caused by drug addicts in dire need of money to satisfy their next fix. In the Sovereign tribes of the United Kingdom it has been estimated that drug abuse costs approximately $1500 per year per household. Most murders in inner cities are turf wars between rival drug gangs. The following guidelines will drastically reduce crime at a stroke and choke the cause of the problem.

Sovereign states where illegal hard drugs are a problem are directed to liberalise their laws as soon as possible. If someone wants hard drugs such as Heroin or Cocaine, let them go to a specialist doctor who is licensed and managed by the appropriate government agency (for example the DEA in America). As long as the user stays out of trouble and consumes in private, they can have access via their licensed doctor to the best drugs money can't buy today.

As for drug dealers, drug couriers or DUI drug users that do not stay out of trouble, I direct an increase to the punishment given as a deterrent. If it can be proven that a drug dealer induced someone to use drugs for the first time, the punishment should be even harsher.

Syringes should always be swapped free of charge, no questions asked to avoid HIV cross contamination.

Having shamefully used hard drugs in the past, albeit infrequently and a long time ago, I am one of the most anti drug people you will find. But I'm also realistic because I know what it's like to use these vile chemicals and for what reason. Ironically I found it harder to stop smoking tobacco than stopping the occasional indulgence in Cocaine, crack, speed or "soft" drugs.

I predict the day will come when certain hard drugs will be placed in open bowls in the centre of towns and cities but no one will want to touch the poison. Even ex drug addicts will rather die than do so.

I want a shocking 24 hour channel set up that shows the results of drug use, live police raids against dealers, how to stop using drugs, how to stop smoking or how to stop being an alcoholic and where to go for confidential local help for any substance misuse problem.

In the meantime I want graphic detailed pictures of dead drug users used at police stations to shock those arrested for using drugs. Suspected drug dealers should also be shown pictures and films of the bodies of murdered or tortured victims of drug dealers' turf wars.

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