1.10.130 From which corporations will the money come from?

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What if you were put in charge of the World tomorrow? How would you run the planet?

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Andronicos "The Great" as Director of the Human Race and Manager Planet Earth commands and Andronicos "The Cynic" responds as follows.........


Help! Our Baby has fallen into the swimming pool

Everyone would agree that if a baby fell into a public swimming pool, a rescue attempt should be made to save its life. But while it's drowning...

Life Guard            Drowning

Would everyone point at everyone else and say "you jump in"?

Would there be a big debate as to why the parents were at fault?

Would the lifeguards be blamed for not stopping the accident?

Would lawyers think about the legal implications for what is happening prior to allowing a rescue attempt?

Would the swimming pool rules be changed first?

Would the fact that the swimming pool was a bit cold make a difference?

Would the fact all the people are on their way to a hairdresser convention make a difference?

Would the fact a business appointment will be delayed make a difference?

Would the local or national government be blamed for mismanaging swimming pools?

Would the local pious religious clerics point to mixed sex bathing being the root cause of the problem which had to be addressed before ANY rescue attempt?

Would God be blamed for allowing the tragedy or not designing water babies properly?

The baby in my example is the poorest quarter of the human race. I direct everyone who can swim jumps in NOW for three reasons: firstly, it's the right thing to do, secondly most people will feel happy inside for even trying, and thirdly… the baby may grow up and return the favour by saving the life of its rescuer.

Let's save the baby's life now and deal with the questions later. Specifically one that is not on the list above: How will such accidents be stopped from happening in the future?

I am not after the Earth. All I want and all that I will get is 10% of the profits of almost every public company on the planet every year for ten years or irrevocable loans guaranteed across the board by public companies. For years, the largest corporations in cahoots with clever lawyers and accountants have used legal loopholes to avoid paying taxes. I've decided to do the same. I will be the new additional tax collector so that extreme poverty will be eliminated by December 2012. Exclusions to this directive will include:

  • Non profit organisations/charities/religious organisations.
  • Small public companies that have a net worth of less than 12 million dollars.
  • Small public companies that earn less than 12 million dollars in profits per year.
  • Pharmaceutical companies (subject to my further instructions).
  • News media companies.
  • Public companies where the local tribal state holds more than 30% stake.
  • Private companies however large, wealthy individuals however rich.

Do not see me as a Robin Hood figure. And do not get confused with the Robin Hood patent described in section 6.20 of this book. According to legend however just his mission, he used violence to steal from the rich (and corrupt) which he gave away to the poor. I am not legend, I am real and will borrow from rich public entities to lend to the experts to invest in the poor who will eventually make all the players richer. It's a win win situation, but more than this - it's right, moral and just.

As of March 2002, in the Sovereign tribes of the United States, there was nearly 5 trillion dollars available as unused bank facilities (loans, lines of credit, overdrafts) to the largest corporations. An alternative to receiving profits for 10 years is the major public companies will instead guarantee a long term loan on behalf of the War Bond corporation - a bit like a rich uncle.

I will be the catalyst to make it happen but have no aspirations of leading the day to day running of how the money will be spent. This will be left to respected experts. But I will be involved in how the money will be collected. It will need an iron fist plus the mobilisation of millions of volunteers: you and your family.

His Greatness speaks, World listen!

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