Example of 3 discussion topics

Question 1 example

You are the Chairperson of the 12 eminent people making global decisions on DNA modification approval. A proposal is put forward by an excited scientist to allow the GM modification of a new type of chicken that has 8 huge legs, to eliminate hunger and lower the cost of buying fast food (that tastes "arm lickin' good"). He brings a cooked sample for distribution. Would it make a difference how you vote if this new breed of GM chicken:

  • Had a longer life span.
  • Was a happy chicken.
  • Only ate mud, lived for one day but grew to full size.
  • Tasted delicious, but lived an unhappy life.

Question 2 example

Imagine you are alive in the year 1,000,000 ACH and you have been given the responsibility to take the lead in colonising an uninhabited Galaxy full of Earth like planets, some barren. How would you begin? Create a plan of action, using yet to be discovered technology.

Question 3 example

Imagine you have been given permission to create a new life form similar to humans alive today on Earth.

  • Would you create them with free will or without? Why?
  • Would you interfere with their social evolution? If so, how and why, if not, why not?
  • Would you allow wars, genocide or hunger?
  • Would you keep your existence secret to all, some, or none of them? Why?
  • Would you EVER help in guiding them as a whole or individually?
  • What parameters would govern their average life spans?
  • As part of your master plan to allow the creation of these beings, would you have a way to judge the best, the worst and those in between? How? When? Define the types of behaviour that would classify someone as best, worst or in between.
  • Would you ever want to be "worshipped"? Why? How?
  • Would you let the inhabitants find their own destiny? Why?
  • How would you handle the problem of another advanced life form interfering with "your" planet? What if the interfering advanced life form was from a Galaxy you had permission to create half a million years previously? What if their leader was your friend but questioned your right to be in charge? How would this disagreement be resolved?
  • What else would you do as part of your action plan for "your" planet and its inhabitants?
  • Now answer all the questions above as an Atheist or (if you are an Atheist) as a devout follower of a mainstream religion.