1.10.150 Positive repercussions to public companies that take part

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What if you were put in charge of the World tomorrow? How would you run the planet?

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Andronicos "The Great" as Director of the Human Race and Manager Planet Earth commands and Andronicos "The Cynic" responds as follows.........


Corporate power: some facts and figures

  • Of the 100 richest economies, 51 are now corporations. For instance, sales by General Motors are greater than the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) of Denmark, or Ford than South Africa.
  • The World's 200 largest corporations now control 28% of the global economy, yet need to employ only 0.3% of its population to achieve that.
  • The sales of the World's largest 200 corporations are equivalent to 30% of global domestic product. Their total annual sales (US$7.1 trillion) are larger than the combined GDP of 182 countries (i.e. all but the largest nine countries).
  • About one-third of global trade is really intra-corporate trade, i.e. one subsidiary exporting to another subsidiary controlled by the same corporation.
  • American corporations pay less in US taxes than they receive in public subsidies from US taxpayers. In 1994, US corporations received $167 billion in tax breaks, to be compared with $50 billion in total federal expenditure on welfare (AFDC).
  • Business Week reports in 1997 that the compensation for American CEOs of these same publicly subsidised corporations has soared to an average of US$5.5 million per year, while the wages of the working population remained stagnant. In the 1960s, CEOs' salaries were 30 times greater than those of the average worker; compared with 200 times today.
  • For every dollar in total taxes (local, state and Federal) paid by individuals, corporations used to pay 76 cents in the early 1950s (1950-54). By 1980-92 corporate taxes are down to 21 cents per dollar of individual taxes. In Canada, even in a year of record corporate profits, like 1996, corporate income taxes were down to 14.5 cents for each dollar of individual taxes.

Enough of the negative stuff of the preceding few pages. Deep down I'm not that nasty. In fact I'm a sheep in wolf's clothing - call me Mr Baabaa.

Let's be positive and share in the commendations to the good guys.

It will not only be wonderful publicity for all such organisations, but I request that members of the public and other corporations specifically buy products from these "investors in the human race". Such kind hearted organisations whose Boards of directors can see further than their noses, will be identified by their frequent use of the new Global Flags throughout their product advertising.

Furthermore, I request suppliers who already have negotiated contracts with public companies that invest in War Bonds, give a very small unilateral discount during the life of their contract. Something as small as 0.5% given at invoice time with the words "We commend your participation in the 12-12-12 initiative" will not go unnoticed and to a giant multinational will make a difference to bottom line profitability and share price.

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