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What would you do if you were in charge of the World? Could you help bring about global peace within a few years? What about hunger and extreme poverty - how would you eradicate these and other human evils by a certain date, which for arguments sake has been set to be December 12th 2012 (12/12/12)? Would you or your fellow students make a good Director of the Human Race and Manager Planet Earth? The author of the book entitled 12-12-12 has attempted to do just that. He collected, analysed and indexed every major problem in the World over a 90 day period in 2002 and offered his solution to resolving them, with the view to getting other people to talk about the controversial subjects of Religion and Politics.

Please talk about 12-12-12 to your friends, family and workmates, because maybe, just maybe, your ideas could help the World.


Summary of the Book


Summary of Section 1 Eradication of Extreme Poverty by December 12, 2012 December 12th, 2012

Andronicos "The Great" gives various directives relating to Eradicating Extreme Poverty by December 12, 2012 December 12th, 2012. He describes that the key to undertaking such a huge task is a Bond financed $2 trillion investment fund which will create homes for the homeless, food for the hungry and jobs for the unemployed. This fund will be a cross between the Marshal Plan, a global charity, a multinational corporation and giant pension scheme. Andronicos "The Great" explains how he will get the money: from public corporations who will be forced to take part (either directly investing in the Bonds or by their provision of security to Banks to lend real money), institutional and state pension funds and wealthy nations. He further explains that the return on investment could be massive for future generations, even retiring the national debts of donor countries.

As far as boosting the global economy, such an unprecedented international scheme will boost global stock markets and global GDP and the proceeds from government taxation will increase. Wars are usually good for employment, productivity and economies. Andronicos "The Great" wants to start a war… against war and extreme poverty.

To assist in his directives to eliminate war by December 12, 2012 December 12th, 2012, Andronicos "The Great" explains which countries will be allowed to benefit form the Bond and how they may qualify to do so in future.

Other directives relating to the eradication of extreme poverty covered in this section include the Banana Experiment, forcing certain World rulers to fast once a month so they can experience the pangs of hunger personally and a new non religious custom to be adopted worldwide every Thursday involving a chipped bowl.

Summary of Section 2 Health and Social issues

Andronicos "The Great" gives various directives relating to Health and Social issues which will impact the 12-12-12 initiative in some way or another. He explains his policies towards "soft drugs" such as alcohol, tobacco and Marijuana and the measures he wants adopted for "hard drugs" such as Cocaine and Heroin. A rather controversial plan involving government agencies such as the DEA buying all the hard drugs direct from the farmers in certain parts of the World is described.

On the very emotional subject of Abortion, Andronicos "The Great" has a third alternative to pro life and pro choice which is rather novel.

Various other matters are explored, directives given and solutions found to many of the problems faced relating to Health and Social issues in this Section.

Summary of Section 3 Environmental issues

Andronicos "The Great" sees environmental matters as key issues to resolve as part of the 12-12-12 initiative. He directs environmental protection initiatives from various agencies - some minor others major to protect the planet.

His novel approach to Asteroid destruction using the complete nuclear arsenals of India and Pakistan is explained. The key to his environmental plans and arguably the key to making the whole 12-12-12 initiative a success is Andronicos "The Great's" unprecedented historic project to turn the Sahara desert into a huge food growing region that will indirectly provide virtual land to many millions of poor families across the World without families actually having to move to North Africa.

A major component of this section is a definitive list (3.500) of international environmental matters broken down on a country by country basis, with a directive by Andronicos "The Great" instructing all parties to begin the immediate resolution of these problems so that half will be permanently eliminated by December 12th, 2007.

Summary of Section 4 Education Issues

Andronicos "The Great" gives various directives relating to Education matters, as he believes these are intrinsic in ensuring the 12-12-12 initiative is a success.

He covers general education issues, drugs, the teaching of morality, racism, unwanted pregnancies and a new annual bonfire celebration.

A directive to build a massive online library of mankind's knowledge in Alexandria, Egypt is described.

Summary of Section 5 Eradication of War, Tribal Misunderstandings, and Terrorism by December 12, 2012 December 12th, 2012

Andronicos "The Great" provides his directives to eliminate war by December 12, 2012 December 12th, 2012. He delegates the task of finding solutions to so called "minor" disputes with so called advanced countries. A list of every known international dispute is itemised (5.500).

Andronicos "The Great" initially concentrates on directives to getting immediate peace in Northern Ireland and Israel with solutions to help all the people in Cuba and Cyprus. The Israeli/Palestinian solution is rather unique and is connected to the Sahara Desert reclamation project described in Section 3.

Summary of Section 6 Business Commerce and Economics Issues

Andronicos "The Great"'s directives relating to Business Commerce and economics are described in some detail in this section, including a new World currency and the use of alternative money. He describes a patented system to harvest late payment surcharges known as the Robin Hood System. It will take money from corporations and subsidise charities and be a replacement to some aspects of personal taxation.

Andronicos "The Great" goes for the jugular and explains what he wants form the WTO, IMF, World Bank, credit reporting agencies, banks, auditors, unions, insurance companies and public corporations. He requests an asset list from every country in the World modelled on the UK model.

Summary of Section 7 Religious and Spiritual Issues

Andronicos "The Great's" very, very controversial opinions on religion and spirituality are grouped together in Section 7.

He tells what religious leaders must do to help achieve World peace. He introduces the Secret Gospel of Thomas and asks adherents to the major monotheist faiths to read each other's holy books. He issues a peaceful Fatwa against violent Muslim clerics, he asks the State of Israel to apologise for a historic miscarriage of justice, he asks the Catholic Church to sign an indulgence letter he has prepared for them and asks for an asset list from all religious organisations around the World.

Andronicos "The Great" describes himself as the World's first Monotheon and asks those who wish, to send an electronic prayer which will eventually be simultaneously delivered to Mecca and Jerusalem by children of Muslim, Jewish and Christian faiths.

Summary of Section 8 Justice Law and Order Issues

Andronicos "The Great" directs what needs to be done on the subject of justice, law and order. Crime, punishment, prisons, executions, extradition treaties, judges and sex offenders are covered.

He outlines immediate directives so as to eliminate many problems in this area, demands a UN global action force and an online database of every law and what it means.

Summary of Section 9 Human Rights Issues

Andronicos "The Great" is very much an advocate of Human Rights whether it be that of children, women, "gays", indigenous populations, slaves and even prostitutes. He explains what he wants done - immediately.

Summary of Section 10 Planetary Management Issues

Andronicos "The Great" has grouped his directives on managing the planet in this section. As an anti bureaucrat he describes what he wants from senior civil servants, mayors and taxation. He gives his directives to the UN and all 200,000 grade A, B, C and S list rulers of the World who have the power to make the 12-12-12 initiative happen.

Summary of Section 11 Miscellaneous matters

Andronicos "The Great" groups together various miscellaneous matters in this section - junk mail, space junk, animal rights, new global standards and even a new calendar to begin on December 22nd, 2012 are described.

Summary of Section 12 For a Happier Planet

Andronicos "The Great" describes and directs a number of initiatives to make Earth a happier planet. Zoos, aquariums, artificial coral reefs, summer camps for peace, the "Community Support Club" and the new Global Flag.

For the record, the real Andronicos the author, certainly does not profess to "Greatness"

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