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What if you were put in charge of the World tomorrow? How would you run the planet?

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Andronicos "The Great" as Director of the Human Race and Manager Planet Earth commands and Andronicos "The Cynic" responds as follows.........


2.0 Health and Social issues

2.10 Narcotics

2.10.10 Illegal drug users: Freedom to use and eventually recover

Sniffer Dogs                     Drugs

Up to 80% of crimes such as theft, robbery and muggings are caused by drug addicts in dire need of money to satisfy their next fix. In the Sovereign tribes of the United Kingdom it has been estimated that drug abuse costs approximately $1500 per year per household. Most murders in inner cities are turf wars between rival drug gangs. The following guidelines will drastically reduce crime at a stroke and choke the cause of the problem.

Sovereign states where illegal hard drugs are a problem are directed to liberalise their laws as soon as possible. If someone wants hard drugs such as Heroin or Cocaine, let them go to a specialist doctor who is licensed and managed by the appropriate government agency (for example the DEA in America). As long as the user stays out of trouble and consumes in private, they can have access via their licensed doctor to the best drugs money can't buy today.

As for drug dealers, drug couriers or DUI drug users that do not stay out of trouble, I direct an increase to the punishment given as a deterrent. If it can be proven that a drug dealer induced someone to use drugs for the first time, the punishment should be even harsher.

Syringes should always be swapped free of charge, no questions asked to avoid HIV cross contamination.

Having shamefully used hard drugs in the past, albeit infrequently and a long time ago, I am one of the most anti drug people you will find. But I'm also realistic because I know what it's like to use these vile chemicals and for what reason. Ironically I found it harder to stop smoking tobacco than stopping the occasional indulgence in Cocaine, crack, speed or "soft" drugs.

I predict the day will come when certain hard drugs will be placed in open bowls in the centre of towns and cities but no one will want to touch the poison. Even ex drug addicts will rather die than do so.

I want a shocking 24 hour channel set up that shows the results of drug use, live police raids against dealers, how to stop using drugs, how to stop smoking or how to stop being an alcoholic and where to go for confidential local help for any substance misuse problem.

In the meantime I want graphic detailed pictures of dead drug users used at police stations to shock those arrested for using drugs. Suspected drug dealers should also be shown pictures and films of the bodies of murdered or tortured victims of drug dealers' turf wars.

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2.10.20 "Soft" Drugs

Soft Drug

Illegal "soft" drugs such as Marijuana that are not a major problem in Sovereign states where they are banned, should remain criminally illegal. If this is the will of the local population, let it be. The same applies to alcohol which is banned in certain tribal regions.

Nevertheless, I have decided that Marijuana, commonly known as "grass" (not to be confused with its stronger counterpart "Hashish") should be legalised as soon as possible to avoid paperwork and save law enforcement time. I go so far as to decree that Sovereign states should control and tax the distribution of Marijuana in the same way tobacco and alcohol is taxed. In the UK the Inland Revenue can take the lead in taxing the distribution of "grass", in the USA - the IRS can undertake the task.

Coffee Shop I direct coffee shops be licensed and taxed to sell certain non-hard drugs. With such a licence will come responsibility and rules.

In tribal regions where Marijuana is considered a problem, I don't want to hear one word of descent from anyone in authority who regularly smokes tobacco and considers it socially acceptable to be regularly intoxicated (drunk) with alcoholic beverages.

(Memo note to myself: Get the DTI in the UK to complete a report for my approval)

Memo note to myself: Avoid sharing His Greatness' body when going to Colombia for a holiday or future "Presidential visit".

2.10.30 Bulk Acquisition of Hard Drugs

I direct all Sovereign tribes where illegal hard drugs are a problem that decide to adopt my aforementioned liberalisation directive to buy hard drugs in bulk.

I want the following guidelines adopted, and the DEA, which today is probably one of the most efficient, least corrupt and largest drug enforcement agency in the World to become the focal point for "buying" hard drugs for all Sovereign tribes that are attempting to cure their drug addicts. The expression "collective" referred to below relates to selected groups of local farmers in South America (coca/Cocaine) and the Far East (Opium/Heroin).

  • I want local farmers to be paid up to 7 times more than the local drug barons pay them today for their raw materials. Don't forget that the cost of the local raw materials such as coca leaves and Opium poppies are very, very cheap.
  • For payment to be made as follows -

    25% cash to the collective made up of several farming families.

    50% alternative investment to the collective by way of loans/credits to buy farm equipment, alternative crops, building materials and LAND, over a 20 year loan period.

    25% regional investment within the local community as per their wishes and that of collective groups in the area.

  • For maximum quotas to be set per collective, who may only sell to their one customer. Ignore the WTO, EU or USA consequences in operating a cartel for now. I'm discussing hard drugs - not steel or bananas.
  • For a guaranteed 20 year commitment that their crops will be purchased in bulk by named Sovereign tribes, to be used or destroyed as their customer(s) (the Sovereign tribe(s)) deem fit.
  • For the farmers to secretly identify who the existing drug barons are, their locations, the locations of their factories and where the drug barons live in return for massive rewards.
  • For the production and distribution of the finished bulk article to be undertaken under strict control (quality and security) to relevant Sovereign states that are taking part in the plan.
  • For the final product to be distributed via licensed clinics under the supervision of law enforcement agencies.

Crimes such as murder and kidnapping will plummet in drug growing regions. Exploited and frightened village peasants will eventually be weaned into other ways to feed their families. They will eventually own their own farms, grow alternative crops and not hide in fear of left wing guerrillas, right wing troops, drug barons or the DEA.

Summary: Controlling the production and supply of hard drugs from source to user will create a virtual monopoly, in some cases taxable. The gangsters, dealers and barons will become history, just like the bootleggers during American prohibition. So will many gangland murders.

How should DEA officers fill in their travel expense forms? How about:
Hotel accomodation 12 nights Bogota         1200 dollars
Inhouse movies x 3                                  50 dollars
Quick phone call to the wife from hotel       200 dollars
Food incidentals (restaurants)                   400 dollars
6 Tons of pure grade "A" Cocaine               6,666,666 dollars

2.10.40 The Politics of Drugs

If political parties election manifestos include getting tough on drugs, I commend them. Go after the dealers and their wholesale suppliers and factories, not the mentally ill drug users. From the savings made, spend 70% in overall law enforcement costs to rebuild the slums in inner cities that in many regions have been destroyed because of drug use and spend the remaining 30% on drug education.

Follow my directives as soon as possible and watch crime plummet almost immediately. The temporary surge in registered drug users will diminish on a regular basis with my various education initiatives over the next few years.

There is no alternative to getting a permanent solution other than to shoot every drug dealer and drug user within 24 hours. So follow my directions above.

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2.10.50 Support for families of drug addicts

I direct help be provided to these often forgotten casualties of drug abuse. They need support too.

2.20 Abortion

2.20.10 Abortion: An alternative to pro life and pro choice

There is an alternative to pro life and pro choice, especially when the foetus is potentially damaged.


When the technology has been perfected to freeze and store embryos let this be a third choice.

I have a profoundly disabled son with learning disabilities, my first born, who is the love of my life. If my wife and I had the choice in 1977, we would still have had Kristian and neither aborted nor frozen his embryo, yet I will never criticise those that do. I firmly believe our Creator God has built a backup system for human beings and a potential for rebirth or resurrection in the future. If a computer has a backup, shouldn't a human being?

Not connected with the above statements, I have personally experienced the emotions surrounding an unplanned pregnancy which could have created many problems at the time. Although nature took its course and a miscarriage occurred, it would have been preferable to have a third option: temporary freezing and storing the embryo.

Let embryo freezing be a third choice to pro life and pro choice. As such, at a given point in time, 12 years after freezing takes place or when the mother reaches a certain age, if neither parent wishes to have the baby, one final option should be offered: the transplant of the frozen stored foetus to one of thousands of women who cannot conceive a baby. There will not be a shortage of volunteers. Nevertheless, the responsibility what to do will at all times remain with the parents, specifically the mother. They are answerable to their consciences and to their spiritual beliefs and not to the state or religious clerics.

2.20.20 Adoption

Instead of abortion, the choice of having the baby as normal and allowing it to be adopted by pre screened, pre approved couples within days of birth should also be available.

To allow a mother the option to change her mind and to keep her baby from being adopted without hurting or emotionally distressing would-be adopters, I want the following process in place:

  • A mother who doesn't want the child has a certain amount of days after the birth to make an irrevocable decision.
  • The father has the right to adopt.
  • If not, whoever is next in line for adoption that fits the criteria set by social workers will be contacted in the same way an organ transplant patient is contacted when an organ becomes available. A couple will always know when they are within a few weeks of the end of the adoption queue.
  • This will make couples who can't have children very happy and hopefully a happy baby will end up living in a loving home instead of being allowed to die as an abortion.

2.20.30 Comfort to those who feel guilty or tormented

Those who have suffered because of a miscarriage, the death of their baby or have inner guilt or torment because of a "one off" abortion are directed to listen to the beautiful song made famous by Celine Dion entitled "FLY"1. If you cannot understand English or French, get on the website and print off one of the many literal translations I have prepared for you on www.12-12-12.org/2.20.30.

Listen to it back to back 7 times non-stop. Do not stop half way or it will be like waking up in the middle of surgery. The first 5 times will be agonising, the last 2 will give you inner peace and closure, especially if you believe in God and pray for help in between the songs.

I have witnessed with my own eyes very religious pro life groups stand in shopping centres holding up pictures of aborted baby foetuses. I respect their right to freedom of expression. Will they respect the feelings of parents who have recently suffered the trauma of a miscarriage or the loss of a newborn baby? Instead of doing this, I direct they peacefully hand out a poem entitled "Diary of an unborn child". It can be found on www.12-12-12.org/2.20.30.

1 Written by Jean Jacques Goldman and Phil Galdston in 1996.

I see His Greatness is not only a great leader but is also a counsellor!
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2.20.40 The Facts of Life and Death

The morons who blow up abortion clinics and their occupants are commanded to cease and desist. If you are as religious as you make out, surely you believe in a resurrection of the dead embryo anyway! The Creator will judge each patient and doctor on an individual case by case basis, should it be appropriate, not you. The Creator knows all the facts, you don't. Murderous criminals such as yourselves will also be judged. The Creator knows all the facts and now so do you - so Get Off My Planet Planet.

2.20.50 Drug Addicts and Abortion

I commend Barbara Harris (of California) and her team for using a market based proposition to eliminate multiple abortion and unwanted pregnancies to drug addicts. The excellent plan using her non profit organisation (Children Requiring A Kommunity: Crack) involves paying money to female drug addicts who need regular abortions to get sterilised or take long term birth control. Ms Harris deserves this commendation and others should follow her example.

2.20.60 Embryonic stem cell research

I wholeheartedly agree with the words of a senior Christian cleric made recently where he stated -

"Human life is not a commodity: a baby is not a product; an embryo is not a cluster of exploitable cells but a potential human being."

Stem Cell

But I also believe that in the not too distant future millions of embryos, millions of babies and millions of human beings will owe their quality of life, if not life itself to licensed research using embryos. However much I dislike the idea, in the same way I dislike the idea of brave fire fighters sacrificing their lives to save others or suicidal rescue attempts - the good of the vast majority often outweighs the perceived good of the few.

Furthermore, while I fully agree with anti abortion campaigners in their belief that effective treatments may be available using adult cells instead of embryos, for the sake of research into curing illnesses of the elderly and disabled people sooner rather than later, I authorise licensed embryonic cloning now.

It is all very well arguing whether it's right or wrong to use this method instead of less controversial ones, but until better methods are proven to exist I direct that living Alzheimers sufferers, living spinal injury sufferers, or living disabled people have priority over the living dead embryos that may cure them.

I can't see what all the fuss is about. As long as it is within predefined, licensed and enforced parameters - go find cures!

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2.30 Population control


One of the many advantages that successful implementation of the War Bond will bring is the elimination of having to give birth to many children for security in old age. With 4 children of my own I am certainly not going to pontificate on how many children each couple may have.

Nevertheless, there are three directives which I want followed in tribes where a population problem exists:

  1. Education why only "a few" children is best should start at the age of 10. This should include a mandatory school project helping a local mother who has several young children. Boys and girls should spend at least one day helping out as if they are the elder sibling of the family. It will be quite an eye opener. (See also Teenage Unwanted Pregnancies: Electronic Baby Timeshare Section 4.50)
  2. Birth control advice: cost free and easily accessible should start at an early age.
  3. Birth control drugs, condoms, etc: almost cost free and easily accessible. (See also Religious connotations - section 7.130)

Chines people

Until the time comes that the human race colonises its first non terrestrial habitat, population control will be deemed a major issue to monitor, and I commend Sovereign tribes such as China and India for doing something about the problem.


I doubt His Greatness will get a Christmas card from the Vatican.

2.40 Organ transplants, Donor cards, blood transfusions

If you are not carrying an organ donor card now, lend me your ears. If you are prepared to consider accepting an organ transplant for yourself or your family, it is only right to become a donor.


Enclosed with this book is a sheet containing 12 organ donor cards. Check their validity within your particular Sovereign state. Sign one of the temporary cards today and keep it on you if you would readily accept an organ donation for yourself or your children. Someone else who is reading this book today may save the life of your loved one tomorrow. Remember to tell your closest relatives what you have done.

You are requested to give the other organ donor cards to the next 11 closest friends, work mates or relatives you will meet in the next few hours. If they are in the vicinity stop reading this book and do it now, reminding the recipients that a signature is all that is needed to make the donor card legally binding in certain tribal regions.

If your life has been saved due to a blood transfusion then become a blood donor at least once a year. Anyone who would readily accept a blood transfusion today for themselves or their children, should offer, personal circumstances permitting, their blood donation within the next 28 days.

Whereas donating blood is perfectly safe, blood transfusions can cause major problems. Artificial blood and artificial organs should be developed at the earliest opportunity to eliminate hospital waiting lists and the many problems associated with existing medical treatment - whether physical or religious.

Artificial Organs

I especially commend those who allow the organs of their deceased loved ones to be used to save the life of someone of opposing religious beliefs. Touching examples can be found on www.12-12-12.org/2.40.

2.50 Female 'circumcision' eradication and prevention

I forbid this vile practice and direct it be eradicated immediately.

I honour the Somalian Waris Dirie, a beautiful woman, professional fashion model and caring human being who was brave enough to bring to light this vile practice that was forced upon her. Read her touching story. The shocking truth of what it is like to be one of the 90% of little girls born in certain African tribes.

For "men" who repeat the practice, I direct chemical castration or mandatory sterilisation so as to ensure they bring no more little girls into the World.

No War Bond investment will be made in tribes that allow or turn a blind eye to this enforced mutilation of female children. I direct the relevant civil and medical authorities place the following edict in a prominent position in any village known to have practised FGM. It is available for printing in most relevant tribal languages by getting on the www.12-12-12.org/2.50 website.


Dear Village Elders

There have been reports that the practice of FGM is taking place in your village. I will be arranging for free sex education classes to ALL the male relatives of any girl that has been mutilated or is planned to be mutilated in this way.

The teachers will be selected from neighbouring villages and will provide lessons in public to these male relatives on various techniques on how to satisfy a woman physically in bed.

This will avoid your family ever having to continue with the illegal practice that also carries a prison sentence and in certain cases chemical castration or mandatory sterilisation.

Please provide a list of the names and addresses to the police or Red Cross of those who need to learn how to make love properly.

I will soon be giving you some wonderful news based on the contents of this leaflet.

Best Wishes

Andronicos "The Great"
Manager Planet Earth and Director of The Human Race

If our great leader is going to be the teacher, I want to sit in the front row, and take notes and laugh hysterically.
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2.60 The Japanese Social Services Experiment: A virtual currency

I commend the Sovereign tribes of Japan for their unique visionary social services experiment in caring for elderly and disabled people.

I direct that this be used as a model in all other Sovereign tribes. For the uninitiated, the idea is actually quite simple. For every hour someone spends looking after the elderly, or disabled people, the State guarantees the time donor or their family will get one hour of help when they need it, in addition to "normal" health insurance.

Depending on what time of day the work is undertaken, or what the work entails provides various "Time account credits". Quite a lot of kind hearted people actually give away their time credits and just volunteer anyway. The elderly actually prefer workers from the Hureai Kippu ('caring relationship ticket') than social service workers paid by the state or insurance company!

This system is the key to caring for the elderly of the future. Think about it. What if the human race is initially given the knowledge to "discover" average life spans of several hundred years? Assume population control is not an issue. Assume old age only occurs for the last few years as now. The whole issue of social security will need to be put on the drawing board. This is the drawing board.

On a philosophical note, have you thought of the possibility that nature, evolution, fate, collective conscience or as I believe, God, may permit scientists to discover the technology for massive increases to human lifespan, only when certain key issues are resolved GLOBALLY, such as... war, poverty, population control, environment, boredom, sustainable abundance and ethical spiritual beliefs.

Get the social services infrastructure working now using time as a measurement as well as existing systems and watch the immediate improvement it will have in the World. I invite everyone to refer to the Family Community Support Card at the back of this book in appendix F.

2.70 Caring for Seniors

Old People

I direct local regional social services to create a confidential list of eldely people, especially widows and widowers in their area who need company or practical help such as shopping, gardening, etc. This list is to be ready by December 12 2003 with a social services contact telephone number prominently advertised in local newspapers, and liaison with the Community Support officer at local schools1.

1 "The Community Support officer" is the expression I will use for "School and local community liaison volunteer coordinator". It has no religious significance whatsoever.

2.80 Caring for the physically challenged

Physically challenged people hate being treated as sub-citizens. Worse than that is being talked to condescendingly as if they have learning disabilities. "Adopt" someone who is of the same age as one of the parents or children of your family. Take them out on a family outing every few weeks and befriend their close family. Maybe just invite them for dinner, once every 12 weeks. I want social services to create local helplines and advertise them in local newspapers by December 12 2003 and liaise with the Community Support club officer at local schools.

I direct a substantial increase in wheel chair access to buildings, pavements and nature trails.

2.90 Caring for people with profound learning disabilities

People with profound learning disabilities are often blessed with special gifts. My son Kristian has certain savant qualities such as remembering most of the highway grid of Great Britain, the top 20 UK pop hits going back to the 1960s and peoples birthdays. He likes watching soccer and particularly likes to see Wycombe Wanderers, Manchester United and England win. I went with him to see England play Greece and although he is technically half Greek Cypriot I could not resist teasing him as to which team he should support. Sometimes there is an aura of love and innocence surrounding such people, that has a catching effect on those around them.

It's rude to stare at them, but nice to smile and sometimes to wave or say hello. They don't bring you bad luck if you put them in your taxi cab or touch their hands.

I commend the black licensed London taxi cabs who make an annual convoy for disabled children to the seaside. Effective 2003 on the first Sunday after July 15 let taxi drivers around the World make this type of day out into a tradition. The positive impact to the children concerned and the millions who witness the event will by far compensate for the carbon monoxide emissions. (For the southern hemisphere the date will be the first Sunday after January 15th.)

I also commend the many charities that exist throughout the World who help people with profound learning disabilities, the specialist professionals who help to look after them and look forward to a day in the future when with the Creator's intervention such sickness does not exist.

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2.100 Genetically modified humans

I have worked with some of the largest computer systems in the World specialising in Problem and Change Management". Whether it be your PC at home or the biggest computer network for the biggest bank in the World, the following computer law is undeniable: "problems cause the need to change things and "things" that change sometimes become problems." Speaking from experience it is often the smallest change that causes the biggest problems to fix which impacts many, many people.

Genetically modified humans, by which I mean changing the DNA of a person or their future offspring is to be handled with the utmost care. You'll feel a bit of a twit in 10 years if the DNA "treatment" to give you a very macho hairy chest and huge muscles has the side effect of a minuscule penis and huge bunny rabbit ears.

I do not accept the idea that a rich ruling elite should be able to buy specialist DNA programming expertise to design and create customised babies. I will allow the technology, within reason, to be used to eliminate sickness and hereditary disease, but not to create super babies for the sake of it. Two olympic athletes who decide to have a family and give birth to a super athlete is fine, but two couch potatoes should not produce a laboratory super high jumper with 4 legs.

I direct that 12 eminent people, cautious, incorruptible, experts in their field, highly respectable and paragons of ethical virtue be appointed trustees of issuing global guidelines on these matters. Deliberation must take place in public. Only votes of 9 out of 12 or more will pass and will be final.

Could someone please provide some DNA to alter His Greatness’ brain.

2.110 Human cloning

I forbid it with the exception of parents who wish to clone their own very sick child who is going to die and then use non life threatening surgery to acquire body parts for the elder twin from the cloned child.

2.120 Aids/HIV

Nkosi Johnson

I honour a brave South African boy Nkosi Johnson who as an 11 year old Aids sufferer publicly campaigned on behalf of all African HIV/Aids sufferers. I want the following directives followed with immediate effect:

  • Those who have the virus should be given practical help by way of local support groups.
  • Closed confidential social events should be regularly organised by support groups to help carriers of the HIV virus to meet potential partners who also carry the virus or don't mind being at risk through future sexual contact. Imagine being single and then being told you are HIV positive. You are then advised to "be very careful by always having protected sex with a future partner." Brilliant advice, but who's going to tell the future partner and will it be as part of the seduction line? I direct social workers start organising these events now and I want pressure put upon local authorities to do so by those affected.
  • Finally, I want major laboratories talking to one another. Forget professional pride, potential Nobel prizes or huge financial gain - find a cure or a vaccine.

2.130 Drug Patents and availability

While the existing monetary system is in force inventions should belong to the inventor or their/its corporate assignee. This includes drug patents. But I direct two caveats to this rule be adhered to:

  1. Poor tribes should have massively reduced prices for life saving and quality of life enhancing drugs.
  2. If any Sovereign tribe declares a particular state of health emergency, generic equivalents may be manufactured. During the Second World War can you imagine any country that was taking part entering into polite legal niceties with the inventor of the radar or atomic bomb during such time of national emergency? No. The invention was used no questions asked nor legal patent disputes threatened. The same shall apply to drugs used during health emergencies.

2.140 Driving tests to include mandatory very basic First Aid

Prior to passing a driving test, learner drivers must spend a mandatory session learning basic life and death accident first aid skills. Truck drivers, public transport drivers and taxi drivers are directed to spend at least half a day learning first aid procedures. I want charities that provide courses to give free places to such frequent travellers of the road.

2.150 Hospices

By hospices I refer to a hospital specifically built for those who are going to die. Let those who need hospital care for the last few months of their lives be treated with the dignity they deserve by each Sovereign state. Nevertheless, support reputable charities that provide assistance to the dying. What if it was a member of your family or you?

2.160 Air ambulances from standby defence assets such as helicopters

Air Ambulance                       Air Ambulance in Action

Throughout the World there are thousands of Army/Air Force helicopters lying idle waiting for a possible international emergency. I direct that they be used as air ambulances. Obviously I'm not suggesting a fully armoured missile enabled NATO Chenook battleship lands on the busy Autobahn outside of Munich, Germany to taxi a tourist with a broken leg who fell off his bike due to overdrinking at the Bavarian beer festival. I'm talking major emergencies only. What better training is there than such a real life or death situation to test a pilot's skills?

Memo note to all air forces: your helicopters are about to be borrowed by Air Martial the Great.
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2.170 1 hour per week corporate employee sponsorship of local issues

I commend all companies large and small for their ongoing charitable donations. Now I want your time.

I request companies provide an average of one hour per week per employee to help local good causes. This will only take effect if the employees who volunteer add an extra 30 minutes to their working week by way of shorter breaks and/or a few minutes of overtime.

For a maximum of 26 hours paid time off per year, the local community will get 52 hours (7 working days) of assistance and well deserved positive publicity for your company. Employees who volunteer should not forget to fill in their family Community Support Cards.

Companies within the region inhabited by the Sovereign states of America are requested to liaise with Volunteermatch, an Internet service that helps do just that. Refer to www.12-12-12.org/2.170.

Local newspapers should help to get things going in liaison with local community leaders, social workers and school Community Support club officers.

I invite all corporations to allow some employee volunteers to have a 3-4 month unpaid sabbatical as part of the Sahara desert reclamation project defined in section 3.70 of this book.

2.180 Refugees

The War Bond will assist in the eventual return of many refugees to their homelands. As a final one off exercise I have decided that those refugees that are truly in danger if they return will be rehoused throughout the World. From the year 1 ACH, I direct there will be no refugees in the World.

2.190 Immigration and Asylum Matters

The day will come when there will be no restrictions travelling between tribal boundaries, no work permits, no passports and no ID's. Until that day, tolerance should be shown to those seeking a better life.

In the USA the average GDP of a typical southern family is less than half of that of a Rhode Island family, so why hasn't everyone in the south packed their bags and moved north? Being American they don't need a passport or a work permit, so why isn't the south deserted or Rhode Islanders blocking their borders from unwanted poor southerners?

The same applies to the European Union where the Sovereign tribes of Portugal and Greece have half the GDP of the two richest ones in the European Union. They too do not need work permits to travel or work, so why aren't Greece and Portugal deserted?

Here's why: if there are no wars and no huge difference between the wealth of all the tribes in the World - there will be no real incentive to want to leave family, friends and cultures behind and start a new life abroad. Eradicating extreme poverty is the first step towards eliminating work permits and allowing a truly free migration of people. It works both ways. When future technology enables commuters to live in a lovely region of the Rocky Mountains yet allows them to cheaply, safely and quickly commute to Tokyo or Zurich, that's when the borderless global village will truly be born.

Nevertheless that's for the future, which is why the following important statements that apply now cannot remain untold:

If my family and I are hungry or cold, the chances are most decent neighbours will happily provide temporary assistance with no expectation of repayment. But what if within half an hour of setting foot in my neighbours home I use his phone to contact some of my relatives and get them to move in as well? Again, if this is a temporary problem due to some event I could not control, my neighbour will probably continue to be both hospitable and understanding. The fact my neighbour may be rich and I poor gives no excuse to take advantage of him. That would be wrong.

My Family Tribal Roots

I am neither white nor black as I am genetically an olive skinned Greek Cypriot.

Cyprus, Asia is a tiny independent Sovereign State in the Mediterranean. Both my parents and I were born in Egypt, Africa. All but one of my grandparents were born in Cyprus. My mother's mother and her ancestors as far back as the early 1800s were all Greek Cypriots but were born and lived in Turkey, Asia/Europe.

During the 1920s (Muslim) Turkish friends of my Grandmothers' (Christian) Greek Cypriot family saved their lives during a time of ethnic cleansing and massacres undertaken both by Greeks and Turks. Members of my family owe their lives to their Turkish friends by being smuggled out as stowaways on a ship in the dead of night from what is now the Turkish city of Istanbul.

My family and I left Egypt in 1962. It was not a good time to have British Commonwealth (Cypriot) connections in the country due to the knock on effect of the Suez crisis, so we moved to Britain, Europe.

I became a British Citizen in 1962 and spent most of my life living near London, but also lived in Mexico, USA and Denmark.

My first two children are British Citizens and have Irish, English and Russian blood. My two youngest are Danish Citizens and have Danish, Dutch and Swedish blood.

So, from a long line of immigrants and knowledge of being of a minority tribe, my experienced directions on immigration and asylum now follow.

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2.190.10 My instructions to Immigrants (and asylum seekers):

The following directions will apply to immigration until the human race truly becomes one people on one planet and work permits and passports will become a thing of the past:

  • It is not the automatic right of anyone to expect more than temporary emergency food and shelter from a foreign tribe. Anything more than this is credit to the moral fibre of the donor tribe but is not the right of the recipient.
  • Do not expect to be given benefits for the rest of your life at the expense of the local tribes. Use kindly offered temporary financial benefits to learn the regional language and get a job. Clearly if there are family members with you that are sick, disabled or elderly, the above edict can be mitigated for these individuals at the complete discretion of the local tribe.
  • If you wish to become a citizen of the local tribe, you should agree to give a formal undertaking that you uphold the basic fundamental principles of that tribe.
  • Unless you are old or sick LEARN AT LEAST 1000 words and 200 phrases of the regional language and basic customary do's and don'ts so as not to offend.
  • Be prepared to have your citizenship revoked if you regularly break the law and be prepared to be deported and thrown off my planet at ANY time if you preach religious hatred or incite racist violence.
  • Do not eventually demand your own independent state or local government a few years later.
  • Community leaders should represent the wishes of their whole community and not just particular age groups or factions within a religious organisation. I particularly commend the ones that attempt integration.

2.190.20 My instructions to Sovereign Tribes relating to Immigrants (and Asylum Seekers)

The following directions should be followed by tribes when offering citizenship to immigrants:

  • The granting of citizenship should be conditional and in the worst cases removable.
    • The formal undertaking of citizenship should not be an oath of allegiance. There are many, many decent people who for religious or personal reasons can never make such an oath yet potentially become model citizens. But the undertaking should include the following items as values the new citizen agrees to comply with or honour - compassion, freedom of belief, freedom of speech, right to justice, tolerance of all nationalities, respect of truth and obedience to local tribal laws.
    • Until such time as extreme poverty is eradicated and decent healthcare is available everywhere, you are requested to show tolerance to those who in desperation need free quality of life medical treatment. All human beings are equal.
    • As a warning to others, and as an example to all, strip the nationality and deport a bunch of religious or racist bigots as soon as possible. If their own tribes don't want their own criminals back, let them be dropped off anyway - by parachute.
    • If they have been recipients of social security, sell their assets and give it to orphans of parents who have died in 'holy' wars or ethnic tribal cleansing. To claim social security from the local tribe while preaching religious intolerance or racial hatred against others who live there should not be tolerated. There's a fine line between this and freedom of speech - it must not be crossed.

    • Allow respected families backed by their community leaders to deposit money with immigration departments (similar to bail) as a chargeable guarantee that the person they sponsor is who he says he is and that he will not misuse the local system. This will cut down on bureaucracy and allow families to reunite every few years with the minimum of fuss. And as I've repeatedly stated in this section - I look forward to the day when work permits and visas will be no more.

    2.200 The new ‘Global Science and Medical ethics Board’

    I direct that 12 eminent people, cautious, incorruptible, experts in their field, highly respectable and paragons of ethical virtue be appointed trustees in issuing global guidelines on these matters. Deliberation must take place in public. Only votes of 9 out of 12 or more will pass and will be final.

    The following discussion topic appears in the revision questions of the 12-12-12 book:

    You are the Chairperson of the 12 eminent people making global decisions on DNA modification approval. A proposal is put forward by an excited scientist to allow the GM modification of a new type of chicken that has 8 huge legs, to eliminate hunger and lower the cost of buying fast food (that tastes "arm lickin' good"). He brings a cooked sample for distribution. Would it make a difference how you vote if this new breed of GM chicken:

    • Had a longer life span.
    • Was a happy chicken.
    • Only ate mud, lived for one day but grew to full size.
    • Tasted delicious, but lived an unhappy life.


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    2.210 Alcoholism

    Although I do not drink alcohol (Planetary Management are on 24 hour duty), I used to. But although I was never an alcoholic, I have seen the consequences of regular overdrinking. Why don't you quit today if you are an alcoholic? NOW. If you don't you will probably die and not see the historic events in December 2012. Get on the www.12-12-12.org/2.210 website for help now.

    2.220 Smoking

    Stop Smoking Sign

    I direct tolerance be shown to smokers. It is their right to inhale the black soot into their wheezing coughing tar infested lungs. It is their right to consume their self indulgent cancer causing, narcotic which kills millions every year. It is their right to attempt to kiss their sweethearts with nicotine stained teeth, diseased gums and stinking rancid breath.

    I direct that with immediate effect, laws should be passed making it illegal for a motorist to smoke in the presence of children while driving a car. On the spot police fines should be levied in these circumstances. I also direct pregnant women should be permitted to make formal complaints to the police if a driver is smoking in their presence. For both offences, penalty points should be added to a motorist's driving record if the allegations are proven or witnessed first hand by police officers.

    I'm pleased I got that off my chest. So can you.

    Lung Cancer

    As an ex smoker I know what it was like to quit. It's hard. If you are a smoker, why don't you quit today? NOW. If you don't you will probably die and not see the historic event in December 2012. Get on the www.12-12-12.org/2.220 website for help now. If you continue to smoke I direct you to do so considerately and to be aware of the ills of passive smoking on others.

    I commend Patrick Reynolds of the Sovereign tribe of California, whose family started the tobacco empire of the same name. Following the death of a loved one from lung cancer, Patrick dumped his personal shareholding and now tours the World teaching people how and why they should stop smoking tobacco. He is a frequent guest on American TV News channels. His organisations specialise in tobacco prevention for youth.(Refer to www.anti-smoking.org and www.tobaccofree.org)

    Finally, I direct all forms of tobacco advertising be banned.

    Can you run this by me again? In case you forget we share the same body and I have seen with my own lungs quite a lot of black soot and a bit of wheezing and coughing recently. Would you like to enlighten us oh Great one?

    That was me and not Andronicos the Great but I have now stopped smoking.

    I guess there must be a parallel Universe I visit (or you live in) sometimes Zed!


    End of Section 2:

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