The Poverty and War Eradication Bond (The "War Bond")

The "War Bond" is a financial instrument and is a cross between a share (stock) and Government gilt (or should it be spelt "guilt"?) It will be sold in units of 1 million dollars to most public companies in the World, individual tribes and pension funds. At least 2 trillion dollars will be raised.

It will not be a charitable donation but an investment in regions of the World that have substantial extreme poverty amongst their population. Initially the War Bond will be used to turn the Sahara Desert into a huge food growing region. While this is being done, War Bond finance will be used to buy or lease land all over the World to build homes and create jobs in places where extreme poverty is rampant. Land owners will be invited to swap local land with reclaimed and managed Sahara land.

To qualify for War Bond investment:

- The Tribe or group of Sovereign Tribes must be the poorest on the planet.
- The % of GDP and collected taxation spent on war toys (aka ‘defence’) be less than 1% per annum, unless predefined "emergencies" occur.
- No nuclear weapons (refer to 5.20).
- Relative Democratic rule.
- Agreement to 3rd party election monitoring.
- Relative freedom of speech, The Press, Religion.
- Human Rights accepted as intrinsic to criminal and civil judicial system.
- Disputed land or power sharing issues to be resolved under UN supervision first.
- Inter Tribal peace treaties to be signed first and no terrorism tolerated.
- Unconditional immediate extradition of allegedly corrupt War Bond employees, suppliers, or civil servants for trial: at ANY time.
- Women’s rights to jobs, equal pay and the enforcement of anti women mutilation laws, abduction and slavery.
- Taxation for War Bond corporations and their assets to be fixed.

An international corporation with many wholly owned subsidiaries will oversee the money is invested wisely. It will be run like any other multinational public company except every financial transaction will be publicly available for scrutiny on the Internet. It will have the heart of a major NGO such as UNICEF and the Red Cross/Red Crescent, the mind of a Top 30 Dow Jones public company and the soul of the whole UN.

Manual labour to rebuild the World and bring life to the Sahara (amongst other deserts) will come from volunteers - millions of them working a 90 day once in a life time "shift".

Public pressure will force most public companies around the World that earn more than 12 million dollars per year in profit, to invest 10% of their annual profit for 10 years in buying War Bonds. Due to the fact most of these organisations have access to bank finance, it will be perfectly acceptable if they use their banks to guarantee monies rather than actually buying War Bonds. It is worth noting, in America alone, there is 5 trillion dollars in unused lines of credit (overdrafts). It's about to be used! Nothing will stop companies buying or selling War Bonds with each other, or selling options to their own shareholders for underwriting purposes.

The Investors in the War Bond will be repaid in full as soon as possible and earn a share of global profits in the meantime.

For a broader description read the whole of section 1.10 in the 12-12-12 book.

Who will enforce the obedience of CEOs oh Great One?


I will.


Using which army?


There will be neither an army nor any violence. At the appropriate time I will cause havoc on global stock markets and reward certain pension funds and certain charitable organisations that carry out my instructions: with huge short term gains. This will be done until certain public corporations agree to cooperate. Refer to section 1.10.130 now.


I can see CEOs shivering with fear already. Anyway, I think it's the responsibility of governments to fund investment in poor countries and not the corporate World or its long suffering shareholders. I hope His Greatness leaves all my shares alone, especially my excellent IBM ones. I think IBM is the greatest company that ever existed which is why I wear blue all the time and even have blue pyjamas.


The richest governments, should they wish, could use the non-profit "Robin Hood" patent, to harvest Corporate late payment surcharges from greedy companies that pay their suppliers late. A few dollars automatically collected here and there, would add up to billions across the G20 richest nations. Enough to pay the interest payment on a huge multi-governmental War Bond investment for their own Tribes, worth 1 trillion dollars for an outlay of just 50 Billion a year in interest payments. Furthermore, when the rest of my directives are followed relating to global conflict, (refer to section 5) this will save billions of dollars in defence spending across the whole World.


Yes, but leave my IBM shares alone. Anyway, how will His Greatness propose to spend several trillion dollars, assuming governments are dumb enough to buy War Bonds using easy payment terms and the corporate World are bullied into 'investing' in these bonds?


I believe He partly answers your question with His plans to reclaim the Sahara Desert using millions of volunteers ( refer to section 3.70) and by swapping reclaimed and managed desert land at market rates, with land in poverty stricken regions around the World, to build homes and create jobs.

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