1.10.140 Global repercussions for greedy public companies that do not do what I ask

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What if you were put in charge of the World tomorrow? How would you run the planet?

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Andronicos "The Great" as Director of the Human Race and Manager Planet Earth commands and Andronicos "The Cynic" responds as follows.........


I will be frank and to the point. For clarity I have broken down this key section into bite sized chunks.

Directors of Public Corporations

Directors of public corporations that refuse to take part in this initiative will eventually be in the minority. To these corporations I say the following: Just think of the massive markets you can create in the next decade by taking part. Just think of the return on your investment by buying into the War Bond. You will be one of only a few thousand fellow directors who can eliminate extreme poverty and war from the face of the Earth within 10 years. Such a historic contribution will be remembered forever and be recorded for posterity. A pyramid or inscription chiselled in rock lasts a few thousand years - an electronic copy will last for ever.

But for the small misguided minority of Boardroom twits who will not support the initiative they will also be remembered in history. I will destroy their future chances of a career and symbolically drag them squealing by their little curly tails to the chopping block of the sausage factory of shame. They will be named and shamed with their home addresses posted on the Internet...

My final warning to directors of public companies is as follows:

Povety Picture If you do not help in the eradication of absolute poverty by December 12, 2012 December 12th, 2012, by investing in this War Bond, there will be such an outcry amongst your own people that your corporation whatever its size, will be forced to capitulate or die in bankruptcy. Furthermore, any magic practising lawyers, scribes or other such parasites that attempt to inflict harm on those who are helping me achieve my aims will be hounded out of office. Dragging a legal case on for years and years until the adversary you have bullied has either run out of money or a new Government has taken over is not a new trick. It will be done to your corporations until its share certificates are used by stock brokers for cat litters in the homes of rather spoilt kittens. In the global village, you will become the global village idiots. You will end up moody and poor with a Karma graduation report that states "EEEE-, must try harder." You will be marked as "non fit and proper rulers".

Village idiots

You will feel rather silly if a small percentage of your own work force not only stops the whole organisation by going on legal strike, but employees from your largest competitors pay your striking employees wages in sympathy!

Best worse case scenario for you is you have to give in and still keep your job. But can you continue if your name is a laughing stock to employees, customers, suppliers and most of all to shareholders? Worst, worst case scenario for you is your shareholders or bankers force your resignation and your company becomes one of my many subsidiaries.

Save a lot of trouble for yourselves and others. Do as I ask, or else Get Off My Planet Planet.

Employees of Public Corporations

I request your assistance and patience. At first all I ask is that you send a copy of this book to the complete board of directors of your company. If you have access to their private home address - send it there. Do this within the next 12 days - anonymously if you wish.

If though I ask you to go on legal strike, it will be to bring down your board and force them to either obey me or resign. Be assured any public company that is forced to take part in my 12-12-12 initiative will also be forced to apologise to its employees by awarding them a backdated 12% (on top of the normal) pay rise. This I promise. Do not be surprised if employees from competitors dig deep in their pockets to help you in any such unprecedented strike action for the good of the human race. If I end up controlling your public company because its share price has plummeted so low that I end up owning 51% of the stock, be assured that I promise a one off 20% (on top of the normal cost of living) pay rise - across the board. Any subsidiary of mine will be run for the benefit of the poor, plus its future partners: you the employees.

If during this battle of pens, ink and words you lose your job and the 12-12-12 initiative or me is blamed, I promise you will eventually get a massive backdated severance award net of taxes and an apology from the company that sacked you. Although I cannot guarantee your job back, I will guarantee you will eventually be able to get a job.

In all the above scenarios, I request all employees of public companies I earmark, to show patience as it is all for a good cause: the eradication of war and eradication of absolute poverty by December 12, 2012 December 12th, 2012. Your names will be honoured by future generations for all eternity, wherever your descendants eventually live in the Universe, because of one thing: you put your loyalty for the cold and hungry above that of the hot headed, proud fat cat twits that allegedly "manage" your corporation.


I request your assistance if I ask for it.


You are commanded to stop all forms of direct or indirect financing of any public company I specify. Any company on this forbidden list that is shown to be propped up by your bank will pay the consequences financially to both it and you. Obey me.

You are further commanded to back any acquisition that I choose to make (hostile or otherwise) against any public company that has the backing of 24% of its shareholders. Obey me, or else Get Off My Planet Planet.

Institutional Investment Managers


Protect your customers, clients and pensioners by doing what I tell you. Your portfolios will make substantial gains especially when backing my takeover of public companies whose stocks are undervalued.

If you do not, there will be such an outcry from amongst your own people that you will lose everything. Do not forget recent precedents have allowed even the most reputable fund managers to be paraded in front of civil courts for risking clients money with "reputable" corporate losers that should have been winners.

Don't try the trick of saying you didn't know. You did and you do - by reading it here and now. When you see me going against a public stock: dump it immediately. Avoid all this trouble. Avoid all the paperwork. Make lots of money for your clients - by obeying me when I demand it of you or else Get Off My Planet Planet.

Pension Fund Managers

Stock Exchange The largest US pension fund recently sold all its assets in certain Far East countries because of alleged failure to meet strict new investment criteria in Human Rights and Labour practices. I want the same stance adopted for public corporations that do not meet my new investment criteria. The 1000 largest US pension funds hold $5 trillion in assets, much of it in global stock markets. I direct all pension fund trustees help the 12-12-12 initiative by: (1) dumping stock when I ask them to; (2) buying War Bond stock and (3) assisting me in buying public corporations that will be made insolvent by members of the public who listen to me. Do as I demand or else Get Off My Planet Planet.

Trustees of Charities and Foundations

I don't want to hurt your organisations. But I must warn you to get out of the global stock market by January 2003 or risk a massive devaluation in the value of some of your stocks. As trustees you may be held accountable. Don't put yourselves in that position.

The Wealthy

I know what it's like to be very wealthy, or at least I used to, so lets make something absolutely clear. I want rich people to remain rich - it's nice to be rich. I will be delighted if they became even wealthier as long as their assets have been acquired legitimately. The greater the wealth created, the bigger the amount available at their disposal to be given to charitable enterprises should they wish, or the underprivileged should they wish or via taxation whether they wish it or not. "Giving", is up to each individual and a private arrangement between themselves, their families and their spiritual beliefs. I am not asking that anyone should sell their homes or other assets such as expensive cars or yachts so that one million local poor families can each get a one off sack full of food. That would be dumb. Bathing in yaks milk while being fanned with palm branches provides work to yak farmers and jobs for fan operatives.

Yachts            Car

I highly commend the philanthropists around the World who have made an honest fortune with ethical and moral investments and business practices. The ones who treated their greatest asset: their employees, fairly and honourably. I have selected a small group of you to further your portfolio of public stock in return for backing my takeover of certain key multinational corporations. You deserve the opportunity to make a further fortune from my manipulation of the stock market, because I am sure you will donate part of the huge net profit you are soon to make to good causes.

I want the rich to carry on spending, buying, employing and creating jobs. All I ask from rich people is this - dump all your stocks in public companies I identify and dump any advisor or investment manager that doesn't, because if you don't he will become your massive liability. And of course move your business away from any bank I blacklist.

Members of the public

At the right time, when I decide it be so, members of the public who can afford to, will be directed to buy just one share in various public companies. (I must warn you though that the prices of some of these shares will plummet.) Follow my directions over the next few years - you will be told what to do. Getting on the Internet to ascertain which share(s) you must buy depending on where you live and what letter your surname begins with will be my modus operandi. This will enable a very loud 12-12-12 contingent at AGM meetings calling for Director's resignations. In a nutshell, at those meetings, when you all symbolically utter the words "plop plop" I want the top executives to feel compelled to grab hold of their executive key to the executive restroom, jump feet first into the nearest executive water closet1 and pull the chain.

Executive Chair

This technique of ganging up is similar to how greedy currency speculators, backed by greedy bankers have a feeding frenzy against a country's currency. They don't care about the misery it causes millions of people who have to pay higher interest rates or deal with devaluation. Members of the public who can afford to are asked to have a share buying feeding frenzy in units of one share, when I ask them to.

For everyone else, rich or poor, I direct that you ensure no goods or services are purchased from any black listed public corporation, but instead take your business to any competitor I identify that has agreed to formally take part in the 12-12-12 initiative.


I direct you all follow my directives itemised above. Additionally ensure the corporation bylaws are changed that state no directors or corporate officer may receive a severance (golden parachute) payment if more than 70% of the shareholders vote that "he should be sacked for gross incompetence."

I can see the global stock market shivering with fear already.

But what if everyone listened to Andronicos "The Great's" directives about dumping shares and certain pension funds bought shares on His instructions at the right time?

They would make a massive fortune.

Directors' public liability insurance

On the day the first director of a public corporation makes a claim for being sued for incompetence due to non compliance in the 12-12-12 initiative, protect yourselves. You will end up with a huge liability from Boardrooms due to members of the public bankrupting corporations. When shareholders and banks sue the first corporate casualties of non War Bond compliance, change all Directors' public liability insurance policies immediately to stop all possible protection against "directors' acts and omissions" relating to my projects. Don't state you can't because everyone knows you can change or cancel a policy at a whim. Look at what many of your parent companies did to the World's airlines in September 2001. If you don't do as I request, members of the public may be asked to boycott ALL your insurance products, while you are Getting off my Planet.

I mean business

For years, some of the largest corporations on the planet have influenced politics, to the point of affecting government policies, influenced laws and treaties to the detriment of ordinary people and the environment, and actually profited from war and conflict. Many have even influenced which governments should be in power. Yet however solid their foundations appear to dig deep into the very soul of the Earth's ruling establishment, their buildings can be symbolically blown away by the very will of the people.

It's easy. Why? Because however solid their buildings, regardless of wealth inside or out, it's foundation is the price of its stock. Being made of paper, a few million people however poor, can destroy the house if they all huff and puff at the same time.

To show I mean business and to show the restless sea of mankind has a greater combined power than ANY public global multinational corporation, I will make one international organisation insolvent almost overnight and lead to its closure. Beware the Googly, the double Googly and the offside kick though.

Let this serve as a warning.

1 WC, lavatory, restroom, John, toilet

Which army will enforce His Greatness' commands?

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