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What if you were put in charge of the World tomorrow? How would you run the planet?

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Andronicos "The Great" as Director of the Human Race and Manager Planet Earth commands and Andronicos "The Cynic" responds as follows.........


8.0 Justice Law and Order Issues

8.10 Capital punishment

The practice of executing people has been in existence since mankind’s creation.

Capital punishment neither deters crime nor reduces crime. It is potentially barbaric and mistakes have been known to have occurred, look at recent cases in the Sovereign Tribes of America, where many death row prisoners have been exonerated – some within hours of execution. Although fundamentalists will point out the Holy Books have allowed the practice in certain controlled situations, it should be noted this was at a time during mankind’s history when the technology, resources and customs did not exist to safely and humanely incarcerate prisoners for long durations of time.

The tribal Sovereign states that refuse to ban capital punishment for the time being, should offer the following compromise:

  • The humane method used on animals should also be used on condemned prisoners: lethal injection. Think about it. Is there a deep subconscious desire to make the prisoner "burn" on an electric chair, so that they suffer pain as a last act of revenge? If this is the case, how far should the state go? Poke the condemned prisoner's eyes out or chop their fingers off? Why not reintroduce medieval hanging drawing and quartering? Such treatment is clearly barbaric, so I direct a quick and painless solution: Lethal injection.
  • Up to 12 hours prior to an execution, a condemned prisoner who has asked for mercy from the close family of the victim must be shown mercy if the majority of the five closest (victim’s) relatives allow it and privately advise the tribal leader of their intentions.

Regardless of this, a low life condemned prisoner who has been found guilty of class 1 murder or class 1 child rape, should be given the option of a suicide poison tablet one year into their sentence and once every year thereafter on the anniversary of their vile deed. This should only apply if requested by the prisoner, the majority of the five closest (victim's) relatives allow it and no appeal has been lodged.

Could a law be passed to make an exception for would-be World rulers?

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8.20 Defining and minimising corruption

On June 27, 2001 Transparency International produced the results of their Corruption perception Index (CPI), a list of perceived levels of corruption among public officials and politicians in all tribal Sovereign states.

It does not include corporate bribery, money laundering by corrupt banks or illegal payments to fund political campaigns. It is a corruption index involving public officials measured by 3 autonomous surveys. Refer [above] for further information.

I highly commend the following top 12 Sovereign tribes for being perceived as the least corrupt on the planet.

Series "A" Super League

Rank Sovereign Tribe 2001 CPI Score
1 Finland 9.9
2 Denmark 9.5
3 New Zealand 9.4
=4 Iceland 9.2
=4 Singapore 9.2
6 Sweden 9.0
7 Canada 8.9
8 Netherlands 8.8
9 Luxembourg 8.7
10 Norway 8.6
11 Australia 8.5
12 Switzerland 8.4

Here is a list of situations that happens all the time in the World. Which of these is corruption, unethical behaviour or acceptable?

  • Paying a police officer the cost of a restaurant meal to avoid getting a speeding ticket.
  • Giving a police officer a mint after the event as a thank you for not being booked for illegal parking.
  • Paying someone for a business introduction.
  • Paying a radio station to plug a record as being brilliant when it's not.
  • Paying a multinational corporation a percentage of money in return for an endorsement.
  • Paying a doctor money to jump a waiting list by 6 months.
  • Paying a sports celebrity to endorse a product.
  • Accepting money to recommend a particular product line if the person is being paid by the potential buyer as an impartial consultant.
  • Accepting money to recommend a particular product line if the person is not being paid by the potential buyer as an impartial consultant.
  • A political party accepting a small donation secretly.
  • A political party publicly accepting a huge million dollar donation.
  • A civil servant accepting lunch from a supplier.

War Bond corporations will have very strict guidelines on do's and don'ts in this area. I direct all Sovereign tribes should publicly publish theirs because what is considered normal practice in some tribes is considered unacceptable in others.

8.30 Tagging multi offending youths with electronic computerised collars

I direct someone designs an electronic collar, with an external radius of 66cm that makes a noise everytime it gets near:

  • A mobile phone or ordinary phone (1 metre)
  • A CD player or radio (1 metre)
  • A TV (6 metres)
  • Another electrical collar (6 metres)

The noise must be such that it doesn't annoy those sitting around the collars, only those that are wearing them. There is one exception to this - if the collar gets to within 6 metres of another, I want very loud alarms to go off on both collars.

I direct these Elizabethan looking collars should be fitted, at the full discretion of the courts on any multi-offending youth guilty of his or her third offence.

Let the multi-offending youths get a headache everytime they attempt to take part in normal teenage activities such as talking on the phone, watching TV or listening to music.

Let multi-offending youths keep away from other similar criminals for two reasons: one: the court order says so and two: they'll end up with a migraine from the squealing.

To those who feel such punishment deterrent is cruel, let them think about the victims of the crimes. Remember, if the multi-offending youth just reads, perhaps his school homework, he won't get a headache.

Oh, and those who feel such punishment deterrent will embarrass the poor little "cherubs", let them stay at home in shame. At least they won’t cause much more trouble or create more victims of juvenile crime.

I commend a recent initiative by the Sovereign tribes of Australia that forced young arsonists to confront burns victims in specially prearranged hospital visits. Let others follow this example.

I also commend tribes that use voice recognition telephone technology which ensures young offenders are where they are told to be.

As of today, I direct laws that protect youths from having their names and photographs published should be changed. Expose any youth, child or not, guilty of their third criminal offence. Name them, shame them and protect the local population from further crimes by these animals.

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8.40 UN global action force

I direct a permanent global action force be commissioned made up of soldiers approved and paid for by their particular Sovereign tribe. These soldiers must be volunteers, as no one should force anyone to stand in the middle of someone else's squabble, stupid or otherwise.

The main task of this global action force will be to deal with natural disasters or humanitarian missions such as providing logistics infrastructure for all twelve phases of the desert conversion project you have read about in section 3.70.

8.50 Universal jurisdiction

Everyone is accountable to one law or another. By 1 ACH I direct every Sovereign tribe to be accountable to every other Sovereign tribe for certain laws. I commend Professor Stephen Macedo, chairperson of the Princeton, NJ, project on universal jurisdiction, and M Cherif Bassiouni of the Depaul College of Law, Chicago, who have produced the first worldwide uniform code on the subject. Here are the key issues:

universal jurisdiction gives a tribe the right to prosecute human rights violators in its tribal courts regardless of where the crime occurred or the tribal origin of the accused.

Since ad hoc international tribunals have limited mandates and a proposed International Criminal Court could take years to assemble, universal jurisdiction takes on added importance in empowering tribal courts.

"The Princeton Principles on Universal Jurisdiction" cited slavery, genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity as abuses subject to universal jurisdiction.

Among the 14 principles were declarations that tribes may rely on universal jurisdiction even if their tribal laws do not provide for it; that heads of state or government officials should not be immune to criminal prosecution, and that amnesties "are inconsistent with the obligation of tribal states to provide accountability for serious crimes under international law."

The principles also established criteria for rights of competing tribes to prosecution, guidelines for cases of double jeopardy and grounds for refusing extradition.

8.60 A database of all World treaties and what they mean

The UN maintains a database of all 30,000 intertribal treaties. I direct it makes available free of charge on the Internet, a simple explanation of what each treaty means.

8.70 A database of all laws and what they mean

I direct every regional tribe and Sovereign tribe to create a database of ALL regional, state, national and international laws. While this is being compiled make recommendations to lawmakers so as to get rid of duplicate or outdated ones. I further direct a short explanation of what each law means in simple language.

Finally, every time a law is written into the statute books, I direct that it be compiled in simple language so that an average person can understand it. It makes me very angry that laws are written by lawyers in such a way that it creates work (and vast wealth creation potential) for their lawyer buddies. I direct this practice stops forthwith. Use a common standard and layout. Above all: keep it simple.

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8.80 Gangs

Young adults form gangs to belong to a group, for excitement, for friendship, for protection, for money, because of boredom and/or because of peer pressure. Some gangs are positive tribal entities. Clubs where those of the same tastes can join together. Some are excuses to deal in or use drugs and the criminal activity surrounding drug distribution and acquisition.

When my directives on drugs are accepted and introduced most of the problems relating to gang culture will disappear. All that will remain is the problem of "turf wars".

Zero tolerance is to be shown to those who carry or utilise weapons in a gang environment. While violent gang members stay out of crime, as an incentive I direct they be given what they crave: Drugs from the state. See it this way: if today gang members kill and maim to get hold of hard drugs and tomorrow by staying out of trouble they can have the best drugs on the market - they won't even dare to jay walk.

It is for families, parents and schools to look for signs of gang affiliation and to provide alternative avenues of recreation, training and education - so future teens neither become drug users nor illegal gang members. Youngsters should be taught that gang affiliation is a "cruisin' to a bruisin'".

8.90 Prisons


I have decided to issue new directives on the whole concept of custodial prison sentences.

Prisons create more criminals. They are a breeding ground for anti-social behaviour and the next bank heist.

Whether it be civil or criminal law, real justice is one that: protects, deters, punishes, compensates the victim and ideally rehabilitates the criminal. Prisons are clearly needed for the worst crimes or for protecting the public from the worst criminals, but not for everything else on the above list.

For everyone else I want "open prisons" that supply very inexpensive manual labour to surrounding businesses and communities. The wages earned should be distributed as follows -

70% victim(s) of crime (half to go in a general fund, half to go to the actual victims)
20% prison expenses
10% taxes

The prisoner will receive NO wages. Their incentive is that he may spend up to 3 nights a week under curfew at home with his family or pre-approved friends. Parole Boards should take into account good behaviour and the percentage of victims compensation received.

Speaking from experience as a victim of crime, receiving a monthly cheque for some very small amount from a court with the knowledge it has come from the pocket of the criminal is much more satisfying than a full compensatory award from a central government fund or insurance company. Incidentally, the criminal above burgled my business premises to fund his Heroin drug habit.

8.100 Prison Conditions

Even war criminals and terrorists found guilty of the worst crimes should be treated humanely. There should never be a sentence of "life in prison with no parole" for anyone. Even if the reality of the situation will be so, there should always be the hope and incentive to aim for release.

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8.110 ‘Work for sex’ rights in prison

With the exception of sex offenders, I direct prisoners who have been given sentences of more than 1 year net (3 years gross) be allowed sex in prison (I do not mean with each other). To have this privilege they must show exemplary behaviour and work very hard in the prison workshops. Watch productivity and victim compensation double overnight!

The mind boggles.

8.120 Compensating victims

I direct that whether a custodial sentence is given or not, a thief should repay between 2 and 7 times the amount stolen. The bare minimum should be how much an average local person earns in a month before paying any taxes.

I direct one further method be used in compensating victims: in the event the victim is repaid at least double his loss, the thief has the right to have all action dropped with one proviso, an "event" record is kept on file which can and will be used in evidence if the criminal reoffends.

Anyway, as I'm too busy to get involved in all the detail, I will allow experienced judges some flexibility on the matter.

8.130 Plea bargaining

I commend the Sovereign tribes of America for having this practice in place.

For goodness sake other tribes get it implemented worldwide! Here we have yet another example of lawyers and their professional bodies recommending to successive governments over many years throughout the World that such a practice is inappropriate, when all they are trying to do is create potential wealth by way of court fees for themselves!

I direct plea-bargaining, the proven method of eliminating months of ridiculous court time and money, be implemented immediately. There is no excuse - get it done and save tax payers money.

8.140 Stripping diplomatic immunity from criminals

I direct all the laws relating to diplomatic immunity be reviewed immediately. The UN should have the power to remove diplomatic immunity from anyone with a 67% vote of member states. This would be a procedural matter and not a criminal court case. Of course, the diplomat can remain hidden in his originating Sovereign tribe or attempt to clear his name.

Corrupt tribal rulers sometimes sell the right to a diplomatic passport to drug couriers or their mules. Those that do can Get Off My Planet Planet. I want the following practice adopted immediately: Although it is wrongful for a "diplomat" or his/her luggage to be searched by a foreign tribe at an airport, there is nothing wrong under international law to use drug sniffer dogs and video the proceedings. Should a random check of luggage result in a trained dog indicating the presence of hard drugs - the diplomat should on a technicality be kept at the airport (with the evidence) until either they agree to open their luggage or his (or her) local tribal ambassador opens the luggage. If hard drugs are found, make a public example of the "diplomat" by holding a non-corrupt kangaroo court for misuse of the diplomatic pouch.

I further direct diplomatic passports should only be given to those who fit a globally recognised and agreed criteria. It is neither a business perk nor a nepotistic "award" to bestow on one's distant family members.

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8.150 Not being "fit and proper" to take part in the management of a country

I direct a new international crime be put on the statute books, which will carry a potential sentence of life in prison.

Contenders for invitation to attend court will be:

  • Corrupt government leaders, corrupt government ministers and corrupt senior civil servants who suck on the blood of their poverty stricken population and line their own pockets or those of their families.
  • The misuse of foreign aid for personal gain by the above.
  • Starting wars or intertribal conflicts without just cause by the above.

I direct these vile creatures be banned from international travel and refused access to national airspace, banks and even making most international phone calls. Aggressors must be dealt with aggressively by international law.

I also direct members of the international and local media to inform me of when these despots get hold of luxury international real estate.

I have the following ancient words to say to such corrupt tribal leaders: "Mene Tekel, Mene Tekel, Mene Tekel." You will be found and eventually brought to justice, regardless of what stone your future insect bodies are hiding under and regardless of what protection you appear to be getting today in return for favours from a major tribal power. Times change. Oh, and don't forget to Get Off My Planet Planet as you are clearly not fit and proper human beings.

What’s all this tickle stuff about?
It's Coded.

8.160 Sex offenders

What is a sex offender?

A man who has consenting sex with a girl of [10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 21] years of age? What if the girl is a prostitute? What if they are married and both sets of parents approve? What if the 12 year old "wife" objects? What is the definition of a child?

If the boundary of right and wrong is governed by puberty, what if the girl is a 12 year old late developer?

If the boundary is governed by wisdom, intelligence or mental maturity, what if the girl is a nine year old genius with a college degree or a 25 year old woman with a profound learning disability with the mental age of 5?

The facts are clear: various tribes have differing legal and social rules on the matter. I will opine in full as part of my third book, which will be on religion and spirituality. In the meantime I direct all tribes to come up with a definitive list of what are the worst sex offences and create a global register on the Internet of the "Most Wanted" for questioning. I also direct that the worst offenders be given a custodial sentence until they reach an age where they are no longer a danger to society.

Here are my directions for everyone else guilty of sex crimes: multi-offenders of lesser sex crimes should be given the choice of moving to a tribal region that allows their particular taste in what is illegal, chemical castration or to be fitted with a new radio linked heart monitor gadget I want designed. The gadget is a pulse monitor which can monitor the heartbeat of its wearer and send pre-programmed radio linked messages to the local law enforcement station while at the same time producing an uncomfortable electric shock to the genitals. If the wearer wishes to have a romantic evening with either himself or his partner then he must inform the monitoring station of the date and time, who while still monitoring and recording his exact location and exact time his heartbeat was higher than normal, will switch off the electric shock.

8.170 A new corporate criminal offence: Environmental Violation

I direct every tribe puts a new offence in its criminal law book. "Environmental violation" will be the offence of wilfully hiding revolutionary new pollution free energy sources out of the public arena. Those that do are to Get Off My Planet Planet which they are polluting.

Patents will normally protect the inventor (or discoverer) so I have decided three years is the limit between being made aware of the invention and public disclosure to allow patent applications to be made. Anything longer should carry a prison term for "all who know" up to 12 years and a fine of up to 100% of the global assets of the aware parties.

I direct Human Rights legislation to allow this law, as a one off, to be backdated.

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8.180 Punitive damages

I direct laws everywhere be changed to allow judges and juries to award punitive (punishment) damages to deter wealthy bullies (corporate or individual) from violating the weak or the poor.

8.190 Using Lawsuits to drain Hate groups

I direct lawsuits be brought against racist or religious hate groups, or religious organisations that encourage such behaviour. Award punitive damages, strip them of their assets and close them down. I want them to be forced to Get Off My Planet Planet.

8.200 Gun safety controls using modern technology

No Guns Signe

I direct tribes that allow guns to be used by ordinary citizens, to make use of modern technology mandatory for custodians of guns. Using palm prints, pin codes, eye scanners and voice recognition it will be possible to control who can activate and shoot a weapon. Many innocent lives will be saved.

8.210 Extradition Treaties

I direct extradition treaties exist across every Sovereign tribe with a view to repatriating alleged criminals of certain key crimes such as murder, child rape, terrorism or extreme violence, quickly and with the minimum of bureaucratic cost or fuss.

8.220 Police officers use of micro video technology for law enforcement

I direct all police officers be wired up with micro video recording technology. In more dangerous situations, the video camera will be connected by wireless technology to a remote location. What the officer can see, so can his or her backup.

For personal privacy, it will be up to the officer to switch the camera on and off. What the camera sees will be used in court and preferably as part of the plea bargaining of a guilty criminal caught red handed in the act.

Finally, I direct the menial task of undertaking much of the "paperwork" after a minor arrest be undertaken by junior support staff who will use the video recordings as a basis of the paper chase. This will leave law enforcement officers to do what they do best: getting more criminals off the streets and by their presence warn off potential bad guys.

I think the average city cop may object to having a camcorder strapped to his or her hat.

Andronicos “The Great” is referring to micro technology which means it would probably fit on a police officer’s badge.

8.230 Buying with credit cards securely, Internet hotlists

I direct web cam video cameras be used to eventually record all credit card transactions. Thieves can be caught quickly and their pictures emailed to special reward sites in the area.

8.240 Driving under the influence of Alcohol or Drugs

Stop Sign

I direct that driving under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs carries a minimum mandatory 1 year driving ban. No excuses. No mitigating circumstances.

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8.250 Judges and Courts of Law

Judges of all levels, from part time magistrates to Supreme Court Justices throughout the World are directed to watch the movie "Les Miserables" from the book originally written by Victor Hugo. You are directed to be lenient for most first time offenders especially if the victim has been compensated and the culprit appears remorseful.

Dog with wig        Judge

And for goodness sake, let those within governments that decide what judges wear in court get the rules changed. In a recent English High Court case the court officials and judge wore ordinary clothes because those being prosecuted were young teenagers and the Court didn't want to intimidate them. Well I'm 43, not known for shyness or being timid, yet I feel very intimidated in a room full of regalia clad barristers and judges. Get rid of the ridiculous wigs which apparently are meant to denote seniority, and even sillier brightly coloured robes. Wear just black robes. And while I'm on the subject, speaking from experience the justice a judge dishes out is far more important than what his or her "customers" are wearing in court.

Finally, I direct all courts everywhere in the World to use web cams throughout most hearings. It will enable anyone anywhere to see and record real justice - live, as it happens.


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