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What if you were put in charge of the World tomorrow? How would you run the planet?

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Andronicos "The Great" as Director of the Human Race and Manager Planet Earth commands and Andronicos "The Cynic" responds as follows.........


9.0 Human Rights Issues

9.10 Slavery

"More than half the World is in slavery to extreme poverty or despair."

I forbid it.


I direct that this practice be eliminated immediately. Bring the criminals to trial who take part in this vile trade specifically against women and children. I want the United Nations to be assigned the task of managing this directive. Now.

Various human rights organisations estimate there are over 700,000 slaves in the World. This is unacceptable. Many end up as factory workers, home helpers and sex slaves. If you suspect a foreigner is being taken advantage of in this way, contact the authorities.

9.20 Freedom OF the press and the right to reply TO the press website

I direct that the press be allowed freedom to print the truth and express editorial or journalistic opinion based on fact.

I further direct that they allow a right to reply section in their newspapers and magazines. Freedom works both ways. A "right to reply" non profit website will be developed in cooperation with the major media organisations shortly. Refer to www.12-12-12.org/9.20.

9.30 Freedom of speech and religion

I direct freedom of speech and religion be allowed in every Sovereign tribe as per the agreements already signed by most tribes under the auspices of the United Nations. Refer to www.12-12-12.org/9.30, or for those in Europe, the European Convention on Human Rights.

9.40 Barcoding

I forbid the use of implants that can store any information whatsoever about a human being. The fact it may be for medical purposes is irrelevant. By all means carry such information in watches, pendants and credit cards - but never internally.

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9.50 Gay rights

Here are my directives on homosexual, lesbian and bisexual matters, practices which I neither condone nor reject.

Tribal Sovereign states where gay people are tolerated should pass laws to recognise the civil rights of these minorities, such as will making, taxation and formal ceremonial recognition of common law cohabitation.

I will not normally interfere with what goes on within schools, clubs and religious organisations, as it's a local tribal issue. It is up to each group whether to allow gays or not.

But "gay" people should also do their bit to get acceptance within mainstream society: Firstly, don't marry someone to save face or for the family honour. It could lead to a very unhappy marriage. Secondly, admit it and don't hide the fact from others or yourself. If you are famous come out of the closet on December 12th 2003 as the media will be too busy covering more important stories, including the revelations that even more famous people than you are gay.

The violent persecution shown to these groups by some tribal authorities is unacceptable. Until such time as public opinion is more tolerant in these tribal religions, I direct gay people be allowed to be gay in private.

Obviously, it is extremely unlikely that the people of the Sovereign tribes of Saudi Arabia will ever tolerate two gay men sunbathing naked on a mixed nudist beach while sipping brandy. On the other hand, it is extremely unlikely that the women of the Sovereign tribes of Italy will ever tolerate the idea of marrying four Italian male concubines on the same day, who by law have to cover themselves from head to toe in black veils (burka) while being seen in public with their lady. My vision of the "Many Tribes One People One Planet" philosophy is that in the near future it will be easy to move to places that condone one's behaviour, beliefs, customs or tastes.

After all, the wonderful thing about the tribe known as the human race is its varied shapes, sizes, characteristics, personalities and view points.

If you are a very religious person, you could easily bombard scriptures at gay people saying they are in error. Instead, let God judge and look at resolving your own perceived faults.

9.60 Children

9.60.10 Children's rights

I honour UNICEF (The United Nations Children's Fund) for their global efforts in protecting children. I direct the enclosed summary of "The Convention on the Rights of Children" be followed by every tribe (including the Sovereign tribes of the USA and Somalia who have as yet refused to ratify it):

Children's Rights to Basic Health and Welfare

Every child has the right to:

  • Survival and development;
  • An adequate standard of living;
  • The highest attainable standard of health and effective health services;
  • Special care, if he or she is disabled, that ensures dignity, promotes self-reliance and facilitates active participation in the community; and
  • Social security and child care services and facilities.

The Rights of Children and their Families

Every child has the right to:

  • Live with his or her parents or to maintain contact if separated from either one;
  • Cross national borders to be reunified with his or her parents;
  • Receive alternative care when a family environment cannot be maintained;
  • A safe adoption system;
  • Protection from kidnapping;
  • Protection from abuse and neglect by parents or care givers; and
  • Regular review of any placements that might be necessary for care, protection or treatment.

The Convention requires that governments will ensure the rights of parents and families to:

  • Provide guidance to their child;
  • Receive assistance in child-raising;
  • Have responsibilities shared equally by both parents;
  • Receive material assistance and support programmes especially with regard to nutrition, clothing and housing; and
  • Cross national borders to be reunified with their children.

Children's Rights to Education, Leisure and Cultural Activities

Every child has the right to:

  • Free primary education;
  • Access to secondary education and vocational training;
  • An education that develops his or her personality, talents, and mental and physical abilities to their fullest;
  • An education that prepares him or her for an active adult life in a free society;
  • An education that fosters respect for his or her own family, cultural identity, and language; for his or her country; and for the natural environment;
  • An education in the spirit of understanding, peace, tolerance and equality;
  • Leisure, play and the opportunity to participate in cultural and artistic activities; and
  • The opportunity to enjoy his or her culture, profess and practise his or her religion, use his or her language.

Children's Rights to Special Protection

Every child has the right to special protection:

  • In emergency situations such as armed conflict, or when children are separated from family or home;
  • When he or she is in conflict with the law;
  • In situations of exploitation such as child labour, drug abuse, sexual exploitation or sexual abuse, sale, trafficking and abduction; and
  • From discrimination of any kind.

The Civil Rights of Freedoms of Children

Every child has the right to:

  • A name and nationality;
  • Protection from being deprived of his or her identity.
  • Freedom of expression;
  • Freedom of thought, conscience and religion;
  • Freedom of association and peaceful assembly;
  • Information from a diversity of sources;
  • Privacy;
  • Protection from torture or other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment; and
  • Protection against unlawful arrest and unjustified deprivation of liberty.

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9.60.20 Missing children (Global internet register and identikit program)

I direct an Internet register of missing children be available worldwide with recent pictures and using the latest software innovation techniques which allow very fast alternative views of how a child may look. The latter system will enable authorities to trace runaway children who may look very different to their pictures.

Some excellent sites relating to missing children can be viewed here.

9.60.30 Runaway Children: Making contact with parents through 3rd parties

I direct all runaway children make contact with a third party they can trust to show the ones worried sick about them that they are alive and well.

To these children I say the following - You may have left home because you believe your parent(s) or guardian(s) hate you, because of abuse, or lack of love. Whatever the reason, think of the ones that definitely love you - maybe grandparents, aunties or friends back home. How would you feel if someone you loved ran away and you weren't sure if they were still alive?

Follow the link on www.12-12-12.org/9.60.30 to make anonymous contact.

9.60.40 A 24hour helpline for children

I direct you follow the links on www.12-12-12.org/9.60.40 for helpful contact numbers in almost every tribal region in the World. If you are a child needing help, any type of help - ring it.

9.60.50 Child abuse

Child abuse is not to be tolerated. I direct the very helpful links be followed by those who practise child abuse, sexual or violent, and need help, or children who need help.


9.60.60 Child labour

I direct the practice of shipping poor young children to affluent tribes on the promise of a better life be scrutinised. Recent abuses have come to light where children from West Africa are used as domestic slave workers. It is feared many end up as play things for paedophiles and suffer physical abuse at the hands of their new masters. In the UK alone it is thought there are 10,000 West African children living with strangers. Of course some are perfectly good foster parents that provide a better life as promised to the originating family, but others are not.

I direct social services in affluent tribal regions investigate and take appropriate remedial action.

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9.60.70 Divorce proceedings: child access, child support

Due to the impact this has on children, I have placed this topic under Human Rights issues. Their Human Right to see both their parents regularly.

The greatest casualty in a divorce or separation situation is potentially the children involved. I direct all tribes offer the option for "joint custody" of children so that they can benefit from the upbringing of both parents. Children should never be treated as property or negotiated for as part of a financial settlement as if they are cattle.

If any parent uses child access or emotional blackmail as a regular bargaining chip in relation to disputed maintenance payments (whether it be amount, frequency or lateness thereof) I direct the guilty parent be either fined, ordered to attend classes on how to parent properly, ordered to seek psychiatric help, forced to undergo community service or forced to pay irrevocable sums into the child's education fund.

I also direct local tribal authorities provide legally minded mediators who can stop such problems in their tracks. Follow the Californian and Florida method where flow charts and diagrams tell separating parents what is expected of them and what "normal contact" means. On the other hand, both divorced parents should take part in the financial contribution of bringing up children. Wilfully defiant violators of maintenance/child support payments should have the monies taken from their payslips or other enforced means available under tribal law.

Many such problems can be eliminated if a fair prenuptial agreement is signed prior to any children being born while both parents are in love with each other.

9.70 Prostitution

Prostitutes are human beings too. They are not dirt. When my directives on drugs are adhered to, many prostitutes will be able to give up their profession.

Those who use prostitution to feed and house themselves and their families should be given certain help. My directives follow -

  • Free regular health checks for STD including HIV.
  • Free contraceptives and condoms.
  • Confined areas within major cities to discreetly allow prostitutes to solicit their services at night-time, subject to local approval.
  • Permission, also subject to local approval, to open self-owned brothels. No pimps. No madames.

When the above directives are adhered to there will be no need to solicit services in telephone boxes and other public areas.

If you are a very religious person you could easily bombard scriptures at prostitutes saying they are in error. Instead, let God judge and look at resolving your own perceived errors.

(Memo note to myself: Get the DTI in the UK to do a report on the subject of brothels, as they appear to have experience on start up schemes.)

Why don't we give them company cars as well?

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9.80 Women's Rights

Men and women are equal. I direct every Sovereign tribe should have a minister/secretary responsible for women's rights and the advancement and empowerment of women's issues. I want all forms of discrimination against women eliminated by 1 ACH.

I direct women's rights be protected with the following guidelines -

  • 9.90 The UN Women's Human Rights Treaty
  • 9.100 Jewish Orthodox divorces
  • 9.110 Forced arranged marriages
  • 9.120 Muslim women: the Veil

9.90 The UN Women's Human Rights Treaty

In 1981 the United Nations produced the Women's Human Rights Treaty (formally known as the "Convention on the elimination of all forms of Discrimination against Women": UN 20378, V01 1249 1981, P 13 or "CEDAW").

I request all Sovereign tribes including the Sovereign tribes of The United States of America immediately sign , ratify and ENFORCE this treaty.

A full text version and commentary from that most excellent organisation Amnesty International can be read online on www.12-12-12.org/9.90. The commentary includes the reasons The American Sovereign Tribes have reservations about the treaty.

9.100 Jewish Orthodox divorces

I direct Orthodox Jewish men who refuse to divorce their wives to show compassion. Maybe you are the hurt party. Maybe she was wrong. Whatever the case - is it worth shaming your ex wife and her future children in the Jewish community and forcing her to believe that for 12 generations her children's children will be illegitimate?

If on the other hand you are the wronged party and doing it just to be spiteful, maybe you will eventually be reincarnated back in time and end up the wife of a Muslim fanatic who has been kicked out of the local community for being too male chauvinist.

I have even heard reports of Agunots (ex wives of Orthodox Jewish men) only being allowed a formal divorce on the condition vasts sums of money are paid. This is vile.

The mosaic law was never meant to be used in this way.

9.110 Forced arranged marriages

This is almost as bad as female circumcision. I direct all such marriages are null and void. Enforced sex even once is to be classified as rape. And the instigators, whether it be the parents, parents-in-law or groom to be guilty of a criminal offence. Deport the worst cases so that the girl can be protected.

I promise that by 1 ACH, this practice will not be tolerated anywhere in the World.

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9.120 Muslim women: the Veil (Burka)

Let's be clear. Many Muslim women want to wear the veil (burka).

The Amish Christian communities are well meaning, God fearing people who can be found throughout the north eastern region of the Sovereign tribes of America. Amish women are known for their very bland, self imposed buttonless puritanical clothes, yet they don't ask to be rescued and deposited by US marines outside button factories. It's their choice.

The important issue here is that for those who wish to leave this way of life - whether this is religiously right or wrong is a value judgement and irrelevant - they can.

I direct the same rules apply to Muslim women. I direct more liberal Muslim tribes identify and actively relocate women who are unhappy with life in more conservative regimes. Whether this is religiously right or wrong is a value judgement and irrelevant. For example, women who live in the tribal region of Iran are allowed to preach in Mosques and hold public office. Men and women who find this too lax should move to more rigid tribes. But the opposite should apply. Allow the freedom of immigration of Muslim women within Muslim countries now. It will go a long way in getting more freedom to women in more conservative tribal regions.

9.130 Indigenous population rights

It is a travesty to let minority indigenous cultures- many ancient - disappear forever.

Many are the original inhabitants of tribal regions who have had their land taken away or bought at below market value. Because of this I want the following directions followed:-

Habitats should be maintained and increased. If it is too late, alternatives should be supplied now.


I want compensation to be made in two parts, one starting immediately, which I want completed by 1 ACH, the second to begin when the human race starts to colonise other non-terrestrial habitats.

Part One: Now

Anyone who has at least one half native indigenous ancestry in their blood is to have the following privileges as soon as practically possible:

  • A small 1.2% deduction off their final income tax bill every month.
  • The right at ANY AGE, to free education up to and including a university degree.
  • The right to receive a regular education grant (while meeting certain academic qualifications, attendance and behaviour criteria at senior high school and university).
  • The right to receive basic state subsidised accommodation. Ahead of other recipients in certain cases.

Part Two: When non-terrestrial colonisation begins

Anyone who is alive at the time of colonisation and has at least 1/8th native indigenous ancestry is to have the first right to move to, live on and colonise future non-terrestrial habitats.

This may appear worthless now, even laughable, but what if there was a historic and irrevocable enforceable treaty with the native Americans who sold Manhattan Island for a few trinkets that stated "…. and in 400 years your descendants will have a permanent leasehold of half (the regions now known as) California and Texas"?

Think about this while you may be amused by my apparent worthless directive on this matter.

The above directives also apply to those who in the previous 300 years descended from slaves.

It is indeed ironic that some minority indigenous tribal people carry living genes which will revolutionise medicine.

"Calling all Amazonian Indians, Andronicos "The Great's" shuttle to the moon will be leaving in one hour. Please ensure you have just one item of hand luggage and a shovel."

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9.140 Universal Declaration of Human Rights and European Convention on Human Rights

Not everyone knows that their tribal Sovereign state has very likely signed the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights. (G.A res 217A (III) of 10 Dec 1948) At the time the UN Assembly called upon all member states to publicise the text of the declaration and… “To cause it to be disseminated, displayed and read… without distinction based on political status of countries…”

I agree with the instructions above and you can read the whole declaration in the appendix of this book and on the Internet website www.12-12-12.org/9.140. If you are a European citizen, the tribal Sovereign state you live in or are a citizen of has also signed the European Convention on Human Rights. This too can be read on the aforementioned Internet link.

It is interesting to note that if a European country’s law contradicts the ECHR, it must change its law and compensate the aggrieved citizen.

If you feel that your Sovereign tribe is breaking the appropriate declaration or convention - ask them why.


End of Section 9:

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