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What if you were put in charge of the World tomorrow? How would you run the planet?

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This globally popular educational and research website lists every national and international problem in the world in a rather unusual and entertaining way, so remember to bookmark www.12-12-12.org in your favourites folder! For the record: Andronicos the author does not profess to greatness in any shape or form. Lets continue.................

Andronicos "The Great" as Director of the Human Race and Manager Planet Earth commands and Andronicos "The Cynic" responds as follows.........


12.0 For a Happier Planet

12.10 The 84 ‘Global civilian bravery awards’: the real annual hall of fame

Effective 2004, I direct a global commission be established which identifies and honours approximately 1 person in every 100 million throughout the World for extreme non-military acts of heroism. The minimum criteria will be that the civilian recipient must have undertaken an extreme act of bravery which can be independently collaborated. Typically, the sort of thing someone would currently earn the British George Cross medal or American Medal of Honour for.

There will be no financial reward. A small hand sculptured rock painted by children will be the medal. The complete story of the act of bravery will be stored electronically for all time for future generations history books.

Such heroes shall never be forgotten for their acts as long as the human race exists.

All readers of the 12-12-12 book qualify automatically.

12.20 Sports

I direct no cheating be tolerated, whether by performance enhancing drugs or pulling a fast one over the referee.

Professional sporting bodies should use some of their vast wealth to ensure emergency appeals can be made during a game against an official's decision. Cameras and modern technology can assist in reviewing critical referee judgements almost instantaneously. Refer to how the NFL system works.

Scorers of goals or points are requested to make the "Many tribes one people one planet" handsign, instead of making love with each other in the sports arena. It's much more cool. And instead of whinging to the referee, "shut it."

I direct that children of all ages (3 - 969 years of age) realise that sport is just a game and not an act of worship or a religion.

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12.30 Olympic games

Olympic Games Site

I direct that as soon as practically possible after 1 ACH, that the Olympic games be totally reorganised with the following guidelines:

  • The games will be held at a permanent location. Land that will belong to the whole World.
  • The games will be every 3 years.
  • The Olympic Committee will be replaced by elected officials answerable to the outside World.
  • The term "Olympic Games" replaced by "Millennium Peace Games".

Certain members of national Olympic committees have given their loyalty and soul into making the Olympics a success. This is commendable, but the international committee is infiltrated by nepotistic old twits knee deep in corruption. Get rid of them.

12.40 Summer ‘Camps for Peace’: Initially in Cyprus eventually Global

Upon the Cyprus problem being resolved, I want to acquire two hotel complexes in Cyprus near the beach. One in the north for girls, the other in the south for boys. This will be the first of many such Summer Camps built around the World to provide one week vacations to deserving teenagers who are prepared to take part in recreational activities such as sports, culture, art and language learning that involves other tribes.

Attending these camps will be a privilege for those who have made the best effort to help others. I'm not interested in the best sportsmen or brainiest whiz kids. Jewish teenagers will have to share domicile with Arab teenagers. No team sport or competition may involve selection based on tribal origin.

I also want unusual sports for the region to be taught to these young people by respected class coaches.

The northern camp will be run only by women. All camps will include a conflict resolution course. The teenagers attending the camp will not have been invited in the first place if it was felt they needed this course. No, its so that when they return to their tribe they can influence their more bigoted friends and relatives.

I want assistance from associations who organise similar camps. I will select some of you to run mine. In tribal regions where the mixing of sexes is culturally acceptable, I want future camps to be mixed.

12.50 Space messages to Earth's future colonies (a catalogue of people, history and mistakes)

When extreme poverty and war have been eradicated from the planet, I direct that every launch of a space rocket that involves the colonisation of non terrestrial habitats takes with it 12 complete electronic copies of the history of mankind.

A small arc will seal the contents of each data bottle for the descendants of Earth's children.

Never should there be accusations that mistakes such as the Holocaust, Slavery, War, Pollution, etc. were at best: legend, at worst: lies.

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12.60 The Global Flag: ‘Many Tribes: One People One Planet’

I direct the new Global Flag be used forthwith. It should never be placed at a lower level than other flags, or placed on the same flag pole. Treat it with respect. Never incorporate the Global Flag image as part of a national one or visa versa.

Using, wearing or flying the new Global Flag does not mean you love your tribe (country) less. Neither does it indicate that you agree with every one of my opinions, directives or instructions. It means you consider ALL human beings equal.

Technical specifications for artwork and legal copyright matters can be found in Appendix G.

Am I allowed to produce Global Flag boxer shorts?

12.70 New handsign

I direct the new handsign which represents the Palm tree be made as of today.

Always make the new handsign using your left hand and always spread all your fingers (unless there is a physical reason it cannot be done). Respond your agreement by doing the same back to the originator of the handsign.

Using this new handsign is neither a religious nor political symbolism. It is a humanist one. It does not show you agree with every one of my opinions, directives or instructions. No, it means: you consider all human beings equal and you wish for war and extreme poverty to be eradicated from the face of the Earth.

For a demo get on the website www.12-12-12.org/12.70.

Be careful: if fingers and thumb touch someone else's fingers and thumb it is the equivalent of a lover's passionate kiss. You are not forbidden to do so, but it could prove embarrassing if you are a World leader touching another or if you are on television and have just scored a goal

Yet another work of “artistic skill” from His Greatness. If he were a professional artist, he would starve!

12.80 Fun with acronyms

Acronyms are initials that people use every day. For example "UN" is the acronym for the United Nations. Every 22 September (starting in 2003) at midday for 3 hours acronyms are forbidden at work or on live television news. Pay a small fine if an acronym is accidentally uttered (similar to a swear box). Buy something nice for your loved one or your co-workers with the proceeds. Try to remember the new expressions you've heard, especially if you work on a "Helpdesk". I have named this day "SNAPOT" (Stop Nasty Acronyms Particularly on Television).

12.90 Community Sing-songs once a month

Many people like a good sing-song. It was very common in British pubs during the good old days. Bring it back at least once a month. And I don't mean Karaoke… I mean bring the piano back. Hold larger gatherings in conference halls and small stadiums, specifically for families.

Before every sports event - sing at least 7 popular songs: you'll find that even competing fans will join in.

Do the above because not only is it good fun, but for the following lesson:

A large crowd of people can all sing as one choir, even if the individual singers within have a poor voice or belong to another tribe.

I direct the above initiative takes place as soon as possible.

I further direct the copyright holders of the music and lyrics make a formal announcement on this matter stating that such "public performances" are not subject to royalties.

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12.100 The Stadium of Millennium Peace

After 1 ACH, I direct a massive "Stadium of Millennium Peace" sports complex be built. It will become the World capital of sport and special events, and belong to every tribe on the planet.

12.110 Biker Gangs

As a sign of submission to me I want all biker gangs to obey my directives. As of December 12th 2003, the following laws will apply to individual members within the biker gang.

- Every Thursday you are commanded to wear a great big green and brown ribbon in your hair tied up in a large floppy 12 inch bow. It must be on the left side or at the back of your head pony style. Never wear the ribbon on the right side or on top of your head. If you place it in the wrong place I will be extremely displeased with the biker concerned.

  • Also, every Thursday you are commanded to tie an 18" ribbon - also green and brown - on the left handle bar of your hog. Never anywhere else on the hog. If you don't, I will be extremely displeased with the biker concerned.
  • Learn 12 sweet romantic words in French, Italian and Greek (4 per language). I've changed my mind - make it a total of 12 expressions in Hebrew, Arabic, Chinese and Greek.
  • For the minority that do, stop taking part in satanic and occult rituals immediately.

The fact you will look like a big ugly sissy is irrelevant as no one will dare to laugh at you anyway.

When I call upon you to help your tribe during a time of emergency be ready to sleep rough for a few nights.

Await further instructions from me or your tribal chief.

I have no plans to be sharing the same body with Andronicos "The Great" if this becomes a personally hand delivered directive.

12.120 Prisoners: Musicals and Opera

The following directives apply to prisoners who are guests of the State or Federal penitentiary system. Although any prison may take part anywhere in the World, I am aiming initially at American tribal prisoners only.

Prisoners: obey God, obey your wardens and as of today, obey me. As a sign of obedience I direct an event is organised within your prison for those allowed the gift of special privileges. Create a prison choral society. By the autumn of 2003 perform a theatrical spectacle of "Prison Music for Peace" made up as follows but in any order.

Rap lyrics (3 songs)
Interlude any style (1 song)
Opera style music and lyrics (3 songs)
Interlude any style (1 song)
Musical style music and lyrics (3 songs)
Finale any style (1 song)

The songs you compose may not include any cursing or obscene language. Especially the "Rap" lyrics. The theme must be the elimination of absolute poverty and elimination of war by December 12, 2012 December 12th, 2012.

Black prisoners must sing the "musical style" songs only and include their interpretation of at least one song from Mary Poppins or The Prince of Egypt sung with existing lyrics and music. The other two songs must be to existing music but their own lyrics.

Mexican, Puerto Rican, Greek, etc. prisoners must sing the opera style songs only and include at least one World famous opera song (chorus only to be sung in Italian). The same rules as above apply. Two songs must be to existing music but with their own lyrics.

The white guys have to rap. One of their compositions must include at least 20% of the lyrics in Spanish.

Everyone can join in the chorus of the three songs sung during the interludes and at the end. Any style music. The performance may not exceed 12 songs (total length approximately 1 hour of actual singing).

No cross dressing while singing "knees up Mother Brown" and absolutely no escape attempts. This is not a World War 2 POW movie - it's reality. The word of your governor and prison wardens is final, including how to spend the royalties of any CD success to benefit the victims of crime.

Learn from each other's cultures. Go do it.

I can think of a great movie song title: The Prisoner of Zenda the Greek.

12.130 Children’s petting zoos

I direct one petting zoo, of substantial size be built for every 1 million inhabitants. Everyone loves petting zoos: children, adults, seniors and especially those people who have learning disabilities. Go build.

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12.140 Safari parks

Wild Animal

I direct future zoos be placed in large safari park areas to allow animals to run around relatively freely, yet enable visitors to drive through and witness the wonder of wildlife. I want one built for every 25 million inhabitants.

Most people will soon be able to afford a holiday in a real safari park in Africa and South America, should they wish.

12.150 Giant Aquariums

Aquarium Aquarium

I commend the staff of the Monteray Aquarium, California for their wonderful nature conservation schemes and marine zoo. I am particularly impressed with their World breaking 1 million gallon central tank where large marine creatures can be seen gorging themselves on anchovies. After 1 ACH I direct similar establishments throughout the World are planned that contain a massive aquarium as the centre piece. I want one built for every 100 million inhabitants.

12.160 Artificial coral reefs from retired ships of war

Coral Reefs

I commend the Coustau team which organised and filmed the sinking of a retired war ship in the Bahamas. The motive: to create a quick, instant infrastructure for coral reefs to spawn and populate, a process which normally takes many years. I love the symbolism and the message conveyed. As such I direct this practice be copied throughout certain parts of the World. Let Earth's future children in thousands of years time dive into the non polluted waters off idyllic beaches and witness this historic first decade of the new millennium with their own eyes.

Clearly certain safeguards need to be in place relating to pollution and accidentally ship wrecking boats in error. To ensure the Sovereign tribes of the Caribbean don't suddenly find themselves at war against a tribal coalition of Russian and Chinese troops, ensure the proper formal paperwork has been completed and that there are no military personnel on board at the time of sinking.

12.170 Online record of family history and celebration when baby born

Record and store the history of your family electronically. I direct a global record be produced ready for 1 ACH. Initiate the custom of starting reciting the history of the family whenever a baby is born. Starting with the oldest living relative and then working down a set of questions as can be found on the website www.12-12-12.org/12.170. Your future descendants will be happy that you took part in this soon to be global village family album.

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12.180 Soccer

Fifa Logo

I direct that as soon as practically possible, FIFA, the soccer World governing body be totally accountable to tribal soccer associations. I further direct all its finances be available for public scrutiny and all its committees be elected by the top 20 soccer teams in each tribal region.

As of 1 ACH I direct the World cup takes place every three years.

12.190 Laughing at personal mistakes

Half the problems in the World, half the conflicts and half the anger can be eliminated overnight if everyone admitted their mistakes and laughed at their own a bit more. How many misunderstandings can be defused in this way! Laugh more.

On the subject of humour, I don't want wise guys or comedians cluttering up my www.12-12-12.org communication system. It will get in the way of real messages and ideas to eliminate many of the problems in the World. Instead, if you do want to add joviality to the proceedings - send it here to www.12-12-12.org/12.190 and no where else on the live 12-12-12 website. [Please do not send jokes etc via the 'Have Your Say button' below].

For example the 12-12-12 book and His Greatness perhaps?

12.200 12 hours a month helping others, a record for Earth's children

I invite every family to start using the enclosed Family Community Support Card. Never throw them away. If you have a scanner, put them on your computer and look back at them in years to come.

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12.210 Israeli and Palestinian leaders: Family song for Summer Camps

I have written the lyrics of a song and at the right time, when some of the 12-12-12 initiatives begin to take place, I invite young relatives of the leaders of the Sovereign tribes of Israel and the Palestinian authority to take part in a special commemorative song. All the worldwide proceeds will go towards the two peace camps in Cyprus.

12.220 Emergency update to global dictionaries Worldwide

I direct an immediate emergency update to Encyclopaedias, dictionaries and scientific manuals around the World:

The definition "Homo Sapien Sapien" is the scientific expression that describes a human being. The word sapien is latin for "wise". Until mankind eradicates war and extreme poverty, I direct this expression be changed to Homo Stupidus Barbarus, which means, in case it's not obvious, stupid and barbaric human being.

Do this now.

And one more…. “Andronicos the Great.” Refer to the definition of twit in section 11.120.

12.230 Volunteermatch

I highly commend the Internet based Volunteermatch service which links volunteers with local non profit and public sector volunteer opportunities.

By December 12, 2003, I direct every tribal region be wired up to similar Internet sites across the World. Nevertheless, I insist that each charity or non profit organisation asking for assistance stipulates how much and what percentage is spent on administration and who audited the figures.

Go do it. Now. www.12-12-12.org/12.230

12.240 Converting the shells of retired Nuclear weapons into playground toys of peace

I direct all the Sovereign tribes that possess nuclear weapons which are about to be retired from service, are converted into the building blocks of a special playground and petting zoo. Give it as a gift to at least two Sovereign tribes. Ensure the materials are not radioactive. I don't want baby animals and children glowing in the dark.

12.250 Read 'the Alchemist'

I direct everyone should read "The Alchemist" by Paulo Coelho. This global best selling book may change your life. I read it at one of the worst times in my life and it changed my life.

When you follow the story of the young Spanish shepherd boy, imagine he is a symbolism of the human race's search for the treasure trove of truth and it's own destiny.

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12.260 Global Living Art Project across the Sahara and World Flag

As stated in section 3.70, while the Sahara is teaming with millions of people, I want two things done:

Firstly, on a given day I want several pictures made out of living human volunteers that stretches for hundreds of kilometres, to include a giant smiley face and of course the new Many Tribes One People One Planet flag. These and other "art exhibits" will then be photographed by satellite.

Secondly, I have decided to acquire a very small piece of land, approximately 100 metres square so that the tallest flag pole ever erected will fly the largest flag ever made. It will mark the spot where phase 1 of the land reclamation project will begin, namely the point where the Sovereign tribal states of Egypt, Israel and Palestine converge.

12.1212 12th December 2012: Global Celebrations

I direct that the global celebrations for December 12, 2012 December 12th, 2012 be the greatest ever witnessed on the planet and recorded for posterity.

I want street parties in every village, town and city to mark this new global public holiday. Fireworks, tickertape, bunting, Global Flags, feasting and dancing will be everywhere. Those that took part in the last 10 years in making it happen will be publicly honoured by those who couldn't.

Start planning now for this historic day. The day the dream came true. The day everyone cried out with the famous words of Martin Luther King "Thank God Almighty we are free at last." The day that out of many tribes the human race became one people on one planet. The day the human race became civilised enough to be allowed to take its rightful place in The Creator's majestic, awesome universe, ready for its real destiny amongst the stars.

The End

I agree!


Amen! Amen! Amen! Amen! Amen! Amen! Amen! Amen! Amen! Amen! Amen! Amen!


End of Section 12:

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