Glossary of Terms

A smallish, oily, salty fish. Also: A derogatory expression used to describe (1) an often inept senior civil servant, paid for by state or local tax revenues; or (2) a very politically astute senior civil servant, who has the knack of self preservation by hiding behind state funded lawyers and several layers of junior staff and professional advisors.

A small body orbiting the sun ranging in size from 10 metres to 1000 kilometres in diameter. A meteor or asteroid impact on Earth would likely be cataclysmic.

Hole A celestial object of such extreme density that in some instances prevents everything including light from escaping.

Capital punishment
Imposition of the penalty of death on a human being by the state.

Operation to remove the foreskin covering the head of the penis, often performed as a religious custom.

Civil Service
The entire body of those employed in the civil administration of a country at a local or national level. Military and elected officials are technically excluded from the term.

Community Support Card
A non religious symbolism to explain an individual or family effort in helping others.

Drug Enforcement Agency of the American FBI.

The mass destruction of rain forests by human beings which allegedly contributes to global warming.

A civil servant used by government to communicate with other governments.

A group of organic substances found in the chromosomes of living cells and viruses, which stores the fingerprints of hereditary information.

Driving, usually illegally, under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Extra terrestrial
Intelligent life forms which are alleged to exist on other planets or other dimensions.

The enforced delivery of a person suspected of a crime from one state to another.

An Islamic religious opinion.

Female Genital Mutilation is the barbaric practice of surgically removing parts of the female sex organs aimed at destroying sexual sensations and minimising the likelihood of adultery.

A male only secret society officially known as the (Ancient) Free and accepted Masons.

A group of people organised for a common purpose or objective - often criminal.

A colloquial description of a homosexual or lesbian person.

Gross Domestic Product: Total annual value of goods and services produced by a country.

Global Warming
The gradual increase of the temperature in Earth's lower atmosphere as a result of pollutants and greenhouse gases.

An unexpected cricket manoeuvre.

A tradition or the collection of traditions attributed to Mohammed.

A Jewish festival celebrated around December time.

International Monetary Fund: A specialised agency of the United Nations.

Civil disobedience and uprising by Palestinians objecting to Israeli rule.

A population local to a particular region.

Islamic holy war or mission not necessarily violent.

A collective farm village - often self contained, sometimes sponsored.

Kyoto Treaty
A formal treaty signed in Kyoto, Japan by most nations promising to reduce greenhouse emissions.

Mene Tekel
An ancient expression used in Babylon.

Micro Loans
The concept of lending very small amounts of money, typically less than one hundred dollars, to enable a small business to start up in a developing country.

National Aeronautics and Space Administration: A civilian agency of the USA Federal Government involved in space exploration.

North Atlantic Treaty Organisation: A 19 state coalition of armed forces.

Nuclear power
A state that possesses thermonuclear atomic weapons.

An area within a desert region artificially or naturally capable to grow vegetation. (Plural: Oases)

Organic foods
Food raised without chemicals and processed without additives.

A diagram showing who is who, who is in charge of whom and who does what in an organisation.

The formal granting of a privilege to a unique invention.

Poverty and War Eradication Bond
A soon to be available monetary instrument funded by Governments and public corporations that will fund the complete transformation of the World.

Public companies
A corporation, with shareholders who can buy and sell their shareholdings.

A collapsed massive star that regularly flashes light across the cosmos.

Quoran (or Koran)
The holy book of Muslims, recited in the 7th century to the Prophet Mohammed.

The holy month of Muslims when fasting is practised during daylight hours.

A displaced person often caused by war, persecution, poverty or natural disaster.

The Religious Supreme Court of Ancient Israel which existed at the time of Jesus, son of Mary.

Old age pensioners.

Share Portfolio
Ownership of more than one share in more than one public company.

Sovereign state
A country, nation.

Andronicos "The Great" uses the expression "Sovereign Tribes" instead of "country" or "countries" throughout this book due to the prevalence of nationalism, which exists today.

A mild English expletive used by some British children to describe someone who has done something rather silly or stupid. The term 'prize twit' is considered too insulting for children to use.

Unidentified Flying Object: Alleged spaceships of extra- terrestrial beings.

Spokespersons on behalf of a formal group of employees or subcontractors.

World Constitution
A document, yet to be officially compiled, embodying the fundamental principles upon which the World will be conducted.

World Trade Organisation
An international organisation responsible for monitoring national trade policies, handling trade disputes and enforcing rules relating to tariffs.

Copyright and Credits Information

  • Most of the research information found in section 3.500 and 5.500 has been taken from the 2001 CIA Factbook.
  • Corporate statistics in section 1 have been taken from the book The Future of Money, by Bernard Lietaer.
  • The Secret Gospel of Thomas is the translation in English from Coptic.
  • Some of the scientific information found in section 7 has been taken from the book The Ascent of Science by Brian L Silver.
  • The map of the World in the new Global Flag is a series of computer enhanced satellite images of Earth. It is the property of NASA.

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