What you will get by downloading the free of charge 12-12-12 book
  • The fully indexed and interrelated list of all the major problems in the World and a blueprint describing how they can be resolved by December 12th 2012.
  • A unique yet entertaining in parts presentation method devised by the Author, which provides simple arguments and "directives" to resolve complicated World issues.
  • Discussion topics and probing questions to help the reader place himself (or herself) in the position of being the all powerful "Director of the Human Race and Manger Planet Earth" instead of the self proclaimed Andronicos "The Great" character. (View 3 examples here)
  • Many controversial statements to make the reader think, analyse and opine on important current affairs and global issues.
  • Enough material to create conversation topics for months to come.
  • A wealth of research material for adults, older teens and college students.
  • The opportunity for the reader to attempt to break the secret code found within the 12-12-12 book. The reader should be warned that the Author believes no one can ever break the code by using an array of the most powerful super computers in the World (that are commercially available as at July 2003). Can you break the secret code?

Download all or parts of the 12-12-12 Book

The 12-12-12 Book will eventually be translated into several languages and will soon be available in your locality in selected book shops. At this moment in time the download version below, is written in English.

Electronic copies of the complete book may be downloaded directly from this site free of charge. Alternatively, you can print each section off individually. The book is stored in Portable Document Format (PDF) and will require either the Acrobat Reader or Acrobat eBook Reader, both of which are freely available from the Adobe website shown below. If you would like to print the 12-12-12 book as opposed to reading it online (or saving the file to your PC), the author suggests using double sided paper as a small personal contribution in helping to preserve the rain forest.

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Download the whole 12-12-12 book now (Size:2.57 MB, 349 pages)


Or download parts of the 12-12-12 book :-

Only download the Revision Questions and the World Leaders Game (Size: 259 KB, 32 pages)

Only download Part 1 of the 12-12-12 book: Eradication of extreme Poverty by December 12th 2012 (Size: 282 KB, 32 pages)

Only download Part 2 of the 12-12-12 book: Health and Social issues (Size: 264 KB, 32 pages)

Only download Part 3 of the 12-12-12 book: Environmental issues (Size: 392 KB, 58 pages)

Only download Part 4 of the 12-12-12 book: Education Issues (Size: 202 KB, 22 pages)

Only download Part 5 of the 12-12-12 book: Eradication of War, Tribal Misunderstandings, and Terrorism by December 12th 2012 (Size: 621 KB, 42 pages)

Only download Part 6 of the 12-12-12 book: Business Commerce and Economics Issues (Size: 221 KB, 26 pages)

Only download Part 7 of the 12-12-12 book: Religious and Spiritual Issues (Size: 374 KB, 44 pages)

Only download Parts 8 to 12 of the 12-12-12 book (Size: 470 KB, 68 pages):
Justice Law and Order Issues
Human Rights Issues
Planetary Management Issues
Miscellaneous matters
For a Happier Planet

Only download the CIA World Factbook statistics relating to 12-12-12 (Size: 730 KB, 76 pages)

Only download The Secret Gospel of Thomas (Size: 206 KB, 22 pages)


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Quick Links for The Blueprint for the Eradication of Extreme Poverty and War by December 12th 2012

Simple Site Map

All the 600 issues (or topics) to bring about World Peace and the eradication of extreme poverty by December 12th 2012 are divided up into 12 main headings as found on the home page. Alternatively, you may find useful navigation hints below:

  • Download and optionally print the 12-12-12 book in whole or in part
  • Read a whole section online via the home page or via the exploded list index of all issues
  • Read each issue one by one. This is ideal if your internet speed is slow, or you wish to quickly translate a page
  • Search for a particular topic that is of interest to you
  • Listen to Andronicos "The Great's" unusual speech
  • Talk about the material in Senior High School or College lessons using the discussion topics (view some examples here)
  • Recite a touching poem about World Peace: The Ancient Song of The Human Race

Please note: this website is written in British English

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Statistics of Shame
Statistics of Shame

It will take an average person 12 hours to read and understand the contents of this website and listen to 'The Speech'. Is one hour a day for 12 days too long? Why don't you email the www.12-12-12.org link to 12 of your friends and discuss their opinions in 12 days time? Maybe the 7th person in your email chain can break the secret code and the 12th person, may hold the key to World Peace. Are you or someone in your family the 7th or 12th person?

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The 12-12-12 website is an educational website that facilitates individual or group discussion. The coded 12-12-12 book is a snapshot, written over an 87 day period, of the major problems in the World as at March 17th 2002 and possibly how to resolve them. The author Andronicos has written it in an ironic style to act as a catalyst for constructive discussion.
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