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What if you were put in charge of the World tomorrow? How would you run the planet?

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This globally popular educational and research website lists every national and international problem in the world in a rather unusual and entertaining way, so remember to bookmark www.12-12-12.org in your favourites folder! For the record: Andronicos the author does not profess to greatness in any shape or form. Lets continue.................

Andronicos "The Great" as Director of the Human Race and Manager Planet Earth commands and Andronicos "The Cynic" responds as follows.........


6.0 Business Commerce and Economics Issues

6.10 Alternative money


I invite every politician, economist and businessperson to read the well presented, easy to understand book "The future of money"1. It lists proven alternatives and complementary money systems to the existing global paper based confidence trick everyone uses and falls for called "cash". Here are some of these alternatives:-

Commodity Money: A piece of paper fully backed by a commodity such as coal. A small monthly stamp fee pays for the storage of the coal.

Stamp Script Money: If you have thousands of unemployed people all willing to work in a local region but there is only a small amount of liquid capital, pay them in this way. For every month they don't spend their virtual money, a tax of 1% per month has to be paid. The incentive is therefore to spend spend spend the script money as quickly as possible with unemployed people, which will create much needed employment!

Lets (Local Exchange Trading System): Put very simply, in areas where there is not much "real" cash, it’s a computerised electronic notice board which offers various goods and services for barter: often involving real cash and "Lets" computer money. It is worth noting some tribal states allow such transactions to be tax-free.

Time dollars, Ithaca hours, Pen exchange, The Curitiba, The Tlaloc and the Bia Kud Chum are other variations of the theme.

Anyway, I have decided that where legal, local communities experiencing high unemployment should instigate similar systems. I direct community leaders address this issue immediately.

I further direct that initially War Bond corporations fund day to day life in their Kibbutz villages with a hybrid complimentary currency system such as listed above. Why? Because American dollars, Eurodollars or any other tribal currency is not very useful if there's no one within several hundred kilometres who can (initially) afford to buy anything with traditional money.

I envisage a day, not that far away, when money is no longer used in the way it is today.

1 By Bernard Lietaer 2001

6.20 The 'Robin Hood' patent and initiative

Big greedy corporations and rich people withhold payment when due to smaller corporations and poorer people. They greedily earn interest on the money.

A non profit patent has been created to enable governments and groups of governments to automatically collect late payment surcharges and keep a percentage in the form of a new taxation.

Some of this new taxation will be used to eliminate poverty. A by-product of the system is to create a very secure debenture security to allow smaller businesses to borrow money to create jobs which will create taxation and stimulate local economies further.

Its catalyst will be an explosion in E-commerce and Internet usage. This invention will become the central hub for all invoicing and electronic payment systems - not their replacement.

I direct reputable and respected economists to prove a theory, which states -

"The (Real) Andronicos first and last theorem on economics" states -

"Automatically levying, harvesting and enforcing a late payment surcharge on electronic invoices will act as a trigger to substantially increase the quality of floating security available to lenders, which in turn will create liquidity to SMEs, create jobs, increase wealth and provide for a new species of corporate taxation that will subsidise the taxation payable by individuals, whilst at the same time benefiting charities and NGOs."

Finally, I wish to make clear that when the system eventually goes live, due to its strategic importance in controlling most inter-company invoices around the World, it will be built with one major safeguard: if it is unavailable, normal postal invoicing will be allowed.

The highlights of this patent that will contribute to the eradication of poverty (and subsidise taxation), including a satirical Budget speech by the British Government, can be found below.

  1. Robin Hood

I thought this book and website forbade advertising.

I think you will find this is a charitable initiative and not a commercial venture.

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6.30 The World dollar

Eventually I want a global currency introduced, the World dollar, but this can wait. A real global currency based on a basket of real commodities can actually minimise the chances of future conflict. Institutions that speculate trillions every day in currency movement will then have to find real "things" to invest in. "Things" that create jobs and wealth for everyone including themselves.

Until at least 3 ACH though, I direct that the dollar ($) and Eurodollar (€) permanently fix rates with each other.

I direct a committee made up of the European Central Bank and Federal Reserve Bank of America, control interest rates. I further direct that as many currencies as possible are either fixed to either of the above "super" currencies or replaced by them.

Governments should be very wary getting advice on this matter solely from bankers who will lose substantial profit from fixing currencies or replacing them with common ones. Even the Federal Reserve Bank of America which is NOT actually owned by the Federal Government may potentially have a conflict of interest. Its root shareholders are other American banks who are owned by various institutional investors including... many other international banks! Any advice the Fed's open market committee may have on the matter is not within the parameters of its normal terms of reference.

(Memo note to myself: Remember to open 12 Federal Reserve bank accounts.)

Memo note to myself: remember to move my savings account to planet Zebulan.

6.40 National asset lists: The Global Internet register

I commend the Sovereign tribes of the United Kingdom for making a first attempt at a national asset list. Although in my opinion incomplete for not showing the value of land holdings, it puts into perspective how much a Sovereign tribe is worth "on paper", and how much it could sell should its citizens or government wish to invest in something special. I direct every Sovereign tribe on Earth, including the Vatican, does the same. For very large Sovereign tribes I direct it be undertaken on a state/regional level.

Refer to www.12-12-12.org/6.40.

6.50 Patents and copyright

With very few exceptions, I direct respect be shown to other people's original inventions, music, books and designs.

Video, software and music piracy is theft.

I do not accept that the spoken words of great men and women should be subject to copyright. To do so is an insult to their values and memory.

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6.66 To be completed in Round 3.

6.70 Money transfers abroad: Immediate directions

Most national and international banks belong to a global money wiring cartel. What this means is that the banks’ own monopoly to transfer monies from bank A to bank B, via a family correspondent bank C must normally be used.

Not only does the customer have to pay ridiculous fees and rip off currency exchange rates to use this monopoly, but something worse takes place. The banks concerned conveniently “sit on” the money overnight (or several “nights”) without having to pay any interest to anyone. They then lend it out at interest!

I direct all Sovereign states symbolically drag all bank CEOs by their hair to a public hearing on the matter.

I direct banks be fined punitive rates for the disgraceful monopoly. As banks can go back several years and apply interest charges even if it was their mistake –so should tribal governments force banks to pay punitive fines. Teach them a lesson so this never happens again.

I further direct the issuers of credit cards, bank cash cards and charge cards allow their customers to assign "additional card holders" who live in poor regions across the World. This will allow small cash withdrawals to be made relatively quickly and cheaply by poorer relatives of cardholders who live in wealthy regions of the World. I do not accept the ridiculous excuse which may be suggested by those who will have a conflict of interest that this opens the door for money laundering. Just because some poor mama in the Caribbean is withdrawing her weekly limit of 200 dollars to feed her 7 children, doesn't mean she's chief cook and bookkeeper for the local Yardies.

Finally, I direct the major reputable supermarket chains around the World create their own internal inexpensive wire transfer service for customers to provide grocery money to their poorer relatives abroad. Refer to my earlier directive on this matter (section 1.110).

6.80 Dealing with corporate bullies and unfair monopolies

Poor people or small (tin pot) little companies do not have the financial strength to fight large multinational companies or bullies. (The legal systems throughout the World make it almost impossible for justice to occur.)

So here's what I want done:

Beamed off Planet

If a person or corporate entity is 1000 times richer in net worth than a plaintiff, and the plaintiff is of a certain low net worth, and the plaintiff’s case is reasonable, I direct that tribal Sovereign states subsidise the legal fees of poor plaintiffs, in return for a percentage of a court (or out of court) settlement. It will make corporate bullies think twice before taking on someone bigger and force them to settle out of court, or else.

I know lawyers offer this service in certain tribal regions, but usually for very big cases only or small foolproof ones. Even then their 30-50% fee is too high. Let tax payers and small companies benefit, not rich lawyers.

In the meantime, I will be making public examples of large corporate bullies who have mistreated the weak. Some will be forced to Get Off My Planet Planet.

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6.90 Money Laundering

I direct the custom of being able to turn up at certain offshore banks loaded with suitcases full of cash to cease immediately.

As this money is likely to be the result of tax fraud, robbery or the proceeds of illegal drugs, the existing policy of no questions asked is to end immediately.

Expel banks from the global banking club that take part in these scams. Swallow credit cards that belong to customers of these banks in ATM machines worldwide. Banks are directed to refuse to wire monies to these offshore banks from abroad or accept wired monies from these offshore banks unless they are held in an Interpol suspense account. These nasty banks will be told to Get Off My Planet Planet.

6.100 Gambling

This book is not about personal morality or value judgements. Nevertheless, if gambling is considered stupid, then those who regularly subscribe to Internet gambling need mental help or brain surgery for actually believing that a computer they can't see is paying winnings to punters they can't see either.

I direct all Sovereign states, specifically offshore islands, regulate, license and enforce real or virtual gambling establishments and prosecute the thieves who cheat: specifically the owners.

I never did understand Craps other than lots of excited Americans start kissing each other every time double six is thrown, nevertheless, I would finally say this - if you really dislike someone, take him or her for the first time to a gambling establishment such as a casino, horse race, dog race or equivalent and hope they love to wager.

6.110 Social Security Pensions

Children born today face a possible bankrupt social security pension fund. Their old age pensions will have to be covered by ways other than having lots of children during their lifetimes or being forced to pay substantial income taxes disguised as (national) insurance.

But what if scientists find ways to increase average life spans into the hundreds of years? The answer is a fairer global society using global ethics needs to be created now before such an eventuality happens.

I direct plans be put in place now - starting today.

6.120 The World Bank

World Bank

I commend this institution for doing its best to help minimise poverty. Keep it up. I direct those interested in global finance to look at what the World Bank has undertaken for the poor living in developing Sovereign tribes. I direct the World Bank assists me in the 12-12-12 initiative.

(Memo note to myself: Remember to open 12 World Bank accounts.)

6.130 The WTO (World Trade Organisation)

With immediate effect the WTO will be allowed to have a voice, but I will conduct the choir.

For those who take part in demonstrations involving the WTO I respect your right to freedom of expression. I also respect that each one of you has your own favourite subject(s) to lobby about. All I ask is this: give the WTO a chance to evolve into a clearing house of trade management rather than trade disputes. Even a strong democracy like the United States, based on a well meaning constitution, needed time to evolve its laws so that slavery was abolished and sexism and racism minimised.

I direct that the idiots who use the opportunity to smash buildings, burn cars, or hurt and maim people cease and desist immediately. I don't want you or similar anarchists on my team unless you behave. If you don't - then I direct you Get Off My Planet Planet.

Finally, I direct all officials who run the WTO to eat bananas. You may have the authority to enforce decisions on the largest and richest tribes on Earth, but you can't stop the common people introducing their own tariffs, should they wish it to be done. It's done whether you like it or not.

(Memo note to myself: remember to get all the WTO rules changed to fit mine.)

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6.140 The IMF (International Monetary Fund)

You are a bunch of twits. You are the equivalent of the whiplashing overseers of Ancient Egypt and the cotton field plantation masters of 18th century America. Did any of you, your associates or your masters make a profit from knowing that the Argentinian currency would collapse?

Your time will be limited. I direct you perk yourselves up and warn your banking masters to brace themselves for a few symbolic plagues. In the meantime start making a list of IMF assets and liabilities ready for a soon to be announced sale. Perhaps you could consider future job opportunities in Latin America when the IMF is closed down as being "surplus to my global requirements".

IMF Logo

(Memo note to myself: I want some of their office space.)

Being partially dyslexic, His Greatness wrote MFI in the original draft. That would have caused confusion!

6.150 Confidentiality Agreements: Licensed Independent Communicators

If a poor person invents something or has a business idea, there are various avenues open to proceed.

Most avenues end at having to disclose the idea to a large (possible partner) corporation. Getting them to sign a fair Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) and Confidentiality Agreement is almost impossible. They can steal the idea knowing you are a tin pot little amoeba who cannot afford to sue them.

On the other hand, a multinational organisation may be so huge that one of its many research laboratories could have in all honesty already invented the idea.

I therefore direct the creation of mutually agreeable trustworthy third parties who will act as licensed independent communicators of the invention to a central point within a large organisation.

The inventor who approaches a large organisation should be the one who pays for the fees.

If it is obvious that the large organisation is NOT working on a similar idea, then they should not object to signing a confidentiality and NDA agreement... unless there are other ulterior motives.

A model confidentiality agreement can be found on www.12-12-12.org/6.150

6.160 The new ‘Global Corporate Ethics and Business practices Board’

I direct that 12 eminent people, cautious, incorruptible, experts in their field, highly respectable and paragons of ethical virtue be appointed trustees of issuing global guidelines on these matters. Deliberation must take place in public. Let them act as advisors, binding arbitrators on some matters and the conscience between Sovereign tribes.

6.170 Tape recording important conversations

I want the custom adopted that permits all important conversations to be recorded, stored and shared. Many, many, many misunderstandings will be eliminated by mutually consenting to recording meetings, phone calls and even so called "gentleman's agreements".

This looks like a self indulgent PC software plug by "His Greatness" for …..

To avoid misunderstandings, let's move onto the next issue: The Euro.

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6.180 The Eurodollar

As a matter of historic interest, back in 1970 the prime minister of Luxembourg set out a plan for establishing a Europe wide currency in 1980. One of the claims: to end war in Europe.


What makes the Sovereign tribes of Denmark, Sweden and the United Kingdom who they are and what they are is not the colour or shape of their money. It's what's inside the collective heart and mind that defines tribal character. Its history, its culture, its food, its clothes, its amusing mannerisms and its diverse citizens make up the tribal soul.

I direct the above 3 Sovereign tribes join the Eurodollar as soon as possible for the following 3 reasons -

  1. Banks and credit card companies will not earn between two and five percent of every transaction made "abroad" anymore.
  2. Importers, and I speak from experience, will be able to risk smaller profit margins if they don't have to plan for major currency fluctuations.
  3. The War Bond has a greater chance of success.

As a matter of practical interest to those that consider it important - each Sovereign tribe has the right to place their own tribal symbol, including their King or Queen if they have one, on Euro coins.

Nevertheless, on the tricky question as to whether there should ever be a European wide tax system, I ask for the following to be done: Get a fifty Eurodollar bill. Whose head do you see on it and what buildings are pictured? I haven't got a clue either, so I direct the following:

Pay tribal taxes to the state (subject to their compliance to international civil and criminal laws), pay European taxes to Europe (subject to a consensus vote by all tribes within the European Union agreed by all member states via referendum or parliamentary vote, ratified by treaty which the European Court will not veto as being against European Law or judged to be a financial cartel, or deemed an illegal protectionist ploy by the WTO to bypass banana quotas) and... pay God's things to God - who, as The Supreme Being is a monopoly.


In the meantime, JOIN THE EURO.

6.190 Unemployment

The medium and the long-term aim of the 12-12-12 initiative will be the creation of many jobs all over the World.

The reason the Sovereign states of America got out of the depression in the 1920s and 30s was a series of huge spending projects, followed by the second World War (1939-1945) which created vast wealth. This war against extreme poverty will do the same.

6.200 Human DNA patenting

Human DNA

That's fine, as long as all 6 billion shareholders of the human genome get a slice of every dollar made. Otherwise I forbid it.

6.210 Profit sharing

I direct this be introduced in every company however small, or multinational however large. Reward your employee partners at all levels for their efforts locally, regionally and globally.

I commend all those that do. After all, it makes business sense to keep your partners happy and provide them incentive.

The brightest business idea is to use employee partners to come up with bright business ideas. All medium and large organisations should use their own Intranet as a repository of new ideas and reward staff as a percentage of savings made or increased sales gained.

6.220 Minimising bureaucracy in small businesses

In developed tribes, cut the bureaucracy that occurs.

I direct a subsidised advisor be provided for all small and micro businesses to help them with their red tape. Retired professionals will do fine.

In the tribal regions of England and Wales I commend organisations such as the Forum of Private Business for taking the lead in minimising bureaucracy and acting as the voice of small business, by polling thousands of companies on a regular basis. Get on www.12-12-12.org/6.220 for regional advice.

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6.230 Credit reporting agencies

I direct tribal governments force credit reporting agencies to pay an absolute minimum of half a week's average tribal wages for mistakes in their database that effect someone's credit application. Why should members of the public not be compensated for keeping sloppy commercial databases up to date? A database that is the sole responsibility of the credit reporting agency or bank to keep accurate.

6.240 World Economics Forum

You are allegedly the crème de la crème of the financial ruling elite. When you meet in the first quarter of 2003, I direct you explain to the World how you will all ensure the 12-12-12 initiative is a success and extreme poverty eliminated off the face of the Earth by December 12, 2012 December 12th, 2012.

6.250 Taxation

Tax Bag

Congressman Dick Armey introduced an interesting intuitive proposal to reform the USA tax system. It was a radical new approach: the introduction of a flat rate tax system of 17% for everyone. He actually argued that if all personal income was subject to non deductions whatsoever - the tax rate would fall to 10%.

I like the idea of having less bureaucracy, less paid professional assistance and less tax officials topped with the knowledge you don't need to be a university professor to fill out formal tax questionnaires.

Nevertheless, such a system will not be fair until the minimum threshold for what is today defined as the poorest of society, reaches a much higher level of basic living conditions.

The day will come when everyone will pay a small flat rate "mandatory" tax. (Read my lips - I said "small".) In the meantime, I direct all tribes to continue with whatever tax system their leaders promised their electorate would be provided to them. There is no need to get permission from me on this matter - so go ahead: Tax.

But while on the subject of taxation, I do direct all Sovereign tribes warn public corporations that a World Unification Tax may be introduced as a one off exercise for a few years. Such a move will stabilise the main stock markets from the mayhem public support of the 12-12-12 initiative will cause and of course be very, very popular with everyone except some greedy public companies who can't see further than the end of their financial year.

6.260 Office Space

In many wealthy tribal regions, micro and small businesses have to pay extortionate rental rates to greedy landlords. A family business can possibly be run out of someone's bedroom, but this is not normally the case when external employees need a small "office" to work from. I therefore have two directives on this matter: Firstly, I want tribal states to create initiatives for greatly reduced office rental space to be offered to very small business with less than 12 employees. The rental savings made to these small businesses will enable more local jobs to be created. Secondly, I direct local authorities CUT most of THE RED TAPE so that farmers or certain residential land owners can offer accommodation to micro businesses at inexpensive rates with additional tax incentives to do so.

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6.270 Audited Accounts of Public Companies

"If a public company is cooking the books, I want to know which particular recipe they are using."
Andronicos "The Great"

Effective immediately, I want a global standard used for the presentation of audited accounts of public companies. I specifically want to know the true value of assets and liabilities and not one based on some hypothetical exchange rate of some fuddy duddy currency, hidden offshore bank account, or some shell company that's about to be put in an exotic sea food stew.

I commend AIMR, a global organisation that attempts to set high standards for investment professionals worldwide. I direct the following groups heed AIMR's advice and listen to their recommendations, as it will make my job easier when I bid to takeover certain public companies: Boards of directors, corporate management, auditors, credit rating agencies, accounting standards boards, securities regulators and law makers.

(Memo note to myself: I must contact all 150,000 AIMR investment professionals in 150+ countries telling them what stock to dump.)

6.280 Unions

The concept of trade unions is a good idea. There are three types. The first acts as a way to get special commercial advantages and social events for their membership. For example discounts, special offers and group family outings. The second act as negotiators and the voice of their membership to get increases in pay and conditions for their tribe. They are part of the team to increase the wealth of a company. A partnership. The third are an excuse to act as a bunch of political thugs to suck every penny they can from an organisation or tribal authority: sometimes for the principle, sometimes because they want to prove they can. I abhor the third group. At times strikes are necessary as a last resort, but not because of greed or pride.

I direct all major organisations have a union representative as a board attendee to advise senior management (including Human Resource Management) on grass roots staff issues.

With immediate effect I direct the following formula be used when negotiating pay rises-

If things are going well, a cost of living pay rise at slightly more than the real inflation rate should be made plus a productivity or profit sharing bonus, broken down into local, regional and international components.

If things are going badly, no pay rise should be expected until things are going well again, at which point a backdated pay rise as above plus a "patience bonus" should be made by the employer.

I want unions to help me negotiate unpaid time off for any volunteer member who wishes to take part in the global desert reclamation project referred to in section 3.70.

And finally, I want unions to help provide financial assistance to any of their members who when called to do so, actually go on legal strikes as part of the 12-12-12 initiative against greedy, non conforming employers.

6.290 Consumer Complaints

Where appropriate, complain more.

Get on www.12-12-12.org/6.290 to find out how and to whom to complain.

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6.300 Insurance

Insurance is a good thing. Not being able to afford insurance is the best indicator it is needed. Nevertheless, I direct the very unfair and immoral practice of allowing law firms and accountants to buy insurance to pay for their legal costs (used extensively by UK insolvency professionals) be banned immediately. I'm not against the use of insurance to protect professional people from being sued. But I am against professionals buying insurance (which is typically 10% of the estimated final legal bill) so that they can drag people to court with the knowledge that those financially destitute will neither have the funds nor insurance to protect themselves from a lawsuit however frivolous.

In the meantime, I direct laws be passed that make insurance companies that fund such actions liable for their total reserves on any awards made against the plaintiff case that they are greedily insuring.


End of Section 6:

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