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What if you were put in charge of the World tomorrow? How would you run the planet?

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This globally popular educational and research website lists every national and international problem in the world in a rather unusual and entertaining way, so remember to bookmark www.12-12-12.org in your favourites folder! For the record: Andronicos the author does not profess to greatness in any shape or form. Lets continue.................

Andronicos "The Great" as Director of the Human Race and Manager Planet Earth commands and Andronicos "The Cynic" responds as follows.........


7.0 Religious and Spiritual Issues

The opinions below are very controversial and are best discussed at home with parents rather than at school or college.

Initially I did not want to cover the controversial subject of Religion in this book. After all the mess it has caused in the World, I felt it would not mix easily with my other extremely controversial views on how the World's major problems should be sorted out. After much thought on the matter, I came to the conclusion that I would only briefly touch on the subject of Religion here. Specifically inter-relationships between Jewish, Christian and Muslims due to their influence in World history and World affairs today.

Nevertheless, however different your beliefs are to mine, or however controversial or disagreeable you may find this section, I invite you to keep an open mind. Don't forget that the 12-12-12 initiative is mainly a secular humanist one which, if God wants to succeed - will.

My Strange Unorthodox Spiritual Beliefs

I guess I'm rather unique because I'm probably the only non religious Christian to accept that the Quoran is the inspired word of God, that Mohammed (PBUH) is also God's prophet and there is no God but "The God". To make it more complicated, my Christian/Muslim beliefs are underpinned by, Baha'i, Sikh, Buddhist and other eastern philosophies.

As I am a mixture of the above schools of thought, I am now a "Monotheon"1. It's a new word I coined which means: "Someone who believes [in the above] yet at the same time submits to the one Supreme Creator God of ancient Israel, Christianity and Islam."

My Basic beliefs:

Membership: Only me at present. No religious "leaders" or clerics will ever be permitted. Holy books: Jewish Bible, Christian Bible, The Secret Gospel of Thomas, Quoran2. Headquarters: The heart. Place of worship: Anywhere. Golden rules/Laws strived for: (refer to The Secret Gospel of Thomas in section 7.77 and in the appendix). (1) "Don't lie." (2) "Don't do what you hate." Sabbath "day": Thursday evening until Monday morning. Assets of religious organisation: 3½ books in theory worth 20 dollars but in reality worth a lot more.

Monotheonism is not a replacement religion, it's a philosophy and way of life open to all who seek World peace, believe in the Supreme Creator God, yet do not need clerics to permanently act as middlemen on their behalf.

As Director of the Human Race and as Manager Planet Earth I will never force my religious opinions on anyone. I am happy to invite you to think about certain spiritual matters but never to direct or instruct you to do so. In fact, if you aren't particularly religious, or feel religion should not form part of the 12-12-12 initiative: save your time and jump to section 8.0 of the book now.

1 Not to be confused with the generic noun "monotheist" which means, albeit arguably, anyone who believes in "The Supreme Being" or "one God".

2 Although written in all good faith by very honourable and honest men, I do not accept the Hadith is inspired by God. This is the in-depth book of traditions, superstitions and legal precedents used by many Muslims and Tribal States such as Saudi Arabia and Iran, which forms the basis of their many moral codes and legal laws.

Take a deep breath before reading this section folks. I had no part in this.

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7.7 Metamorphosis

"Metamorphosis" was originally published in German by Franz Kafka in 1916 and translated into English by Willa and Edwin Muir in 1933.

It is a short story describing one of the most horrific events that can ever occur to a human being. If you want to read the complete traumatic series of events that happened to Gregor Samsa, acquire the book or access the story on the Internet.

The first few paragraphs of this living nightmare of waking up and being reincarnated as an insect are shown below. Read it. I will explain why later.

Metamorphosis- Franz Kafka

As Gregor Samsa awoke one morning from uneasy dreams he found himself transformed in his bed into a gigantic insect. He was lying on his hard, as it were armour-plated back and when he lifted his head a little he could see his dome-like brown belly divided into stiff arched segments on top of which the bed-quilt could hardly keep in position and was about to slide off completely. His numerous legs, which were pitifully thin compared to the rest of his bulk, waved helplessly before his eyes.

What has happened to me? he thought. It was no dream. His room, a regular human bedroom, only rather too small, lay quiet between the four familiar walls. Above the table on which a collection of cloth samples was unpacked and spread out - Samsa was a commercial traveller - hung the picture which he had recently cut out of an illustrated magazine and put into a pretty gilt frame. It showed a lady, with a fur cap on and a fur stole, sitting upright and holding out to the spectator a huge fur muff into which the whole of her forearm had vanished.

Gregor's eyes turned next to the window, and the overcast sky - one could hear raindrops beating on the window gutter - made him quite melancholy. What about sleeping a little longer and forgetting all this nonsense, he thought, but it could not be done, for he was accustomed to sleep on his right side and in his present condition he could not turn himself over. However violently he forced himself towards his right side he always rolled on to his back again. He tried it at least a hundred times, shutting his eyes to keep from seeing his struggling legs, and only desisted when he began to feel in his side a faint dull ache he had never experienced before.

O God, he thought.....

That was frightening. Even more so for that nasty cockroach I trod on yesterday. Maybe it was ……………... who died recently.

7.10 Tolerance

Arguing on religious issues is fine, but using it as an excuse to allow the baby to drown, is as absurd as an American starting a squabble in a British pub that Roosevelt was greater than Churchill, while his Scottish cousin is in a Boston Bar rowdily arguing that Monty was a greater military leader compared to Ike. Such discussions if they turn violent, are clearly ridiculous and get more complicated if Alexander the Great or Rommel are brought into the equation.

What would be a pretty unanimous point of view is that all the above military leaders would fight on the same side if the Planet was attacked by some global catastrophe.

Extreme poverty is such a global catastrophe but few can see it.

Good swimmers should argue about religion or who was the greatest prophet while they're saving the drowning baby or while they're blow drying their hair... time will be more plentiful then. In the meantime agree to disagree.

I show tolerance by having to share His Greatness' body and having to read His "words of wisdom".

A fundamentalist Jew, Christian or Muslim who is assertive in his beliefs and sincerely believes his path is the only right path to God is not unusual. Everyone has the right to feel they are special. What is absolutely unacceptable is for this uniqueness being used as an excuse to incite racism, racial or religious bigotry and worse still - violence, terrorism or murder in the name of "God".

So here's what I want done: even if you feel that your particular sect are religiously superior to others and earmarked by God for special rewards, which I guess could be the case, think for a second: what is this reward defined as "paradise"?

Is paradise to live forever with 70,000 beautiful women, soon to be ex-virgins who you will be given in marriage? If you are a woman, is paradise to live for the rest of your life with a man who doesn't treat you as property or forces you to wear religious or bland clothes you don't want to wear sometimes? Perhaps it's to live in heaven playing a harp or to be reborn as a higher being. Many believe it is being whisked away in the clouds as part of a rapture to be with Jesus.

On the other end of the spectrum, others such as the Ancient Egyptians, Romans and Maya saw earthly utopia as being part of the ruling elite of an empire where dog eats dog, the strong rule the weak for the benefit of the strong and fear is king to ensure the strong stay in power. The Nazi dogma of survival of the fittest and racial superiority triggered World War Two and the holocaust.

Others, I being one, see heaven and paradise as living in a galaxy made up of billions of planets inhabited by infinitely technically and socially advanced descendants of the human race who live with their resurrected "dead" ancestors in peaceful, fair, just, loving humanist social systems with a common spiritual belief in God. Where worshipping God is to appreciate the creation of God and not to spend hours performing monotonous, ritualistic practices locked up in a funny shaped building either out of subconscious fear of the unknown or in the hope it pleases the Divine One.

Whatever your belief in paradise, let's say you are right and you end up there, wouldn't it be nice to think you helped in making the 12-12-12 initiative a success? Especially if you didn't have to! Surely God won't be angry with you for helping it happen, but more likely to be angry with you if you incite others not to help out in the initiative "for religious reasons". Maybe God wants you to jump into the swimming pool to save the drowning baby (referred to in section 1.10.130) in the meantime, rather than stop others from doing so - in his name.

If you believe that only God can find a complete cure for the problems of the human race, then I wholeheartedly agree with you. There is a Sikh saying which states - "What is about to happen will happen, neither you or I can stop it."

Anyway, I direct all fundamentalists, even fanatics, to show tolerance by at least helping to eradicate absolute poverty by December 12, 2012 December 12th, 2012. In fact if you fit the bill why don't you start being tolerant of others opinions starting today. Learn to agree to disagree. If not, then at least exercise your God given right to freedom of speech without twisting any of my words. If some of your followers are either illiterate or easily led, don't lie about me or the message I'm trying to convey. Don't ever use religion as an excuse to direct your followers to go to the Temple more,Red Devil pray more or read their holy books more as a reason why they should not take part in the 12-12-12 initiative. And don't use gleefully collected facts such as my fondness of "The Red Devils" (Manchester United) soccer team and the embarrassing revelation that I once wore a "mischievous, impish dentist's" outfit at a Halloween party as reasons why I am a little devil. It's clerics like you who will say Satan is behind any successes and God behind any failures during the life of the whole 12-12-12 initiative.


Lastly, here is a polite warning and not just a request to certain fanatical factions and sects within the Jewish, Christian and Muslim faiths: If you don't want to save the drowning baby because it is your belief that only God should do so, then I will tolerate your opinion. But don't use religious psychological pressure to stop others from doing so, don't be vipers, don't be hypocrites, don't be white washed graves, don't lie and don't get in my way. But do Get Off My Planet Planet.

That was a rather emotional outburst at the end.
I believe Andronicos “The Great” was quoting certain scriptural texts to religious clerics who may try and stop others from taking part in the 12-12-12 initiative.

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7.20 Atheists: Earth’s moon, Bananas and Time Travel

The Amazing Carpa Dorada Fish

I am not a member of any religious organisation whether it be formal, informal, part time or partial, and haven't been for nearly 20 years. Members of my family include Lutheran, Greek Orthodox, Atheist/Agnostic and Jehovah's Witnesses.

On June 23 1999 I was with my two young children at a small aquarium in Mazatlan, Mexico looking at tropical fish. What happened that afternoon was one of the most amazing spiritual experiences I have ever witnessed. To this day it fills with me with emotion. At that moment as I stared at one particular funny looking fish with an orange "hair do", I realised that God is The Creator. A living being who actually exists and not some other strange concept such as a trinity with 3 heads, a new age "I am" presence which is somehow part of me in another dimension, or even "an omnipotent "thing" that is everywhere".

In my search for truth I started comparing the Bible with the Quoran and other ancient texts, which led me to some incredible discoveries, most of which are not in the scope of this book and have nothing to do with religion.

I once had a similar experience when gorging myself on the contents of a whole tin of anchovies.

A few words on creation now follow.

There is no logical reason for the Universe to be as it is, nor the relative strengths of the forces such as gravity to be what they are. If gravity had been stronger - the universe would collapse and even worse would never have exploded into existence. If gravity had been weaker, the stars and planets would never have been formed or stuck together in the lumpy heavenly bodies that spin around the Cosmos. Why? Does random chance possess a sense of reason?

If the "strong" quantum force that holds tiny atoms together was weaker - the universe would be filled with only one element - Hydrogen. If it were stronger, the universe would probably be one big black humungous lump of matter. Why?

The magic number π (3.1426...) appears in weird and wonderful places throughout physics and mathematics. Why? Does random chance possess a Maths degree?

The number one followed by 40 zeros (1039) is roughly equal to the ratio of the electrostatic force between an electron and a proton to the gravitational force between them. It is also roughly the ratio of the radius of the known universe to the radius of the electron. 1039 x 1039 = 1078 which is approximately the number of particles estimated to be in the Universe! Why?

The moon, which is used extensively in religious calendars, fits exactly in front of the sun during an eclipse. Why? Does it not show the mischievous sense of humour of its designer? Who is saying "hello my little children, has the penny dropped down there yet?"

There are some pretty strange animals and plants which live on this planet. Pretty weird in fact. "Nature" appears very generous with its sense of humour to have "allowed" the gorilla, orangutang and chimp to come into existence. And what about the banana? 99.9% of the human race that has ever lived, however religiously pious, will have made at least one risquι joke involving the banana. Why do all these exist? Does random chance possess a sense of humour?

Scientists are often too busy looking at details with their microscopes or telescopes so they miss the overall picture. It's a bit like standing inside a giant footprint which can only be seen in its entirety from a distance.

Ponder the following thoughts if you do not believe in God, as a real being that created the human race, planet Earth and everything on it:

There are people alive today who were born before the invention of the first aeroplane, the first computer, the first TV, the first radio, the first telephone, the first space ship or the first antibiotic. Look where the last 100 years have led in the development of the above inventions. If the human race is allowed to continue, what will it achieve in the next 100, 1000, 1 million or 1 billion years? Enormous life spans? The ability to travel instantly between galaxies? Creation of life? Time travel?

If the human race can ever achieve these things, then they already have, as according to Einstein's laws of relativity, time is a fourth dimension1. "The future is happening now", is not a gimmicky sales expression used on TV repeatedly so that you are tempted to buy the latest automobile. No, in the universe of space/time it's a scientific fact. I believe that the human race today is being watched by many of its future descendants, and because there is going to be a resurrection of the dead, the human race today is also being watched by many of your ancestors who are dead today. One day many years in the future, you will remember the moment you read this little book and are probably watching yourself right now doing so for the first time.

Almost timed to perfection, a few weeks ago one of the most amazing scientific discoveries was made public. It is historic, yet the reason it has not hit the headlines across the World is that no one has seriously considered the eventual impact of the discovery to the human race. It is in the area of quantum physics which relates to the study of atomic and subatomic particles. A sudden apparent contradiction has occurred to Einstein's theories. According to the great scientist, and as stated previously, time is a fourth dimension where the future past and present are all happening at the same time, depending where someone is in space time relative to the event or object in question.

Nevertheless, a recent discovery has shown that in certain laboratory conditions very small particles appear to have twin particles which instantaneously change characteristics with each other using an invisible thread. It is believed that this shows the existence of doorways to other dimensions yet to be identified where the speed limit of nature 300,000 kilometres per second can be relatively exceeded without being caught on inter galactic police cameras. Because the only way to theoretically time travel, is to travel faster than light.

So, if selected ones from the future of the human race who possess infinite technology can time travel one day, why can't there be a Supreme Being that can do so today? Why couldn't this Supreme Being who possesses the "technology" to actually time travel2 and therefore the power3 to foretell the future, as well as having infinite technology, infinite wisdom and infinite energy, also have created the human race, this planet and this universe? Furthermore, why couldn't this Creator have an ultimate master plan - that His creation would by their own historic mistakes learn what is right and wrong, whether it be politics, religion, war or law (moral, civil and criminal) until they learnt how to treat one another properly. And the outcome? That when they reached a certain maturity not to pose a threat to themselves, they would be given incredible gifts by way of technology. Firstly, to go where no one has gone before and populate the entire Cosmos, and secondly a resurrection of the dead from "back up" storage. On the latter point it was Einstein who comforted one of his closest friends following the death of a loved one with the definition of where the dead are - "in space/time".

Anyway, the above "Andronicos "The Great's" Theory of everything" either sounds pretty simple and utopian without contradicting mainstream religions, or scientifically daft. Don't forget though, 400 years ago if I was alive and predicted a man could fly in a machine between London and Jerusalem in 5 hours, the scientists of the era would brand me as crazy and if I used a modern plane to do so, mainstream religious clerics would put me to death for making a pact with the devil.

But two problems now come to mind:

Firstly it's too simple. What are possible answers to questions such as why was evil and death allowed in the first place, what's all this "devil" stuff, why doesn't God say hello, where does Moses, Jesus or Mohammed (PBUH) come into all this and why on Earth can't religions agree on most things?

Secondly, what on earth has this all got to do with the 12-12-12 initiative? Why have I suddenly turned into a religious windbag hiding behind the apron strings of science? And why has this book jumped subjects through a "bookwormhole" type of interdimensional doorway?

My answers are as follows -

Religion and God are such controversial subjects that it is likely the whole 12-12-12 initiative will get bogged down in the mire if I continue with discussing it now. So I won't. If you want to read my extensive thoughts you'll have to wait for the even more controversial Round 3 book on the subject. Only what I consider to be a few critically important spiritual issues will be discussed in the next few pages.

Nevertheless, the reason I had to mention something about religion and God was partly to get as many religious people on board the 12-12-12 initiative as possible, and mostly because I believe without God, the 12-12-12 initiative can't succeed. After all, I could have a good friend from the future who informed me what's going to happen!

Anyway, if you don't believe in a Creator God I accept you have the right to your opinion. But even if it is the only spiritual thing you will ever do, I invite you to read the Secret Gospel of Thomas which is in the appendix, keep an open mind and allow God back into the Garden of Eden for the next few days without having to share paradise with that annoying, argumentative family next door called Religion and their bickering kids. Better still, visit an aquarium with weird looking fish - it may change your life as well.

Cheap Restaurants, Big Bang and the Multiverse

Recently I was eating in a restaurant near the seashore when I noticed an ant trapped in a glass cup opposite me. The cup was upside down which made it almost impossible for the ant to escape. It was then the penny dropped about multidimensional universes. I was watching the ant in its enclosed 3 dimensional World - but it couldn't see me looking at it from elsewhere in its little universe. There were only two ways out: if it was a brainy ant, it could eventually eat its way underneath the rim of the glass by burrowing through the very thick tablecloth or a mysterious act of nature could free it to go where no ant has gone before. I became the mysterious act of nature by moving the glass on its side.

The next day I was in another restaurant also near the seashore when I noticed a little child staring into a gold fish bowl. The fish with its low intelligence and very short memory span appeared to be staring at the child. Clearly a fish has more sense than an ant and can actually see rather than just feel - but could it actually know what a life was like outside the bowl? Could it actually tell what this mysterious being, the child, actually was? Perhaps another mysterious act of nature such as the introduction of a stick in the water could have helped but fortunately I didn't have to intervene from the unknown non fish universe on that occasion.

Cosmologists are scientists who are very interested in Astronomy and Physics. They are the ones who talk about big bang and the theory of what happened during the birth of the Universe. They are the ones who theorise about huge galaxy gobblers called black holes and other weird stuff. A very gifted bunch of individuals with brains like quasars.

Anyway, they have all got very, very excited recently in their search for the ultimate law of nature - "The grand unifying theory of everything". Up until a couple of years ago, there were two competing camps4 of cosmologists. One believed there was a 10 dimensional multiverse of universes, the other believed there were 11 dimensions in this one multiverse of which our universe is but one of many. It is now agreed that there are 11 dimensions, three of which we can see and feel. But what about the other unseen dimensions? The consensus of thought is that these form invisible realms which can co exist in our universe. A strange twilight zone of alternative universes and weird laws of science.

But how did the big bang begin? How was the trigger pulled? As part of the Grand Unifying theory of everything, it is now believed that outside of our universe, two membranes rubbed together like Teutonic plates to create the cosmic earthquake known as big bang.

Enough of this amateur science lesson. I now direct cosmologists to bear the following in mind:

  1. There is a 12th dimension. Look for it.
  2. All matter is connected through other dimensions - via cosmic doorways.
  3. All living things are connected via a universal force.
  4. There are beings who can jump through cosmic doorways, between dimensions to Earth, but normally reside in the other dimensions.
  5. The Creator (God) pulled the Big Bang trigger to create this universe and designed all the laws of physics.
  6. Interstellar travel is possible very soon.
  7. Time travel is possible, which means prophecy is possible.
  8. Dark matter is stuff that can be felt but not seen in this universe yet actually exists in other dimensions.

I want a report on my desk scientifically proving the above facts written in a way that a non expert will understand it. Do this now. Share the results with others and get a consensus of opinion quickly as I don't want another cosmologists' custard pie fight. Think 12 dimensional. Think "The Andronicos "The Great" Grand Unifying Theory of Everything", the formula of which is
π ‌ π' = OM

1 An excellent book on such matters by the eminent scientist Prof Steven Hawking is: The Universe in a Nutshell.

2 Biblical expressions such as "one thousand years to the Lord is but one day" is a simplistic description of being a Time lord.

3 My scientific definition of "God's holy spirit" is "God's ultimate automation tool to manage day to day stuff in the Universe." Put simply, God's force. People who say "God is everywhere" are getting confused with God's force. The Buddhist and Hindu belief in Karma better explains the phenomenon than Jewish, Christian and Muslim beliefs. Watch the Star Wars movies and "may God's force be with you".

4 Superstrings camp (10 dimensions) vs Super gravity camp (11 dimensions)

What on earth was that all about? His Greatness obviously thinks he is now an expert scientist.

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7.30 Open houses

I request all religious organisations open their doors to their places of worship to allow those who wish to learn more about their religion or culture to do so. This should occur during any two hour period between 1pm and 3pm every Friday, Saturday and/or Sunday. Advertise this fact in local newspapers.

I also request at least one meeting every week is dedicated to coordinating the practical needs of local people, regardless of religious belief, who need help.

Why couldn’t His Greatness at least suggest the times of the day that fit with pub opening hours?

7.40 The big meeting of religious leaders

I request that the top religious leaders or clerics in the World (that represent religious organisations that have more than 12 million members) should meet up to discuss the following hot topics –

  • How their religion will help contribute to World peace.
  • An apology, if appropriate, to other participants at the meeting for historic errors or atrocities made.
  • How much money their religion will lend or give away to the poor, and how it will be done. (I propose they give away 90% and keep 10% in a sort of back to front tithing. I don't want any of their money by the way.)

The first meeting should take place in private and be secretly arranged.

The second meeting, which should take place very soon after, must be a public undertaking by the World’s religious leaders to resolve the above 3 statements.

Out of respect and as a sign of humbleness to others, civilian clothes should be worn for these two historic meetings, unless a particular religion forbids it.

7.50 Holy books

There is a very high probability that the vast majority of the human race are descended from one ancient Patriarch called Abraham, who lived approximately 4000 years ago in Mesopotamia. He was the indirect source of all three great monotheistic faiths and as such these invitations initially apply to religious people within the Jewish, Muslim and Christian faiths:

  • I invite those in the Jewish religion to read the Christian Bible and also the Quoran at least once in their lives during the next 12 months.
  • I invite Muslims to read the complete Bible just once in the next 12 months. According to the Quoran, the Bible is the word of Allah as revealed to various prophets before the prophet Mohammed (PBUH). The reason why the Quoran criticises the "People of the book" is for their interfering with the sacred text of the Bible. It's perfectly true. Read what is alleged to have happened a bit later in this book. Nevertheless, the rest of what's there is genuine - why don't you discover it for yourself?
  • I invite Christians to read the Quoran just once in their lives in the next 12 months. It may be surprising to know that the Quoran speaks very, very highly of Jesus and in many passages refers to him as "The Messiah".

I invite everyone to read the Secret Gospel of Thomas. If you are a Christian, it will be a pleasant shock to read the secret words of Jesus, son of Mary The Messiah, in this book. For a brief explanation refer to section 7.77.

Finally, if you have never read the bible, for those who are proficient in English, I recommend the NIV version for accuracy. "The Idiots Guide to the Bible" by Stan Campbell and James S Bell Jr is an excellent reference guide for the novice, although I do not agree with some interpretations. And whatever holy book you are reading for the first time - read it without interpretation from amateur or professional clerics.

And when you’ve finished, read 12-12-12: How to run the World, guided by an idiot.

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7.60 Non-denominational chapel building

Religions have caused many, many problems to the human race, which is the reason many people refuse to go to formal places of worship.

To assist such persons in building a relationship with God or for personal meditation, I direct that eventually lots and lots of inexpensive non-denominational churches are built all over the World to be used as appropriate. While there is extreme poverty, it would be outrageous to build really expensive elaborate "shrines" for this purpose. Even the most elaborate Temple ever built to the Creator 4000 years ago in Jerusalem was built at a time when there was relative peace and plenty in the land.

No War Bond finance will be used for this and it will be up to local volunteers to build and maintain them at their own expense.

It is not an alternative synagogue, church, Mosque or Temple that I am proposing, merely a place for people to go who do not wish at that moment in time to take part in organised religion or its rituals, yet feel compelled to be in a building built solely for spirituality and for communicating with God.

Even devout followers of organised religions may want to stop in between regular synagogue/church/Temple/Mosque services. All will be welcome with the exception of religious bigots who see themselves as far too holy, pious or superior to sit and quietly pray in the same room as someone who does not share their particular beliefs.

To maintain neutrality, there should not be any images, crosses, shrines, pulpits, etc. inside or outside.

No preaching is permitted. No talking or singing is permitted. No prostrating during prayer is permitted.

If someone brings their own Holy Book with them, when they are finished they can take it home. They should say their own prayers in silence, with optional soft quiet uplifting background music in tribal regions that want it.

These non-denominational places of worship and meditation should be built everywhere. In or near shopping malls, places of natural beauty, hypermarkets, airports, etc.

As a model for how to do this, a particularly architecturally beautiful example (and one that changed my life in July 1999) can be found on Highway 1 at Sea Ranch, California.

7.77.77 (77) The Top Secret 2000 year old Gospel of Thomas

I believe the inspired Holy Bible was corrupted in two ways and only two ways: firstly, by removing the divine name of God YHWH1, (see above), due to superstition and secondly, by the so called Christian Church in 325 CE keeping the Gospel of Thomas (the "little scroll") out of the "final version" of the bible you can read today.

If you possessed a copy of The Secret Gospel of Thomas during the dark ages of "The Church", you could have been excommunicated, tortured, executed, or all three. What was the church trying to hide? What was all the fuss about? Why is this document which you can read in full (in the appendix) known as "The Secret Gospel of Thomas"?

Here's why: Because if it had ended up in the final compilation of canonical books that make up what is the Christian Bible today, its readers may have questioned the need to have a formal religious organisation known as the "Holy Roman Church", and the need to have formal services. It has been alleged some members of the religious establishment of the time feared for their very survival. They wanted to cling onto power, so it is thought they did the unthinkable - they "doctored" (forged) the last part of the Gospel so as to make it offensive. Then made sure it could conveniently "disappear", which for all intents and purposes it did until 1946 when it was discovered in Egypt amongst Gnostic non Christian works. I invite you to read and enjoy what I and many others believe to be the nearest translated document that exists of the actual sayings of Jesus, Son of Mary, The Messiah. It is one of 14 writings that reached the play offs in c 325 CE but got rejected by senior clerics before reaching the final of the sealed Bible Canon you can read today.

Who knows, if the Gospel of Thomas had been included in the Bible Canon, the following historic events may either have never taken place or been substantially different in a clergyless World:

The Dark Ages
The Crusades
The Clergy/Laity classes within the church
The Inquisition
The need for an alternative path to God via Islam
The Indulgence Letters scam
Protestantism and its many offshoots (religions and cults) that exist today
Many, many, many wars
The vast wealth of the church today
The World map

By corrupting the Gospel, as I believe happened to just one verse right at the end, future history was possibly changed forever more. On the other hand I also believe a prophecy in Matthew 24:14 will soon be fulfilled because this secret Gospel is about to go global! (The opinions above are not meant to cast doubt on the integrity of the modern day Catholic Church or its leaders.)

I have no directive for this section 7.77.77 other than one invitation - read just three verses from The Secret Gospel of Thomas, which can be read at the back of this book, verses 3, 77 and 113.

1 The divine sacred name of God is written as in Hebrew and means "He who causes to be [or create]". There are various opinions of the true pronunciation and many scholars believe it is "Yahweh". The often-used term in English is "Jehovah".

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7.80 Official Indulgence letter from Andronicos "The Great"

I highly commend Mr Karol Wojtyla (PN 265-110), Head of the Vatican "Sovereign" Tribe for his many apologies over the last few years on behalf of the Catholic Church.

One of the main causes of the birth of Protestantism in the 16th century was the open sale of Indulgences by the Catholic Church. This was a document you could buy at considerable cost from the Church which guaranteed you would avoid hell. It was a kind of Get out of Jail (if you pay enough money) Card. The satirical one that follows is also for a good cause. Perhaps it will help make amends:

From:	The Catholic Church
To:	God

Dear God

We are sorry for all the following mistakes made: …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………
[Create list but don't forget to include "the selling of forgiveness of sins for money".]

So we hereby assign 90% of all our worldly assets to you in return for forgiveness.
We now realise that the parable of the 10 Talents should not have been taken literally.
Thanks for being indulgent.



The Pope, Vatican, Rome

Witnessed by 12 Senior Cardinals:

________    ________    ________   ________   ________   ________

________    ________    ________   ________   ________   ________

I am a Catholic and I find this offensive.

But Andronicos "The Great" does commend the Pope and he is not actually commanding the Catholic Church to sign it or hand over their money.

I still find if offensive.

I hereby retract my satirical Indulgence Letter.

7.80.111 Gloria Olivae (cod eamle am 1590 OXI 1100 NE)

Regardless of how different their religious beliefs are to the Catholic Church or mine, to begin with I want the following 12 individuals listed below in chronological order to be treated as saints. In the next few years more names will be added to this special list. Of course it will be up to headquarters (in Heaven not the Vatican) to make the final infallible decision before the person is even born:

Note: The ancient prophets and patriarchs referred to in the Bible and Quoran are technically on a different list as are the first 3 named individuals below who died before Jesus died.

Siddhartha Gautama1 (566-486 BCE) Founder of Buddhism (AKA "The Buddah")
Lao-Tsu (604-550 BCE) Founder of Taoism (Daoism)
Confucius (551-479 BCE) Founder of Confucianism

Arius (256-336) Founder of Arianism
Mohammed (570-632) PBUH Founder of Islam
John Wyclif (1330-1384) Outspoken critic of church corruption
Guru Nanak (1469-1539) Founder of Sikhism
Martin Luther (1472-1553) Founder of Protestantism re church corruption
Baha'u'llah (1820-1892) Founder of the Baha'i faith
Mohandas Gandhi (1869-1948) The Great Hindu pacifist leader
Martin Luther King Jr (1929-1968) The Great Baptist pacifist leader
Karol Wojtyla (1920-2005) For honesty, humility and services to mankind.

1 When the Buddha was asked if he was a God, he said "No, I am awake." All dates are approximate.

I don't want to appear difficult, but none of the above were Catholic.
I think you will find the last one certainly is. It refers to The Pope.

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7.80.112 Petrus Romanus et Finis

Due to the veil of secrecy surrounding The Secret Gospel of Thomas allegedly initiated by the early Church, I have deemed it appropriate to keep the translation of the enclosed Latin text secret. I direct Catholic clerics to attempt an accurate translation.

In persecutione extrema S.R.E. sedebit Petrus Romanus, qui pascet oues in multis tribulationibus: quibus transactis ciuitas septicollis diruetur, et Iudex tremκdus iudicabit populum suum. Finis.

What on earth was all that about!

7.80.1917 The third vision of Fatima

Some people believe, like I do, that the third vision of Fatima, a symbolically violently graphic prophecy of the fate of the future Roman Catholic Church will also come true, soon followed by a new monotheistic faith without a clergy as we know it. No wonder the church kept the prophecy secret until a few months ago.

In my opinion, this secret prophecy is NOT referring to an actual attempt on the life of a senior Catholic cleric, but is a symbolism as described above. I invite you to read it below:

"The Bishop clothed in white, who is the Pope, makes his way with great effort toward the cross amid the corpses of those who were martyred. He, too, falls to the ground, apparently dead, under a burst of gunfire."

7.90 Tribes of Israel: Formal apology request

(What is sacrifice? Is a two page discussion document link for Orthodox members of the Jewish Faith who live in disputed Israeli settlements. (March 2004))

It took a lot of moral strength and courage in 1999 for the German President to ask on behalf of his people the following words in the Israel Knesset:

“With the people of Israel watching, I bow in humility before those murdered, before those who don’t have graves where I could ask them for forgiveness.”

Now it’s the 12 tribes of Israel’s turn to say sorry.

There is an important outstanding issue that has not been dealt with – a great travesty of justice. If it had occurred today, the United Nations, World religious leaders, the International Red Cross, Red Crescent and international community would all be castigating your country. Trade embargoes may have been instigated. Had the nation of Israel been a signatory of the European Convention of Human rights when this event happened, the State of Israel would have been sued for millions of dollars.

It is requested the nation of Israel publicly apologises in writing and by way of a statement via the international media for an event that occurred to a man when in his 30s. He had a belief which he shared with many people in your country. His punishment for exercising his peaceful freedom of speech and peaceful assembly was to be illegally detained, illegally tried by a kangaroo court, whipped, tortured and physically nailed to a tree. His name was Jesus of Nazareth, the legal son of Mary and a carpenter called Joseph. He had many brothers and sisters. This man Jesus, son of Mary, died a horrible death which was witnessed by his own family.

Whether he was ‘The’ Messiah as written in the Quoran and the Christian New Testament and as I believe is irrelevant. That he existed is an historic fact and documented by neutral third parties such as Josephus. To deny it will be as absurd as in 2000 years time denying the extent of the Holocaust.

I direct the majority of the Israeli parliament issue a statement of agreement as part of the formal apology. You owe it to his legal mother, his legal father, his brothers, sisters and their descendants, whether Israeli, Jewish, Muslim or Christian.

Apart from the barbarism and nastiness of the episode, it appears to me that the ancient Rabbinical guidelines based on the laws of Moses1 were not met. The kangaroo court broke their own laws to a proper trial in that: (1) an emergency sitting of the Sanhedrin overnight was illegal and (2) knowingly and deliberately handing over their prisoner to the Roman authorities for execution by way of impalement instead of stoning was illegal. If Moses had been advised of the episode, after the event, he would have been very angry2 with the "Judges" for the misinterpretation of Deuteronomy 21:22-23.

I do not wish this to become a mandatory legal precedent with every tribe saying sorry for everything they've ever done. Nevertheless, the right for the Sovereign Tribes of Israel to exist today in the geographic region we all know, uses ancient religious and political precedents going back 4000 years. It is for this unique reason that I request the apology.

Honour the request, make this apology happen and it will go a long way toward permanent peace and security for the Sovereign Tribes of Israel and the rest of the World.

Watch a miracle happen.

(What is sacrifice? Is a two page discussion document link for Orthodox members of the Jewish Faith who live in disputed Israeli settlements. (March 2004))

1 The three and a half thousand year old "Law of Moses" which even now forms the basis of Jewish religious observance, customs and day to day family life is approximately 600 laws, 10 of which are the well known Ten Commandments.

2 Although described as "Meek" in the bible, Moses had a nasty temper. 3 cases were documented: the first resulted in at least manslaughter, the second in a rage destroying the first ever documented case of God's handwriting, the third resulted in Moses' own banishment from entering the promised land.

Would His Greatness be satisfied with a small advertisement in a Golders Green supermarket or must it be placed on the front page of the Wall Street Journal with the words "Jesus: An Apology".

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7.100 Many Gods, many prophets but only one Creator

I believe that God (Allah, The Creator, The Brahman, Adonnai, YHWH) was so displeased with the corrupt bloodthirsty Christian Church of the dark ages, he ensured new additional paths to monotheism were established from the 7th century. It is my hope that soon many aspects of the great monotheist religions such as the Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Sikh and Baha'i faiths will have one common denominator: World Peace. A new global monotheist way of life for billions of people who believe in The Creator, Jesus Son of Mary The Messiah, the prophet Mohammed (PBUH) and jointly hold in reverence many real saints from across the religious divide.

Even those who belong to any faith, including the eastern philosophies and Hindu Religion can become as one because at the end of the day, even religions that allow the veneration of multiple Gods have one Supreme Brahman "Creator God".

Again I wish to make it absolutely clear that "Monotheonism" is a way of life heading towards a common destination: World Peace and not a replacement religion. So don't worry - I'm not trying to convert anyone or force them to join yet another 'true religion'. It's similar to how I see a future World where ALL humans belong to the one global human race yet still co exist as one of many individual national or cultural tribes.

7.100.19 A message to fanatic Muslims

The purpose of the 12-12-12 book you are now reading is not to enter into protracted discussions on what people believe or what is right and wrong with various religious teachings, but to ensure that by December 12, 2012 December 12th, 2012 (Islamic year 1433) war and terrorism are eliminated from the face of the planet and absolute poverty is also eliminated by this date. Many millions of Muslims will benefit from the initiative. This section has been written because of ongoing recent events that affect World Peace and people's perception of the peaceful religion known as Islam.

Now unless my English version of the Quoran is different from the Arabic ones, we have a problem. There are some within the peaceful faith known as Islam who are very weak minded, easily led sheep. Just like scientists can alter the DNA of sheep sometimes to the good or the bad, fanatical religious clerics can alter the personalities of kind-hearted, God-fearing, loving Muslims and brainwash them into machines of hate. They are the ones who will twist my words and say that I am insulting Islam, the Quoran, or the Muslim faith. I am not. I'm insulting their wicked hypocrisy and actually protecting Islam. I direct these creatures to Get Off My Planet Planet.

It is to these bigoted satanic insects who condone murder in the name of Allah or his prophet (PBUH) that I issue the following Fatwa:

"Let there be no compulsion in Religion"
Quoran Sura 2 v 256

Start of the official Fatwa from Andronicos "The Great"

I know my fate, so you do not scare me. Whatever religion or faction you profess to be you are nothing but cowards and slimy insects. You have until December 12th, 2003 to publicly state in front of your followers that the killing of civilians in the name of Allah or his prophet (PBUH) is wrong. And to state the above whenever asked.

You do not have to recognise the Sovereign tribes of Israel, just recognise killing innocent civilians in the name of Allah or His Prophet (PBUH) is the worst kind of murder. You do not have to accept or follow American tribal policy, just follow the policy that murdering innocent civilians is a crime against Islam.

Everyone has the right to their opinion. Everyone has the right to use reasonable force to protect their property, themselves, their family, their tribe or their planet. Sometimes reasonable force includes the taking of life, but not innocent civilians and absolutely not because in your opinion Allah or His Prophet (PBUH) condones it. You are wrong for the following basic Quoranic principles:

  1. By killing civilians in an act of terrorism who are not Muslims means they can never become Muslims. This means the criminal not only has broken a key law of Islam by committing murder but has done the equivalent of "interfering in the conversion of a non Muslim who may have become a believer."
  2. By killing thousands of civilians in the recent disgraceful, vile outrages against Allah in New York and Washington, millions of people who may have eventually converted to Islam now view Islam as the religion of murdering fanatics and the Holy Quoran as a terrorist manual which in their opinion is only fit for burning.
  3. By unpeacefully murdering innocent civilians one moment, then gleefully using the expression "Peace be upon Him"1 when referring to the Prophet (PBUH) is a vile contradiction that not only offends all true Muslims but is the worst type of verbal blasphemy possible against Allah and His Prophet. (PBUH)

I demand you stop murdering in the name of Allah as of today.

If you do not do what I demand, instead of going to paradise, as a martyr you could be reincarnated as a giant insect on another planet yet still keep all your human memories. Do not assume Hell is hot. Read the complete "Metamorphosis", not just the first page which has been included in section 7.7 of this book. It is a fitting punishment and within the scope of the reincarnation warning found in the Quoran 5:59 which reads "Those whom God has cursed and with whom He has been angry transforms them into Apes and Swine…" This nightmare could also happen to those who protect you and those who encourage others to follow in your path of murder.

One day there will be billions of planetary paradises with millions, maybe billions of your direct descendants. There will eventually be more planets inhabited by humans than there are humans alive today.

Because time is a 4th dimension, your ancestors and infinitely technologically advanced descendants are possibly watching you now, today, reading this book, even though normally you can't tell it's actually happening. Don't embarrass yourself any longer. Don't shame your future sons and daughters who may be forced to watch the evil things you did to harm others. To have to watch this in the presence of those you hurt is one aspect of Judgement day.

In millions of years in the future (which if you die maybe tomorrow) there will be museums across the cosmos dedicated to the history of the human race before civilisation arrived in 1 ACH. These horror museums will serve as a warning so that the same shameful mistakes such as war, terrorism and extreme poverty will never be repeated.

What would you prefer, to have your picture prominently displayed on one of these walls and a caption stating "Ancient murderer in the name of Allah" or would you rather be a highly respected wise patriarchal teacher who is now helping to manage several paradise-like planets of Earth's (and your) future children? An experienced great grandparent of immense age and ancient wisdom who actually lived during those horrible years when the human race was an embarrassment confined to a test tube called Earth.

Instead: Preach peace. Preach love. Support the 12-12-12 initiative. Prove you are fit and proper human beings to your followers. Encourage reconciliation. And STOP KILLING INNOCENT CIVILIANS. It's never to late to change. I did.

Do this, issue a formal statement in the Mosque TODAY and watch some miracles happen.

End of official Fatwa.

To the very senior clerics who have the authority to do so, I say this: Remove from office and defrock those clerics who I've described above. Bring to justice those within Islam that murder and shame Islam, and then perhaps other Christians will also accept Islam, not because they have a gun pointing at the heads of their innocent loved ones, but because their heart believes it is the will of Allah.

To all God fearing Muslims who attend Mosques, I say this: Refuse to listen to wicked teachers. Move to Mosques that preach peace and reconciliation. Tape record wicked clerics who preach hate and give copies of the tape to the relevant religious and civil authorities.

That's just about blown it for me. Until now I found "His Greatness" a bit crazy, yet entertaining. As someone who believes in Islam, I find the above Fatwa offensive.

I thought you were Christian in the last section, but never mind. This Fatwa was written a few weeks after Andronicos "The Great" saw two planes crash into the Twin Towers on 911, does this alter your opinion?


How would you make such a non violent Fatwa acceptable to Muslims while at the same time making the points raised?

If SENIOR Clerics within Islam around the World issued it.

I concede. I now request SENIOR Muslim Clerics to issue the above Fatwa to stop violence in the name of God.

1 It is a custom with the Muslim faith to always say or write this when referring to Mohammed (PBUH), the Prophet.

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7.110 All Denominations asset list and payment to clerics record on the internet

I direct Sovereign tribes ensure disclosure of the above information be posted regularly on the Internet for everyone to see. It should not be forgotten that the tax deductions these organisations enjoy effect everyone, not just the particular adherents - hence the above information should be made public.

I direct all members of religious organisations to request complete audited accounts of their religious body at regional, national and global level. And payment records including "employee" expenses or fringe benefits of their clerics. What happens next should be up to the membership: you.

As for credit card clerics who continuously covet your cash by way of television appeals in the name of Jesus, I have composed some lyrics to an existing well known hymn which I dedicate to them. Next time they beg for money, jam their credit card phone lines with spiritual questions about Jesus and God. If you have already given some money, request a detailed break down of how your money was spent or will be spent. (Secret Gospel of Thomas v:60)

Religions should be crucified*
(To be sung to the famous hymn Glory Glory Hallelujah)

There’s a pretty little planet spinning round the Galaxy,
Where there’s several billion people half in total poverty.
Religions have amassed great wealth in the Creator’s name.
The situation is insane.

Chorus Glory, Glory Hallelujah,………….
The situation is insane.

Religions’ gold was spent on wars and building massive homes,
The Creator doesn’t want huge shrines with steepled crystal domes.
Religions’ bank accounts are often crammed right to the brim,
What a putrid, stinking sin.

Chorus Glory, Glory Hallelujah,………….
What a putrid, stinking sin.

Our thanks to our Creator for his prophets through the years,
Who were killed and hurt and mocked and burned ‘cause of Religions fears.
Religions have confused the World for very, very long,
Perhaps they ALL are wrong.

Chorus Glory, Glory Hallelujah,………….
Perhaps they ALL are wrong.

We pray to our Creator, who we know exists for sure:
“Please strip religions’ assets soon and give them to the poor.”
“Please OPEN politicians eyes so they can see the light,
That poverty’s not right.”

Chorus Glory, Glory Hallelujah,………….
That poverty’s not right.

Please cut out all the middle men so we worship only you,
Please show us miracles again, just like you used to do.
Please liquidate religions that have bent your truth and lied.
Religions should be crucified!*

Chorus Glory, Glory Hallelujah,………….
Religions should be crucified!*


*Relevant notes

I wish to make it absolutely clear that:

  • The term “crucified” is symbolic and not an attempt to get certain religious leaders executed or tortured.
  • The term “Religions” does not necessarily apply to every religion in the World.
  • No offence is meant to be caused against a person’s religious or spiritual beliefs.

I doubt His Greatness will get many Christmas cards from priests, vicars, pastors or the Archbishop of Canterbury.

7.120 The veil (burka) and thick glasses

I direct fundamentalist Muslims cease and desist from treating women as property. In certain regions where women are forced, even under protest, to wear the veil (burka) in case they provide "temptation" to men, I direct a new invention be utilised to eliminate this problem:

A very thick pair of tinted sunglasses to be worn by religiously pious men who can exercise their freedom of belief, remain untempted of carnal desire, but without hurting the feelings of women in their community.

(Also refer to my directive in section 9.120 which states categorically that Muslim women who want to wear the veil should not be stopped from doing so.)

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7.130 Sex and Contraception

Contraception is the personal business of those who do not wish to have children. It is not a matter of interference by either a Sovereign tribe or a religious one.

I direct that Sovereign tribes actually supply inexpensive condoms to minimise sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV and unwanted teenage pregnancies, and provide sex education from an early age.

Of course the ultimate moral authority as to sexual behaviour should remain with the parents of teenagers and local tribal society, not the church.

I request that the Vatican reads its bible again, specifically the romantic "Song of Solomon" with its very strong sexual message. The key players in this ballad didn’t have procreation in mind. The Catholic Church are requested to stop causing millions of unwanted pregnancies in overcrowded, poverty stricken families because of slavery to unscriptural beliefs based on tradition. The policy must be changed as it is causing misery to many non Catholics who have to live next door to overpopulated cities, and Catholic couples who feel guilty every time they make love.

Sex is one of the most positive energies given to human beings and a gift from God. I direct that every couple who can and want to, should have twice as much sex in the next 12 months as they did in the previous 12 months.

I agree, I agree, I agree! Count me in on this one.

7.140 A very special electronic prayer

I invite everyone in the World who believes in God and wants the 12-12-12 initiative to work, to send an electronic prayer using the Internet. It is not that God can't hear your normal prayers, but it's for the symbolism of what will be accomplished by this very unique act.

As of today, get on www.12-12-12.org/7.140 or www.12-12-12.org/prayer and type in any language your request to God relating to the 12-12-12 initiative.

At a point in time in the future, all the prayers will be put on magnetic disk and simultaneously taken to the Western (Wailing) Wall in Jerusalem and Mecca by young boys and girls from Christian, Muslim and Jewish families. I will decide who will do this and when.

If you feel it is wrong for a child of another religion to deliver your personal prayer to the most holy site of a religion that neither you nor that child's family follow, then don't use my Internet system to transmit your prayer.

Even though existing civil laws forbid non Muslims from approaching Mecca, which were created for security reasons rather than religious ones, allowing this one off exercise under the supervision of Muslims will ensure Islam is seen as a religion of peace. On a religious technical point: a young innocent child is of no religion until it is old enough to understand the differences.

If you feel it is right, share the experience as a family by sending more than one prayer, and as an individual person send a second prayer: For the eradication of war, for the eradication of extreme poverty and God's will to take place on Earth.

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7.150 Jerusalem and its Temple

The first Temple in Jerusalem was built in 1000 BCE by King Solomon at a time of prosperity and relative peace. Eventually, so will the third. (Refer to section 5.70.40.)

It is interesting to note that 1260 years passed between the beginning of the project to build the Dome of the Rock and the year Israel as Sovereign state technically under international law owned the land underneath. (Rev Chapter 11)

Certain Christians and Jews believe the building of the third Temple is the key to much bible prophecy relating to mankind's future. A time will come when it will be obvious that such a project will begin with the full cooperation of all three great monotheistic faiths. Like the first temple, it will not be on the drawing board while blood is dripping from the soil around it.

Let a real sacrifice begin: not the ritual slaughter of animals but the granting of a Palestinian state on what is today internationally recognised Israeli land.

7.160 Extra terrestrials/UFOs


Why is it that to believe in God(s), Angels and the Devil(s) is socially acceptable, even many respected scientists are not ashamed to state it, yet to admit to believe in UFOs or extra terrestrial beings constitutes an act of madness!

Anyway, call me Mr Strange but here are what I believe to be the facts -

Uninvited, unauthorised non-human life forms have been visiting this dimension in Earth's solar system since the dawn of creation. They broke the cardinal rule and (mis)using extremely advanced technology1 such as interstellar travel, invisibility and telepathy made themselves into "Gods" or "Angels of Light" over mankind's many primitive civilisations. Worse, is that most of these beings thrive on being entertained by death, hatred and fear. In the same way the ancient Romans were entertained by killing living things and how animals are tortured and killed for entertainment today. Further entertainment has been to use astrology, fortune telling and divination to influence the daily lives of the gullible. If you were invisible, several hundred years old and ensured success of many of your "predictions" by influencing them behind the scenes, prize twits such as Nostradamus would be able to pen some very ambiguous fuzzy "prophecies" on your behalf which could even come true.

Their alien lizard like appearance can be found in many children's toys. Their symbols throughout history have been the "snake" and "wisdom". Certain drugs can invoke a connection. The original fruit which literally dilated ("opened") the eyes of Adam and Eve and made them paranoid about being naked - was an early strand of Cocaine. Cocaine users beware: the paranoia you feel is your body fighting its temporary takeover and personality merger with non human life forms you can feel but not see. Certain occult rituals also invoke a connection in the same way computerised voice recognition systems can make all sorts of physical events happen such as opening a door or driving a car, so can these rituals.

The reason God hasn't turned these trespassers into snake skin shoes as yet, is that these wise animals are part of his overall plan for the human race to chose between right and wrong.

Throughout the Bible and Quoran they are referred to as Devils, Satan, Jinn (genies), Lucifer and demons. Due to the controversial religious nature of the subject, I will defer further discussion within this book. You will have to wait for round 3.

Little Green Men

Bottom line: Are there little green men? Are there little grey ones with snake like eyes that have telepathically influenced mankind over the millennia and caused hatred and war for their own entertainment or infighting? Yes.

If a formal close encounter ever takes place2, I direct no tribe ever attempts to gain military or technological advantage by making deals with these wise animals without first checking the facts. Ensure human spokespersons act on behalf of the whole human race and not the local military.

1 Some ancient texts refer to them as "watchers", many ancient civilisations mysteriously explain visits from Star Gods, and the Quoran repeatedly refers to heavenly evesdroppers.

2 Although I disagree with some of the opinions, I recommend you read 'Aliens Among Us' by Jim Marrs for some very interesting observations and thoughts on the subject.

Were you on hallucinogens (Magic Mushrooms) when writing this section? What planet does His Greatness come from?

But is there a POSSIBILITY of non-terrestrial life?
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7.170 He had a Dream

A small edited version of one of the greatest speeches ever made in the history of the human race. The last paragraph of Martin Luther King's speech is a fitting ending to the Religious and Spiritual issues section of this book.

"I have a Dream"

I have a dream that one day …… the sons of former slaves and the sons of former slaveowners will be able to sit down together at a table of brotherhood. ….. I have a dream that my four children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the colour of their skin but by the content of their character. I have a dream today.

I have a dream that one day the state…. will be transformed into a situation where little black boys and black girls will be able to join hands with little white boys and white girls and walk together as sisters and brothers. I have a dream today. I have a dream that one day every valley shall be exalted, every hill and mountain shall be made low, the rough places will be made plain, and the crooked places will be made straight, and the glory of the Lord shall be revealed, and all flesh shall see it together. This is our hope. ….. With this faith we will be able to hew out of the mountain of despair a stone of hope. With this faith we will be able to transform the jangling discords .... into a beautiful symphony of brotherhood. With this faith we will be able to work together, to pray together, to struggle together, ….. to stand up for freedom together, knowing that we will be free one day.

When we let freedom ring, when we let it ring from every village and every hamlet, from every state and every city, we will be able to speed up that day when all of God's children, black men and white men, Jews and Gentiles, Protestants and Catholics, will be able to join hands and sing in the words of the old Negro spiritual, "Free at last! free at last! Thank God Almighty, we are free at last!"

Washington DC 28 August 1963

I direct everyone who considers themselves even slightly religious, humanist or spiritual ensures that Martin Luther King's Dream comes true by December 12, 2012 December 12th, 2012. Because on that day everyone will sing "We are free at last".



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