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What if you were put in charge of the World tomorrow? How would you run the planet?

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This globally popular educational and research website lists every national and international problem in the world in a rather unusual and entertaining way, so remember to bookmark www.12-12-12.org in your favourites folder! For the record: Andronicos the author does not profess to greatness in any shape or form. Lets continue.................

Andronicos "The Great" as Director of the Human Race and Manager Planet Earth commands and Andronicos "The Cynic" responds as follows.........


10.0 Planetary Management Issues

"A successful human tribal government is one that keeps the most people happy for the least amount of money."

10.10 A new Global Ethics

I honour Hans Küng the Swiss Roman Catholic priest, author and theologian. Due to his radical non conformist views, his commission to teach as part of the Roman Catholic faculty was revoked in 1979.

I quote Professor Küng's words with the following insight into a new Global Ethics for the World:

  1. We live in a World and time in which we observe new dangerous tensions and polarisations between believers and non-believers, religious people and agnostics, secularists, between clerics and anti-clericals - not only Russia and Europe, but also in Africa, in North America and in Asia.

    To this challenge I respond. There can be no survival of humanity without a coalition of believers and non-believers in mutual respect!

  2. We live in a World and time where humanity is menaced by a 'clash of civilisations', eg. between the Muslim civilisation and the western civilisation. We are threatened not as much by a new World war, but by all sorts of conflicts in a specific country or in a city, a street or a school.

    To this challenge I respond. There will be no peace among the civilisations without peace among the religions!

    But many people will ask: Is it not precisely the religious that often support and inspire hatred, enmity and war? Indeed:

  3. We live in a World and time, in which peace in many countries is menaced by all sorts of religious fundamentalism. Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist, often simply rooted in social misery in reaction to western secularism and in the desire of a basic orientation in life.

    To this challenge I respond: There will be no peace among the religions without dialogue between the religions!

    But many people will object: Are there not so many dogmatic differences and obstacles between the different faiths, which make real dialogue a naïve illusion? Indeed:

  4. We live in a World and time, in which better relations between religions are blocked by all sort of dogmatisms which exist not only in the Roman Catholic Church, but in all churches, religions and ideologies.

    To this challenge I respond: There will be no new World order without a World ethic, a Global Ethic despite dogmatic differences.


The expression "New World Order" has many definitions ranging from New Age pagan to Apocalyptic Christian. My definition, and I suspect Professor Küng's is "a new and better way to behave globally."

I invite all tribal leaders, religious and political, to heed his advice. Aim for new Global Ethics.

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10.20 Minimising bureaucracy: EU, Federal, State, County, City

10.20.10 The Civil Service

I do not tolerate wasteful bureaucracy. It is a waste of tax payers money and a waste of valuable time. It's also extremely boring to have to deal with.

The European Union are notoriously wasteful in this area. It would not surprise me if there are at least two departments within the EU ensuring Nuclear ballistic missiles are Asbestos free and contain low levels of lead paint.

Effective immediately, I direct red tape be cut by half and converted into yellow ribbons.

10.20.20 Organogram of departmental head count and function database

I want an organogram on the Internet of every civil service position in every tribe across the World. I want to know what they do, how their position fits in the overall picture, who they report to, pay grade, etc. I then want a study to be undertaken to justify the senior positions and compare all job functions across the World.

I direct a further study be organised with assistance from all unions grading every single position across job boundaries. Once this has been done, again with the assistance of the unions and their membership, work out the differences between jobs. How does a senior nurse compare to a junior headmaster compared to a paramedic compared to a tax inspector.

There is a wealth of experiences on this matter no one seems to tap: how do other tribes measure deferentials compared to our regional, state or Sovereign tribe? Salaries will differ, but when I've finished with this project, grades for certain jobs and differentials will be the same within the civil service anywhere in the World.

Pay awards (excluding productivity bonuses or efficiency awards) can be negotiated by regional tribes annually much more easily and efficiently in this way.

10.20.30 Increasing civil service productivity, efficiency, job satisfaction and pay

I want substantial real increases to pay, benefits and conditions for those that deal with members of the public, such as - social workers, hospital staff (nurses, doctors, etc), police, law enforcement, fire-fighters, ambulance workers, rescue workers, care workers, aid workers of every type, peace keepers, teachers. When I state substantial, I mean substantial. Why is it in poorer tribal regions many of these true civil servants are held in high esteem, yet in richer tribal regions they are abused? Anyway, I want all bitching about social workers to stop now.

I also want a substantial increase in the number of jobs by getting rid of many of the senior managers.

Future generations will view a social working job within the civil service as a privilege to have.

As for other civil service jobs, I want automation and efficiency to replace many who will leave through natural wastage but to improve the pay and conditions of those remaining.

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10.20.40 How to deal with the top civil service positions

Firstly, let me be clear. This has no connection whatsoever with section 8.10.

My directions to senior civil servants and their tribal leaders are as follows -

I want the concept of rotating floaters adopted for the most senior executives. Never should someone stay in the same position for years and years. Get fresh blood, fresh ideas and a new regime in place regularly without having to wait for the High Priest to die.

These floaters, typically who fill the (equal) number 2 level, are to move around and swap jobs for 6 months at a time once every four years, with their equivalents within other departmental tribes. On top of this, every now and again I want consultative sabbaticals abroad. For goodness sake, go and get ideas from abroad. Go back to basics. Get simple processes working before spending gazillions in automating them, otherwise you automate chaos. The key can be found by looking at how the poorest tribes undertake almost the same results with 20% of the virtual cost.

And speaking from personal experience, never condescendingly turn your noses up to constructive public criticism or suggestions. Furthermore, I expect job positions to be renamed from "permanent head of….." to "non temporary head of….".

Finally, I may ask some of you to justify your benefits packages, future fat pensions and existence in general. You will do so quickly, efficiently and with the least amount of fuss. I will not debate the issue. Never forget, you are a servant of the people and not the slave master of your underpaid, unappreciated staff. Prove to me that you are fit and proper senior civil servants. Do as you are told or Get Off My Planet Planet.

I think the job title “Rotating Floater” may not go down too well with senior Civil Service executives.

10.20.50 A comparison of civil service procedures: Why waste tax payers money?

This makes my blood boil. Millions of dollars are wasted DAILY undertaking studies from scratch on how a city, country, state or tribal civil service department should work or run. Starting today, I want an Internet system that provides operating and procedural guidelines on how to run a civil service department. Whether it's road cleaning management in Rome or the processes to tender for school furniture replacement by a regional authority in France, I want to know how it's done. Clearly there will be tribal variations for obvious reasons.

Now there are two reasons for this. Firstly, the best system will form the formal foundation guidelines for everyone else, and secondly, the wheel will not have to be reinvented by inefficient senior civil servants who are too proud to use "not invented here" ideas.

Finally, speaking from experience, never use retired senior civil servants to undertake expensive biased reports for their ex employer. Not only should fresh opinions be used, but a senior civil servant on a fat pension should not earn additional consulting fees from his or her ex employer. If they are that good, don't let the civil servant retire early.

Senior Civil Servants: Get your act together. Stop reinventing the wheel. Go and find out how other tribes do your job more efficiently and implement their system instead of yours. Swallow your pride. Prove to tax payers that you are fit and proper senior civil servants. I want a report on my desk with solutions, or else Get Off My Planet Planet.

10.28 28th Amendment to USA Constitution

Keep the 28th Amendment for my use. I will soon direct on this matter. In the meantime, the Sovereign tribes of America may continue business as usual from 29 onwards without further referral to me.

Well Congress, I guess we will have to wait in anticipation.

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10.40 Taxation: offshore havens

Most public companies use secret bank accounts controlled by offshore corporations. And it's normally perfectly legal. At times even moral to do so. Nevertheless, I direct all Sovereign tribes ensure offshore tax havens do not allow greedy multinationals to get away with ridiculous tax deductions in their home jurisdictions. Corporations should either "live" in an advanced tribe, be liable to its taxes, and enjoy the legal protection they are used to, or "live" in offshore jurisdictions. But they should not have their cake and eat it at the expense of the tribal bakery.

The day will come when there will be a global tax rate of 10% due to the efficiency in collecting taxes from everyone who should. Offshore tax havens will not be necessary.

10.50 A comparison of all the legal systems: Why reinvent The Wheel?

I direct every legal system current and historic be compared. By learning from mistakes of the past, a global judicial legal process can be perfected for the future, so that model laws can be copied and adapted.

By the time the human race reaches for the stars, which may be sooner than you think, I want a universal civil and criminal code in place.

10.60 A comparison of all political systems: Why make the same mistakes again?

Throughout the history of the human race many different political systems have been utilised. I now direct every Sovereign tribe looks at how and why their political system works compared to the pros and cons of others. Review the results on a regular basis to end up with efficient systems that evolve with experience. I want the UN to run training courses and seminars on the subject.

10.70 Voting

10.70.10 Voting: New procedures to adopt

I forbid electronic Internet voting that can identify the voter's major political or religious beliefs. Nevertheless, I do direct that local tribal issues on most matters be resolved using electronic voting. But beware: such votes can be rigged using modern technology.

Finally, I direct that close family members should be able to assign a proxy within their family who they can trust to deliver a "multi vote". Such a measure will increase the efficiency and accuracy in counting the votes cast, minimise cost and increase voter turnout.

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10.70.20 Voting: Minimising fraud

Effective immediately, I direct every Sovereign tribe, however advanced, should allow other tribes however politically primitive they may be perceived, to be independent observers of elections.

Observers from Britain, Greece or Chad could have minimised the recent Florida elections controversy. By following my directive, potentially corrupt regimes will be very wary to use the excuse of national honour as a way of keeping out independent observers in future. Let the best democracies lead by way of example.

10.80 Mayors

I direct suitably qualified people manage the day to day operations of major cities. If ceremonial historic tradition dictates certain mayors have to prance about wearing wigs and regalia that's fine, as long as their major city is being managed properly.

I further direct that all mayors of similar types of major cities create an association to learn from each other's ways of doing things.

10.90 The future role of the (son of) United Nations

Although the UN should be highly commended for its peace keeping and humanitarian initiatives over the last 50 years, as an organisation it is pretty impotent without the backing of most tribal Sovereign states.

Rather than a pawn mostly used by the super powers, I direct that it should become a global police force. The UN should become the law enforcement arm of the World. Its volunteer armies should be used to fighting natural disasters and remove oppressive leaders – when appropriate.

I direct that the UN should have the power to remove from office incompetent tribal administrations. Incompetence should be assessed and measured on how many of a nation’s citizens are poor or how corrupt its Government is.

I direct that the UN should have the power to enforce real sanctions against a country’s leadership and not against its people who are not at fault and do not deserve to suffer because of corrupt or oppressive regimes. Real sanctions is to give notice that oppressive or incompetent government leaders will be stripped of diplomatic immunity and be arrested on site if they leave their tribal boundaries (without prior UN approval), or fly over international airspace. I further direct any UN member tribe to immediately arrest corporate officers of corporations that sell arms to such regimes and freeze their global assets.

As stated before, I decree the UN should continue in its role as the manager of the 30,000 or so inter-tribal treaties.

10.100 A link to all 200,000 World rulers or those people or organisations that can or want to influence the 12-12-12 initiatives.

There are more than 6 billion people alive today on earth. Of these there are approximately only 200,000 powerful individuals who collectively rule the World.

Using this online section of the 12-12-12 book on the Internet will enable you to search and identify who the 200,000 World rulers are, what they are doing to help the 12-12-12 initiative and how to contact them by post, email, phone and fax.

There are two grading systems I have chosen to adopt. One is a very simple A B C or S. Different types of position of power or organisational leader are identified and listed using the above system.

The second system is a number between 1 and 12, which assesses the power the above entities have or are perceived to have in relation to each other. This second number is for future use and not for now. For example all presidents are listed as class "A" and so are Congress Persons. In practice the tribal chiefs of America, China and Russia will be the only "A1's". A Congress Person in a small tribal Sovereign state may be an "A9", but a Congress Person in a large tribal Sovereign state may be an "A3". The CEO of a Top 30 American corporation will probably be a "B3" which will be more powerful than the 950th richest person on Earth who is a "C7", but less powerful than a media baron who is an "A2" or the head of the Vatican tribe who is a "C1".

Whatever the power score, all form the 200,000 men and women who rule the World. Of these, most solutions to poverty will come from category "B" rulers. They will lessen tribal conflict and provide solutions to category "A" rulers with a bit of help from category "C" rulers and "S" special celebrities.

We’re talking about Heads of State and CEOs here, why is His Greatness referring to them as supermarket turkeys?

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10.100.10 Grade ‘A’ list

Grade "A" rulers include the following: ("A1-12") Presidents, Prime Ministers, Heads of State, Governors, Monarchs, Mayors of large cities, Senators, Congresspersons, MPs, perceived heads of state, ministers of state, media barons, UN Secretary General.

Link to www.12-12-12.org/worldruler for the complete list of their names and addresses and how to contact them by phone, fax, email or post.

10.100.20 Grade ‘B’ list

("B1-12") Grade "B2-5": Corporate officers and directors of the largest 1000 global public companies.
"B2-12": Federal Reserve, European Central Bank, all other national banks, IMF, WTO.
"B4-12": Corporate officers and directors of any smaller public company anywhere in the World that makes more than $12M per year profit.

If you are one of the above parties and fit my selection criteria, I need your help.

  • Please read my letter addressed to you.
  • I also want the whole board to listen to my speech at the next full board meeting.
  • You are requested to fast on the 12th of every month until extreme poverty is eliminated from the planet as described in section 1.100.10
  • Reply to me as instructed in the above mentioned letter.

Formal statements on how "B1"-"B7" rulers will either help or not help to eradicate extreme poverty will be accessible from this link. Read their own words.

Link to www.12-12-12.org/worldruler for the complete list of their names and addresses and how to contact them by phone, fax, email or post.

10.100.30 Grade ‘C’ list

("C1-12") Religious leaders of every religion of more than 1 million adherents, newspaper and TV news editors, respected journalists, Ambassadors, UN, police chiefs of the largest tribal regions, army chiefs, senior judges, Head of Department senior civil servants, cutting edge scientists, inventors, advertising gurus, producers, directors, script writers. Top 1000 wealthiest people on the globe, large pension fund chiefs, organised crime chiefs, drug barons, terrorist chiefs, leaders of secret societies. (Mafia, Masons)

Link to www.12-12-12.org/worldruler for a partial list of their names and addresses and how to contact them by phone, fax, email or post.

10.100.40 Grade 'S' list

Special individuals from the World of sports, music, TV, film, the arts and other influential celebrities who publicly endorse the 12-12-12 initiative will be listed.

10.110 World Constitution

I direct a World Constitution be drawn up acceptable to all Sovereign tribes. Mainly drawn up to deal with human rights - it should be short, simple and enforced.

10.120 United Tribes of the World

Refer to other pages herein. My ultimate vision is something more than what binds the European Union together, but not as much as the Federalism that holds the United States of America together.

10.130 Online register of what all politicians vote for Worldwide.

I want an online register of what every politician votes for in parliament, congress and equivalent worldwide. I also want a register of their attendance record.

10.140 Every phone company in the World: Keep the ‘121212’ phone number free

Do it. I will instruct further when I'm ready to give my reasons.

10.150 How to get hold of me.

Use the www.12-12-12.org website or via your category "A" leaders.

Dial 1-800-NUTCASE.

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10.160 A special message to advisors and re-election coordinators of Category A rulers.


Tribal rulers tend to go for the herding approach when a dominant tribal leader of higher stature or power speaks. They are often too embarrassed to contradict category "A1" and "A2" tribal chiefs who share the same ideologies. To avoid such problems, let all category "A" tribal leaders speak with each other in private about the 12-12-12 initiative first.

Let their advisors advise properly with the fate of the human race in mind. Following such advice let tribal leaders first gauge regional and global reaction before making any public comment that could either help the World or damage their election prospects.

I request public comment by tribal governments is deferred until the results of the initial Internet vote and international market research polls are complete to the following groups:

Schools and college students
Members of the public
Employees of public companies
Directors of public companies

Finally, although I recognise formal endorsement cannot be made on some of my opinions, directives and tactics, this does not stop some words of approval being echoed.

10.170 Freemasonry: A warning

Mason Logol

Freemasonry is prominent throughout the World, specifically within the Anglo-Saxon tribes and their ex colonies. It is well known for exerting substantial influence. It has caused so many problems in the UK that to become a magistrate (a local junior judge that doesn't have to wear a silly wig) one must disclose the fact on the application form in full.

It was a difficult decision where to include this section in the 12-12-12 book. After much thought on the matter I decided against including it in section 7 (Religious and Spiritual issues) even though there are occult practices within its higher levels and against including it in section 6 (Business Commerce and Economic issues), even though Masonic influence is everywhere within the corridors of business. So, based on my personal experiences with Freemasonry - on the receiving end and not as an ex-member - I decided to include it within the Planetary Management Issues section of this book.

I direct full disclosure be made as to whether senior civil servants, judges and politicians belong to this male only society of secret codes, secret practices and secret handshakes.

It is up to shareholders to put pressure on their senior corporate officers of public companies to do likewise. As I've never been a Mason, I won't be breaking any oaths of secrecy by the enclosed little exposé.

Here is the blood curdling oath every Mason must make before joining this male only club which influences much of what goes on in the western World of business, justice and politics:

"… I further solemnly promise that I will not write those secrets, indite, carve, mark, engrave or otherwise them delineate, or cause or suffer it to be so done by others, if in my power to prevent it…. so that our secret arts and hidden mysteries may improperly become known through my unworthiness. These several points I solemnly swear to observe, without evasion, equivocation, or mental reservation of any kind, under no less a penalty, on the violation of any of them, than that of having my throat cut across, my tongue torn out by the root, and buried in the sand of the sea at low water mark, or a cable's length from the shore, where the tide regularly ebbs and flows twice in twenty-four hours, or the more effective punishment of being branded as a wilfully perjured individual, void of all moral worth, and totally unfit to be received into this worshipful Lodge, or any other warranted Lodge or society of men, who prize honour and virtue above the external advantages of rank and fortune. So help me, God, and keep me steadfast in this my Great and Solemn Obligation of an Entered Apprentice Freemason."1

All said and done, again speaking with personal experience, many Masons are honourable kind-hearted men who undertake lots of work for charities. I respect the ones who admit to their involvement but resent the ones that secretly use the Masonic organisation to obtain preferential treatment and commerce advantages. At least Shriners appear proud to admit to being Shriners!

I invite all such secret societies (of grown ups) to form their own new global unisex organisation. Alternatively, create a new male only fraternity called the "Free Sons of Man". The mission: to help the local community without ritual secrecy.

Anyway, the 33 degrees is not a new rather large boy pop band to come out of Nashville. It's the league table of the hierarchy within Freemasonry. Here it is:

The Thirty-three Degrees of Freemasonry1
Entered Apprentice 18° Knight of the Pelican and Eagle and Sovereign Prince Rose Croix of Heredom
Fellow Craft 19° Grand Pontiff
Master Mason 20° Venerable Grand Master
Secret Master 21° Patriarch Noachite
Perfect Master 22° Prince of Libanus
Intimate Secretary 23° Chief of the Tabernacle
Provost and Judge 24° Prince of the Tabernacle
Intendant of the Building 25° Knight of the Brazen Serpent
Elect of Nine 26° Prince of Mercy
10° Elect of Fifteen 27° Commander of the Temple
11° Sublime Elect 28° Knight of the Sun
12° Grand Master Architect 29° Knight of St Andrew
13° Royal Arch of (Enoch) 30° Grand Elected Knight Kadosh, Knight of the Black and White Eagle
14° Scottish Knight of Perfection 31° Grand Inspector Inquisitor Commander
15° Knight of the Sword, or of the East 32° Sublime Prince of the Royal Secret
16° Prince of Jerusalem 33° Grand Inspector General
17° Knight of the East and West

1 Taken from "The Brotherhood" by Stephen Knight.

His Greatness has upset politicians, religious leaders, big corporations and now the Masons.

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10.180 Funding of political parties

Due to the allegations of sleaze that come up from time to time and clear cut cases of conflicts of interest arising from massive political donations, I direct that this practice be made practically illegal.

Only a reasonable annual membership fee may be levied and donations per person not exceeding the average monthly salary of a state nurse be collected. Any direct or indirect personal or corporate contribution above this figure to be construed as a criminal bribe.

I want recent laws on the matter of soft donations enacted by the Sovereign tribes of America brought in worldwide.

Do this and get rid of the conflicts of interest that are continuously alleged against governments in power.

10.190 Road repairs

I am fed up with the lack of basic management coordination when it comes to digging up public roads. One month it's the telephone company, the next month its power and gas, then the pot holes are fixed, then the water folks dig in, followed by the cable guys, then the road is resurfaced. Stop this fiasco which causes traffic jams and wastes everyone's money. Obviously I'm not referring to emergency repairs - it's "improvements" I'm addressing. Effective immediately I want every tribe to have a publicly available Internet based system that shows every road and the general time frame of requests to dig it up and why.

I also want members of the public to be able to openly ask for improvements to bits of road or pavement, using the same system.

I direct this system be rolled out to every city and country within a short space of time. Do it now.

10.1212 Andronicos "The Great's" basic guidelines relating to living on other planets

I will be providing enhanced guidelines on this matter in a future book, nevertheless my basic guidelines are as follows -

  • Do not do what you hate.
  • Do not lie.
  • Love your neighbours like your own soul and guard them like the pupil of your eye.
  • Respect the freedom, property and planets of your neighbours.
  • All humans are equal regardless of race, gender, planetary origin or genetic history.
  • Agree to disagree and never force personal or tribal beliefs on others.
  • Every 50 Earth years all property and land is to be returned to the original owning families and ALL wealth is to be collected and shared as part of a new 50 year cycle of trade and commerce.
  • Do not use monetarism as a basis for commerce, use alternative forms of money that do not rely on interest payments for success.
  • Free basic food stuffs, free basic accommodation, free basic education and free healthcare are the right of every human being throughout the Cosmos.
  • Obey the universal constitution and laws given to you from Earth and keep regional planetary laws simple to understand.
  • Teach all children throughout the Cosmos the true history of how the human race became civilised and what it was like before it became "Many Tribes One People Many Galaxies".
  • Become custodians over primitive civilisations you meet or create so that they too will eventually discover their own destiny and learn the difference between right and wrong. Never make yourselves Gods over them as there is but one Supreme Creator God.

Moses only managed ten. I see you have twelve laws.

The Ten Commandments were from God (Yahweh) and not Moses and applied to the ancient Israelites. Mine are basic guidelines to use when making laws for when the human race is worthy enough to be permitted by God to inhabit other planets.


The following discussion topic appears in the revision questions of the 12-12-12 book:

Imagine you are alive in the year 1,000,000 ACH and you have been given the responsibility to take the lead in colonising an uninhabited Galaxy full of Earth like planets, some barren. How would you begin? Create a plan of action, using yet to be discovered technology.


The following discussion topic also appears in the revision questions of the 12-12-12 book:

Imagine you have been given permission to create a new life form similar to humans alive today on Earth.

  • Would you create them with free will or without? Why?
  • Would you interfere with their social evolution? If so, how and why, if not, why not?
  • Would you allow wars, genocide or hunger?
  • Would you keep your existence secret to all, some, or none of them? Why?
  • Would you EVER help in guiding them as a whole or individually?
  • What parameters would govern their average life spans?
  • As part of your master plan to allow the creation of these beings, would you have a way to judge the best, the worst and those in between? How? When? Define the types of behaviour that would classify someone as best, worst or in between.
  • Would you ever want to be "worshipped"? Why? How?
  • Would you let the inhabitants find their own destiny? Why?
  • How would you handle the problem of another advanced life form interfering with "your" planet? What if the interfering advanced life form was from a Galaxy you had permission to create half a million years previously? What if their leader was your friend but questioned your right to be in charge? How would this disagreement be resolved?
  • What else would you do as part of your action plan for "your" planet and its inhabitants?
  • Now answer all the questions above as an Atheist or (if you are an Atheist) as a devout follower of a mainstream religion.

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End of Section 10:

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Listen to Andronicos "The Great's" speech to the World here.

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For the record, the real Andronicos the author, certainly does not profess to "Greatness".

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