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What if you were put in charge of the World tomorrow? How would you run the planet?

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This globally popular educational and research website lists every national and international problem in the world in a rather unusual and entertaining way, so remember to bookmark www.12-12-12.org in your favourites folder! For the record: Andronicos the author does not profess to greatness in any shape or form. Lets continue.................

Andronicos "The Great" as Director of the Human Race and Manager Planet Earth commands and Andronicos "The Cynic" responds as follows.........


4.0 Education Issues

4.10 Teaching what is right and wrong

The 12-12-12 initiative and this book is not about personal morality issues. I leave that to families, tribal cultures, individual experience, tribal customs, spiritual beliefs and personal value judgements.

The teaching of the consensus of tribal opinion of what is right and wrong must be taught at home and at school though. But that is not enough. I direct older children be taught inter-tribal morality issues as part of history classes. Why it was wrong for so and so to have done such and such.

Educating teens in this way, yet keeping very controversial regional or religious issues outside of the school agenda, will help these older ones understand tribal morality and tribal ethics and their do's and don'ts.

4.20 Teaching morality and ethics

Here is a list of 12 circumstances which certain tribes brand as immoral and even illegal.

Put in order of priority which is the most immoral "sin".

  1. A man who has sex with 20 different women with the aim of finding the perfect long term relationship.
  2. A man who goes to Las Vegas, gets married, divorced, married, divorced 60 times to 60 different women, but is always faithful to his "current" wife.
  3. A man who has been faithfully married to one woman for 30 years, but screams verbal abuse at her every day for 25 years.
  4. Two lesbians or two homosexuals in a faithful, caring, loving relationship who regularly help other less fortunate people.
  5. A married heterosexual couple, the wife of whom has had 7 affairs spanning 30 years.
  6. A married heterosexual couple, the husband of which is a closet bisexual and has had 7 gay affairs spanning 30 years.
  7. A male bigamist with 4 wives, or a female bigamist with 4 husbands.
  8. Littering
  9. Speeding on a motorbike in front of a busy school road while drunk.
  10. Genocide.
  11. Ethnic cleansing and murder because the local religious cleric said it had to be done in God's name.
  12. Not doing enough to eradicate poverty or war - if empowered to do so.
Thank you for doing this small self test. Now do it again, but this time pretend you are a devout Muslim, Christian, atheist or Buddhist. I direct that all tribal Sovereign states create a small list of common denominators, one where there is an unconditional agreement as to what is right and wrong.

The key to "many tribes one people one planet" unity, is not to attempt to educate individual people on what is right and wrong. The key is to be able to agree to disagree whilst at the same time allowing those that share common value judgements to live together peacefully next to those that donít, yet allowing those who can't accept these value judgements to at best live in peace or at worst move.

If a man wants to marry 4 women - let him move to the Sovereign state of Saudi Arabia but he must follow their other laws. If a Muslim woman does not want to wear a veil, let her move to the Sovereign state of Turkey as long as she follows their other laws.

By eradicating poverty and educating people, such freedom of migration will make the World safer and its people happier. Without compromising the beliefs or customs of regional minorities: Agree to disagree.

I disagree to agree to disagree if I am right.

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4.30 Racism and Religion: Schools

I wish to honour the city of Melilla, Morocco. Under the guidance of its Spanish tribal authority, the mixed population of Muslims, Christians and Jews live with each other in peace. The children go to the same schools and learn to respect and enjoy each others religious festivals such as Ramadan, Navidad (Christmas) and Hanukkah. Let other city authorities learn from this excellent example.

Sikh     Christian     Muslim

I want all schools to teach the youngest pupils about the cultures of each others minority races, but not in the manner of a zoology lesson or merely the historic or religious technical aspects. Why do Sikhs wear turbans? Bring an unwrapped turban to school and get children to see how it's wrapped around the head of a respectful volunteer. Bring pastries or sweets to honour the culture of a special festival. Why is the Chinese New Year different? How is a giant paper dragon made? The children can help.

The best way local minority leaders can help children and cultures integrate, is to arrange for volunteers within their tribal community to visit schools in the region to explain why their strange customs are quite normal.

I commend universities that self-publish guidelines on how students should respect each others religions on campus. I direct all large schools should have such guidelines in place.

Subject to local laws and copyright issues, I direct movies such as Amistad and Schindler's List be available to teachers to show and use in junior High School history classes all over the World.

I suggest "One flew over the cuckoo's nest" would be a more appropriate movie to watch and be indicative of His Greatness.

4.40 RRR's: Reading writing and arithmetic

There are nearly 1 billion people worldwide who can't read or write. By December 12, 2012 December 12th, 2012 I direct a 99% literacy rate be reached for basic reading, writing and arithmetic - throughout the World. For all children under 40 years of age.

Algebra, gardening and decorating is not the priority, the 3 R's are.

4.50 Teenage unwanted pregnancies: Electronic Baby Timeshare

A recent invention has helped young girls experience what it is like to look after a real newborn baby day and night. It is a computerised doll that wakes up throughout the night for virtual feeding and diaper (nappy) manager duties.

This is one type of cloning I do approve of. I direct the inventors slash the price, mass produce and enhance the doll so that it will be used on most girls aged 11-13 throughout the World.

The biggest natural contraceptive is abstinence. It can be induced in the minds of the young by various ways. Fear of being a mother is one of them.

For further information refer to www.12-12-12.org/4.50.

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4.60 The new 24 hour drug channel on TV

I have already stated the directive to create a shocking 24 hr drugs channel in the drugs section of this book - 2.10. To emphasise the point, here is what I want covered:

Live police raids against dealers, how to stop using drugs, how to stop smoking or how to stop being an alcoholic and where to go for confidential local help for any substance misuse problem.

I want footage of drug babies, addicts eating out of dumpsters, gangrenous, infected syringe wounds, ER emergencies of accidental overdoses and what life is like in prison for dealers of hard drugs or those in jail for drug funding crime sprees. Shock the viewers, don't entertain or tickle morbid curiosity.

24 hrs a day with the worst footage being overnight. In between shocking documentary footage, I want success stories of those that gave up drugs and where to get help. To get a wider audience, play top pop music. Teens have pretty resilient stomachs compared to old cronies over 35, so make it shocking.

4.70 Online library of mankind's knowledge

Religious bigotry and intolerance destroyed the ancient repository of mankind's knowledge in Alexandria, Egypt. At one time it housed thousands of books from around the World. Today this will change. I direct a new online library of electronically searchable books, art exhibits and reference material be held on an array of computers housed somewhere in Alexandria.

Most reference books from all over the World with a circulation list of less than 1000 copies that are more than 50 years old should be placed online and eventually translated into many languages.

I further direct that this becomes the symbolic hub of centralised knowledge which the human race electronically will copy and take with it when permanent colonies on non-terrestrial habitats are established. I want all the huge repositories such as the Louvre, British Library and Smithstonian institute in this directive. I direct optional copyright protection and charging be permissible for copies that are physically printed off. Software is available to do this.

4.80 Foreign Languages

There are certain European tribes whose high school children speak three languages.

I direct every child of 8 has mandatory lessons in a second language for at least 3 years. Make the World smaller. Less communication problems for the future and better opportunities in life await those who speak more than 1 language.

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4.90 High School and University students: 12-12-12 Initiative Etiquette

I want the following process followed when creating a school "Community Support Club" to help the local community and in creating the "12-12-12 initiative ideas workshop".

High Schools Community Support Officer Elections

  • Every pupil will get one vote to elect 9 students into office for a minimum of 1 term and a maximum of 1 year.
  • The 9 elected students will invite 3 teachers into an "upper house" that will have power of veto and provide policy decisions.
  • The 3 teachers will invite 3 further unelected students to serve in the lower house, making a total of 12 "12-12-12 school Community Support officers".
  • All of the students will act as "Karma officer" on a rotation basis unless they deem otherwise.

All ideas, research and communications to www.12-12-12.org on behalf of the school is to be filtered by the lower house. Work as teams, whether it be to help in the community or to help the 12-12-12 initiative. Liaise with local social services and newspapers for those who need help. Wherever I have written the expression "look for guidance in local newspapers" in this book - it's you that will be referenced in some of these free community advertisements in liaison with other Community Support clubs in the region.


Use your initiative. For goodness sake, you may end up being a World ruler one day. Prove it. The brightest ones who hope to become one can help the aforementioned schools liaise with the community and of course communicating with www.12-12-12.org.

All of you: However well intentioned, your primary task in school is to study and pass your exams. Don't forget that.

4.100 High flier international student exchange

I want this encouraged. Not only between culturally similar tribes - but diverse ones. Refer [below] for more details.

4.110 High school graduate sabbatical in poor countries

I commend non-profit organisations who with parental approval, send school students to poor African tribes for a few months to help the local population as Development Instructors. Don't let the War Bond effort stop such ideas being copied by other organisations. Refer to www.12-12-12.org/4.110.

4.120 Surplus book distribution

I direct surplus books from "sales" be distributed to school libraries. Every few months a ship should be sent to a developing tribe - containing school books of the same language.

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4.130 Permanent inhumanity exhibitions throughout the World

Holocaust     Atomic Bomb

I direct a permanent museum exhibit be created in every national museum to publicly display the horrors of the holocaust, atomic bombs and slavery. It will serve as a warning for Earth's future children why such things must never be allowed to happen again.

4.140 The teaching of Evolution vs. Creation

So many scientists talk about evolution as a fact of life people are beginning to believe them! Well it's not.

Why is it that the evolutionary missing link is still missing? Why is it that every single allegedly part human fossil ever found, couldn't even fill the back of a lorry?

On September 11th, 1999 the exclusive front page headline in the UK Daily Express was "The New Genesis". The subject on how scientists are on the verge of creating new species and life forms from scratch. If the human race can do this tomorrow, after only 100 years of technology, why can't children be taught the possibility that a supreme being had the technology first?

Without bringing religious topics or the 7 creative days (epochs) as being literal, into biology, chemistry or physics, I direct the word "evolution" should sometimes be interspersed with the words "many people believe that so and so happened because it was influenced or created by a "Supreme Being", "Creator" or "God"."

Daily Express cutting

4.150 Minimum mandatory 12 years of primary education (until >100)

I direct an initial minimum mandatory 12 years of full time education for every child on the planet. (This will eventually become a much longer stint when the human race averages life spans of several hundred years or more. I foresee boys and girls will not be intellectually or socially mature enough to get their first part time job before the age of 40, civil servants 60 and politicians 80 in future.)

I direct illiterate or uneducated War Bond employees be given a crash course in secular education. I want 12 years crammed into the equivalent of one day a week for 3 years. Children of War Bond employees will be in normal village type schools of course.

Effective 2003 I direct all schools throughout the World instil social humanist values in the hearts of their pupils. All teenage students that belong to the equivalent of High Schools are directed to use their initiative in providing help and support to those less fortunate within their community. (Refer to previous section 4.90)

4.160 Global Internet availability for schools

I direct every school of more than 100 pupils in "wealthy" Sovereign tribal regions to be Internet enabled by December 12, 2003 and connected to each other re the 12-12-12 initiative.

I will provide further instructions and a methodology to acquire unique IDs soon. By December 12, 2012 December 12th, 2012 every school on my planet is directed to be connected to the Internet.

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4.170 School Meditation and Stress Relief Therapies

A recent experiment known as "The Discovery Project" undertaken in Portsmouth, England has shown that primary school children as young as six respond very well to meditation and stress relief therapy. It is supposed to increase emotional intelligence, tackle anger and battle depression. The latter could prove useful to teachers.

I am totally against the concept of mass hypnosis, religious indoctrination or brain washing, but am very interested in the results of the studies currently taking place. As Director of the Human Race and Manager Planet Earth, I want the system adopted in every one of my schools worldwide if the study proves successful.

Get on www.12-12-12.org/4.170 for further information on how to adopt these practices in your school.

His Greatness is obviously also a paediatrician amongst His many gifts.

4.180 The new bonfire celebration: an annual burning of toys of war and violence

Effective on the first Saturday night after November 15th, 2012 and annually thereafter (using the new calendar) I direct a new celebration be instigated throughout the World.

On that night, war toys such as guns and swords will be burned in a family or community barbecue bonfire. Future generations of children will be told what this strange thing called war actually was.

For 12 days prior to every annual bonfire celebration it will be customary to allow children to have toy guns and toy swords for them to play war games with.

Finally, for the Sovereign tribe of the United Kingdom, I direct Guy Fawkes be finally laid to rest on November 5th, 2012. From this date it will no longer be customary or socially acceptable for children to beg "Euros for the Guy" or to burn his effigy.

Does anyone have any ideas for a suitable Andronicos "The Great" effigy?


End of Section 4:

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